October 20th, 2017
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Amy and David

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Hobby

    A: Rollerblading

    D: Watching Movies

  • Favorite Food

    A: Asian Noodles

    D: Ice Cream

  • Favotite Holiday

    A: Thanksgiving

    D: 4th of July weekend

  • Favorite Movie

    A: The Breakfast Club

    D: 2001 Space Odyssey

  • Favorite Animal

    A: My puppies

    D: Lion

  • Favorite Vacation

    A: Red Sea

    D: California

  • Favorite Actor

    A: Jennifer Lawrence

    D: Michael Fassbender

  • Favorite TV Show

    A: Friday Night Lights

    D: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    A: Joni Mitchell

    D: Ryan Adams

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi, we are Amy and David! We can’t imagine how hard it is to sift through and choose the one that feels right to you. We hope in reading this, you’ll learn about us and find something that makes you want to know us better. Hopefully the insight you get here will help guide your decision.

We have wanted to become parents for a long time. We tried for years to have a child biologically, although we learned that we would not be able to we did not give up on our dream of having children. Going through those hard times had a profound impact on us as a couple, and we emerged stronger and even clearer about adoption being the answer for us. We are hopeful to connect with the right birth-mom to complete our dream of creating a family.

We promise to give a lifetime of love, laughter, hugs and kisses. You will change and bless our lives forever if you choose us as parents. It’s important that the child knows you had her/his best interest in mind when you made your adoption plan and how grateful we are that you chose us to raise your baby. He/she will be raised with a special place in our hearts for you. Our goal is to inspire thoughtfulness, curiosity, to foster a strong sense of identity, confidence and nurture his/her passions.

We hope to know and support you-to the extent you are comfortable. We will answer any questions you have.

Thank you for considering us,

Amy and David

Amy and David Artsy 2



“Stay with me, my love you’ll always be right here by my side so safe and secure….I will follow you if you follow me, all of the days and nights we will finally be.” –Genesis

I was greeting newcomers at my community holiday services. When I introduced myself to David, I stopped because something seemed familiar. We finally realized we knew each other from our home town. We had the same after-school job at a restaurant and shared many common friends from high school. We also discovered we practiced yoga in the same studio too!

Right off the bat we hit it off. Our first memories are taking long walks to the beach talking. We had so much in common: music, outdoor activities, cooking. We realized some of our values from our first job continued to shape us: serving others and hard work.

We knew it made sense to meet each other’s families early. We were so comfortable with each other; being together immediately felt like family. Mine was easier, as everybody is in town. David’s folks came to visit as they do several times a year. In both cases they felt as though they already knew us for years.


David on Amy

“You’re far out, you’re fab and insane, A woman of the world, it’s quite plain…. Amy I may still be in romper boots and jeans, but Amy you’re the girl that wrecks my dreams.”  –Elton John

Amy is my best friend and I can’t wait to raise a family together. Some might find me off-the-wall, while she is focused. I love how we balance each other. She can be awfully goofy too though. Sometimes she will come down the stairs with a smile like she just ate the canary exclaiming, “Hi honey!” Real sweet. Like peach pie sweet, but with a nice balanced hint of sharpness and freshness. While our physical home is beautiful, I love it because it’s where Amy, my wife is.

Amy has always wanted to be a mom. Boy would she make a great one! Like how she makes me a smoothie in the mornings and leaves it for me. That’s what she does: figures out what you need before you need it and gets it done. She’s thoughtful. She is an organizer professionally and by nature. She gets more done in one day than most accomplish in a month. She manages projects for a living but she has plenty of projects at home too. She really likes to interact with people. She loves a party or any event where friends or family are. In college Amy owned a company selling t-shirts and other swag to fraternities and sororities. After college Amy studied, worked and traveled abroad for about eight years. She found distant relatives and lived with them in Argentina while studying during college. When she lived in Israel she learned how to farm chickens and milk cows. In Korea she helped a large steel company owned by the government become private. She speaks four languages and loves different cultures, religions, and foods. She is a hard worker. She furrows her brow a lot when she is thinking, which is awfully cute.


Amy on David

David is a man who has a lot of kid in him. He is passionate about lots of topics but can relax at the end of a day. He’s a man of many talents and is gifted at most anything he picks up. He’s musical, athletic, creative, and silly. We have many common interests and beliefs.

