October 23rd, 2017
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Rick and Promise

Our names are Rick and Promise! We live in sunny California.

Hello Beautiful Birthmother: Thanks for taking the time to get to know us better.  We love to laugh everyday.  We love to live life to the fullest!  We’ve been together for 15 fantastic years, have traveled the globe for work and play, and are now ready to embark on our next great adventure – raising a child.

We think you are doing something really incredible by considering adoption for your baby. It is a selfless decision, and one that gives a miracle to a couple like us, who are so ready to raise a child.

We know you are reading a ton of these profiles – and we’re guessing they probably all start looking alike.  We can only promise you this – we will love your baby unconditionally and without limits.  And we will give this child an incredible life that is anything but ordinary. We would love to share our blessed and happy life with a wonderful new baby!


Our Story

We literally met and married the girl/boy next door when we were both living in Venice Beach, California. At the time, Rick was making wildlife documentaries and Promise was working as an actress and personal trainer.

Just After Falling In Love: Rick became involved with a new television series called, The Amazing Race.  Soon we were working together on the show, and it allowed us the opportunity to explore the world together.  The first five years of our relationship were spent filming in Thailand, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, and Switzerland to name a few.  Our shared love for travel is a big part of our lives, and will be a big part of our child’s life as well.

We had a very romantic wedding in Baja, Mexico with over 130 of our family and friends. We continue to have an amazing amount of love and support all around us. Many people have often expressed to us that we are their inspiration for what love could and should look like. We are honored.

Our life together is sweet and easy. We both agree our home should be a peaceful place full of love and creative expression. We often debate an issue, but we actually never fight! We completely respect and support each other’s passions and interests. We know we have a very special love and we’ll do whatever it takes to preserve it, cherish it, and share it.



Meet Promise

About Promise, By Rick:

Promise is my favorite person on earth. She is one of those rare spirits who just lights up the room the moment she walks into it. She is funny, smart and endlessly sassy. She’s the girl that everyone goes to when they need help with something – whether it is working through a personal issue, getting advice on their careers, or helping with a baby shower. Everyone is drawn to her because she cares so much about the people she is close to, really listens when you talk, and never has an agenda of her own. It’s why I have always known that she would be an amazing Mom.

Promise always finds the good in people, and is always helping the underdog. I could not be luckier to have her as my wife and best friend, and there is a baby that is going to be equally lucky to have her as its loving mother.

We’ve worked together in some of the wildest places on earth, and that’s how I first realized what a badass Promise is!  I’ve watched her bungee jump off 600-foot high bridges, hang glide, and swim with sharks – always laughing and smiling through stuff that has most people shaking in their boots.




Meet Rick

About Rick, By Promise:

Life with Rick is pure magic! I can always count on him to be the smartest, funniest, and most likable guy in the room. His infectious laugh encourages all to join in, while his brilliant mind compels all to listen. This has led to his tremendous career success, and most importantly his undeniable success at being the most romantic and caring husband in the world.

Rick has always wanted to be a father – it is who he is naturally. He generously takes care of everyone around him. He encourages others to maximize their potential in every way. It’s the integral way he runs his company and his life. Rick is a born leader and people actually love working with him because no matter what, he never stops smiling!

Ever since I’ve been with Rick- my life has been this beautiful dream. We have this great chemistry together that just makes our whole life work so wonderfully. We have enjoyed an amazing journey together so far that doesn’t NEED anything more to make it better.




California Dreaming, Life at Home

Our Home:

We live in a very safe and kid-friendly neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. Our beautiful home has three bedrooms as well as a guesthouse and pool. We love spending weekends grilling, swimming, playing games and music with our family and close friends. We live in one of the oldest areas of Los Angeles, under the Hollywood sign, and safely above the city lights. We have a beautiful view and amazing access to Griffith Park with over 50 miles of hiking trails.  We have often see deer on the property.

We couldn’t imagine our home without our 3 furry friends! We have a darling little Pug puppy named, Buddha. She’s very playful and sweet. Peak-A-Boo is our beautiful Bengal cat that loves to curl up by your side when she’s not climbing the trees. We also recently adopted a large cat named Teddy Bear who is nine years old and 22 pounds of pure love!




The People We Love and Our Thoughts on Parenting

Rick comes from a sweet, but small family. His father is from way above the Arctic Circle in Norway, and his mother is a southern belle from Florida. Their strong and loving relationship is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration for Rick and Promise. When their beloved son Ricky, married Promise, she become only the 7th family member! They live in Ft. Meyer’s, Florida and love taking “the kids” out on their boat.

Promise on the other hand, comes from a large Italian family! A relative is always throwing a big family reunion, getting married, etc. Promise and Rick really enjoy visiting with all of the nieces, nephews, and cousins, cousins, cousins all over the country!

Promise’s father lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife. Her mother lives nearby in Los Angeles.

ALL of them can hardly wait to be the most amazing grandparents EVER!

We have supportive friends! We have an entire community of very dear friends here in LA, and around the world. They are supportive of our decision to raise a family and will be there to guide us with love every step of the way.


Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We have always known that we wanted to adopt – even if we had a child naturally.  We’ve been drawn to it, and it’s been apart of our plans since the moment we started talking about kids.  We both feel strongly that it would be a miracle to be able to give an incredible life to a child who needs it, and to have that love in return.

We have been trying to have a child of our own for several years, but we haven’t been blessed with one yet.  We are at the perfect point in our lives to start parenting.  Promise works as a writer, allowing her to be a stay-at-home Mom.  Rick owns a production company nearby and is able to spend lots of time with family.

We believe that parenting starts and ends with one word: LOVE.  We will teach your child that they can accomplish anything.  They will learn the value of a good education and how to express themselves. We will guide them to help others, be kind, generous, and respectful to all. Most of all we will teach them to love all the incredible moments that make up a lifetime, to love people and the planet, and especially to love them selves.