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Are you interested in adoption, but not sure where to begin?

Our Center receives numerous inquiries daily from prospective adoptive parent(s) who desire information about the adoption process, as well as information about our services including domestic adoptions, open adoptions, and pregnant adoptions, etc.

As some inquiries are from prospective adoptive parent(s) who are "considering" adoption, and others are from prospective adoptive parent(s) who are "actively pursuing" an adoption plan, we have designed this website to provide as much information as possible for both types of prospective adoptive parent(s).

Additionally, AdoptHelp does maintain an "in-house" list of clients nationwide who have previously adopted through the Center, and who have generously offered to speak with potential adopting parents who are considering utilizing our services in their adoption pursuit. Upon reviewing our materials and retainer Agreement, we would be happy to assist you further by providing references.

Our office and support network is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us in confidence ... assistance with your adoption is just a phone call or email away.

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'The wonderful work of the AdoptHelp staff has made me very happy, as well as so many others. You have touched many lives and enriched many souls. Thank you again for the most precious gift - my son!'
- Adoptive Parents

'AdoptHelp works as a team and always made time for us, and never did we feel like just another number in a bureaucratic mess. The bundle of joy we hold in our arms every day makes the whole thing worth it.'
- Adoptive Parents

'We love our daughter and we are all so happy to have her in our family. When we first were looking for the right 'agency' to help us with our adoption, I came across AdoptHelp on the internet and instantly felt good and excited to look more into AdoptHelp. I said to myself, 'They are the ones.' Since I am very cautious and wanted to do a good research I continued to look into other adoption agencies, lawyers, facilitators etc. When it came down to it, my initial instinct was correct and we decided on AdoptHelp. I love the professionalism, attention, friendliness, and efficiency of the AdoptHelp Staff.'
- Adoptive Parents

'The great thing about working with AdoptHelp is that I don't have to worry about anything. AdoptHelp gets the right people involved, (such as those involved at the hospital) and those individuals are responsible, professional and efficient. All the details were taken care of and all we had to do was get ourselves to our baby and love her!'
- Adoptive Parents