David grew up playing hockey and tennis, and he tries not to miss following a Chicago White Sox or Bears game. He used to be an actor and most loves puppetry. He will tell you he can get by playing piano, but wait until you hear what he can play—he has an amazing ear! We often hang out with friends who jam for hours; he fits right in improvising and tearing up the keyboard. He easily picks up languages—well at least he learns enough to sound good; the problem is, wherever we go people respond to him thinking he’s able to understand them! In high school he was the assistant editor of the newspaper, so he can write well too. He will tell you he ‘knows his way around a kitchen,’ but you should taste what he cooks! It usually has our guests blown away. David generally tends to underplay all his talents.

David is a jack of all trades. He is a certified yoga teacher and worked years in hotels and restaurants. He currently sells cookware by using his background in kitchens, as an actor and in sales doing cooking demonstrations, joking with the audience and showing people how their lives and health will improve through buying his products. He sends out a monthly newsletter to his customers filled with great tips and tricks helping them learn how to improve their health and well-being.

Most of all, David is warm and emotionally honest. He is in touch with his feelings and what makes him comfortable. He is deeply devoted to family, and his fun-loving nature makes him an awesome partner and will make him an amazing Dad one day!

Il Goccino



“There is nothing worth sharing (more) than the love that let us share our name.”  –The Avett Brothers

The first time I met David’s parents, we went to see a slapstick comedy movie, which helped put me at ease. I thought it was great that his folks loosened things up by mixing in humor. Never mind in the end David and I thought the movie was funny but made his folks extremely uncomfortable. It was the intention that counted. That’s how his family is, they go out of their way to make outsiders feel comfortable.

Lots of people compare me to David’s mom. That’s because we share a birthday and are both social, organized, assertive and like to plan events. She is always coming up with interesting and fun things to do with the family that usually includes performance art, sports, beach or foreign cultures. David’s dad has a smile that stretches from ear to ear. He’s warm and is always up for trying new things. I couldn’t have asked for kinder or more generous parents-in-law.

After the visit when we first met, I was invited to a surprise party for David’s dad in San Diego. I met almost all of his extended family. I immediately took to them. They were welcoming and interested in getting to know me. I loved spending time with all of them. We recently had a weekend reunion with David’s cousins, parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephews. Whenever I’m with his family we laugh a lot, eat really well and enjoy each-others’ company.

One thing Amy and I have in common is that our both of our parents have been married almost for 50 years! Like my family, Amy’s family is close. But that’s where a lot of the similarities end. We usually have dinner together on Sundays. Dinners with each of our families are totally different. My parents are really experimental and diverse in the food they eat. They do cocktails (mar)’tini time’ and order wines. Amy’s family loves standard American fare – pizza, ribs, burgers, BBQ and pop. Amy’s mother really likes desserts. We get to try all the sweet creations that she makes for us.

Amy’s dad, has a dry sense of humor. At first when we met I didn’t realize he was making a joke, since he had a poker face and straight delivery. Her dad, uncle and I discuss sports a lot. Professional sports other than hockey were not emphasized in my family, so it’s fun for me.

Amy’s parents are supportive and loving. They come out to my cookware shows and often bring friends. One time when they came, my stovetop burned out. They drove 90 minutes round trip to a store to buy me a new one so the rest of my shows wouldn’t be spoiled that day! The glue of the family is her grandmother. She makes sure the family sticks together and works out squabbles. I sometimes take grandma to the library and shopping, as she stopped driving recently.

We are close with Amy’s brother’s family. We stay with their kids when their parents go out of town. We love babysitting them. One time I took them to a Sox game. They are Cubs fans and it was the first time they saw the White Sox ball park. I tried to show them what they were missing all these years. It didn’t work because most of the time it stormed and we had to run for cover inside. I love when my nephews come to town and hang out with our local nephews. It’s cool to see them play together. Amy’s family has welcomed me and treats me like I am family.

Biking in the San Juans


“Home is whenever I’m with you.”–Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes

We love our house and hope your child will too. We got married under the tree just outside. Since we started with a vision for our small bungalow, it has become a spacious and comfy home. Amy likes to take on big house projects like creating additions, putting windows were there were once walls, and updating our 100-year-old building to modern standards. We live in a bustling city neighborhood, but you would think you were in a forest preserve or in the suburbs because it’s quiet and there is so much green space.

We live at the last house on the cul-de-sac street bordering a huge park in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. Steps away from our yard is a bike path stretching miles connecting forest preserves and the lake. There is also a park district field house with arts and crafts, organized sports, and theater. Lots of kids come to play in our neighborhood because there’s a great playground, tennis and basketball courts, a couple of baseball fields, and a nature conservatory. When it’s winter, we like to take advantage of the outdoor space by snowshoeing and ice-skating too!

We do a lot of gardening in our yard. Some parts have beautiful colorful, native wildflowers. Others have fruits and vegetables. In the summer months, we spend a lot of time on our deck and making our yard into a peaceful sanctuary.

We love the inside of our home so much, that sometimes we forget to take advantage of it all! We like to do projects to make the house more exactly the way we want. A couple years ago we created a ‘man cave’ for David where he watches movies and plays games on a screen as big as the room! He plays piano and we both listen to music there too. Last winter we finished our basement and now have great space to play. The bedrooms upstairs are really big and sunny. The heart of our home, though, is our kitchen. We designed it so our guests could be at the dinner table just beyond the breakfast bar while we’re still preparing or clearing a meal. We can still interact with them and no one feels we ever left.

Seed Sisters Portrait

For Fun

“Take me on a trip I’d like to go someday, take me to New York I’d love to see L.A., I really want to come kick it with you, you’ll be my American boy.”  –Kanye West and Estelle

Our favorite times are vacations and long weekends. We have an active lifestyle, but we both like to chill too. We’re lucky to live in a climate with four distinct seasons, so we never get bored of hobbies. Serving friends at a dinner party is one of our favorite pass times. We love cooking together, trying new recipes or replicating something we tasted in a restaurant. We sometimes call David, ‘the pie guy’, as summer becomes the time he tests his pie-making passion on all the fruits of the season.

We love getting outdoors: riding our bikes, kayaking, and hiking. Winter doesn’t stop us either. We ski, ice skate and snow shoe too. Our favorite hikes are to places that are hot and dry where we suddenly find a waterfall. Nothing is more fun than cooling off with fresh, running water cascading overhead! After David became a yoga teacher, rather than the typical couple-selfie, for a while we thought it would be fun to take photos of ourselves in yoga poses with exotic backdrops.

We travel well together. We go on a lot of trips to visit family and friends all over the US and in many countries too. We’ve gone to music or art festivals in Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. We went rock climbing and to Major League Baseball spring training in Arizona. We travelled the Berkshire Mountains, hills of upstate New York and beaches of Cape Cod. We went on a mission for the best cannoli in North Boston and pastrami sandwich on the lower East Side of New York City. When it’s time for international travel, we are passport-ready! So far we’ve been together to Belgium, Canada, England, France, Israel, and Mexico.

In our early years, we used to go on yoga dates. We’d rush home from work, meet up at our yoga studio and then grab a bite to eat. Over the years, dates have become more elaborate. David used to be an actor, so going to live theater and brunch or dinner is usually a day-date for us now. He makes sure we have a date at least monthly. No matter what the plan, we know we’re going to have fun as long as we’re together.


“You’ve got to have friends, la, la, la, la la”–Bette Midler

Some of our friends go back as far as elementary school and college. Living in the city nearest to where we both grew up, we have stayed friends with some of our earliest playmates. We each took different paths and have made new ones on the way: at college, grad school, through different jobs and volunteering. Wherever we befriended someone new, we usually get together for dinner parties, concerts, vacations, sporting events or movies. We are lucky that some of our friends live in fun places to visit. Usually a vacation includes visiting friends in distant locations too. Now that most of them have kids of their own, we spend lots of time with children. We invited 50 kids to our wedding, because we couldn’t imagine leaving them out of the joyous occasion and celebration. Our friends and family are all so excited for us to become parents. They can’t wait to extend their circle of love to our new family.

Amy and David Forum

If you wish to learn more about us you can also visit our website at  www.amyanddavidwanttoadopt.com.