October 20th, 2017
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Amy and Rick

Hi! We are Amy and Rick from Virginia!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about us. We hope this gives you an idea of who we are and the type of parents we hope to be. When we lost the chance to have children biologically we immediately turned toward adoption to grow our family and have a child to love. We respect the decisions that you’ve made and that you have ahead of you, and are grateful that you are considering us as adoptive parents. We would like you to know that we are committed to being nurturing, supportive, encouraging, and providing unconditional love to our future child.

About Us: We’ve been married for eight years and live in Virginia, near Washington DC. Our relationship is founded on trust, caring and unconditional love. We love education and learning, and can’t wait to have children to teach, nurture, and support whatever passions they might find. We are excited by new experiences we can share with each other and our family. We love cooking, reading, gardening, and exploring the world together, always turning everything we do into an adventure.



Meet Amy

By Amy: I grew up in Hampton, Virginia with my mom and twin brother. I have fond memories of being surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins, and spent summers with my father’s parents in a small town in Missouri.   My favorite room of the house is the kitchen, where I enjoy making tasty and healthy food from around the world. As a child I always struggled with my weight and have found a balance and fulfillment with exercise and nutrition, and I am determined to raise my kids with that same balance. I love reading and music, and I love the smell of ocean air and my toes in the sand.

Amy’s Career: I work as a project manager, requiring a lot of long term planning and organization. I have a very stable career and have worked at my current company for ten years. I have always worked very hard, but I look forward to taking on the role of stay-at-home mom and giving that my full attention.

By Rick: In the time I’ve known Amy, there is nothing that has gotten her as excited as the prospect of being a mom. We’ve read many books, shared a lot of dreams, and talked well into the night discussing the future of our family. I know how caring and affectionate she is and what a wonderful mother she will make.

What I Love About Am, By Rick: She is loving, always quick with a kind word and affectionate touch. She is passionate, her excitement is contagious and she throws herself 100% into everything she does. She is organized; she always has a plan and keeps everything nice and neat. She is my best friend; she is a partner in everything we do. She is fun; she has a joyful heart and a smile that lights up a room. She is energetic; she is serious about fitness and always has a new project in mind. She is intelligent; she is a quick learner, a great teacher and loves to try new things.



Meet Rick

By Rick: I grew up in northern Virginia with my parents and younger brother, and we all still live in the same town. My mom stayed at home and I grew up surrounded by art and creativity.  I am an Eagle Scout, and hope to pull my future kids into scouting to help them learn about the outdoors. I enjoy cooking and have always had a number of creative and artistic pursuits including drawing and writing fiction. I can’t wait to read to our kids and engage in creative storytelling so they can explore their imaginations.

Rick’s Career: I work as a computer programmer and consultant. I am great at problem solving, and can’t wait to share my love of computers and technology with our future kids. I work minutes from home, and have worked from home in the past, and I hope to again to be close to family.

By Amy:  Rick is patient, supportive and caring, and I know how much he will love our children and be there for them. His creativity and curiosity are infectious, and he can’t wait to explore the world with our kids. He is looking forward to the many joys and challenges of raising kids and getting to know who they are.

What I Love About Rick, By Amy: Rick is my best friend; he fills my days with joy and laughter. He is caring; he is kind, empathetic, and goes out of his way to make me feel loved. He is an animal lover; he has a soft spot for animals, and gets overly-excited by puppies. He is creative; he is a skilled artist, a writer, and loves working with his hands. He is supportive; he helps me meet every challenge and always seems to know what I need. He is patient; he is calm, consistent, even-tempered, and always willing to listen. He is knowledgeable; he is curious and loves learning the history of things and how things work.



Our Village of Family & Friends

Rick’s parents are retired and only minutes away. We walk to their house regularly, and they are available any time for grandparent duty. Rick’s brother is excited to be an uncle. Amy’s family is only a few hours away, close enough for regular weekend visits. We make it a point to visit them at least once a month. Her twin brother just got married and now has an adorable six year-old step-daughter. We both have extended family scattered across multiple states.

Our family and friends are very excited that we have chosen to adopt and they look forward to welcoming  our child into their  hearts and homes.

On Parenting: We can’t wait to start building our traditions with our children. From Christmas cookies to daily exercise, we want them to have a structured and fun upbringing that they will always remember fondly. For the sake of both education and entertainment, we plan to read to them constantly, engage in creative play, and encourage them to be curious and happy.

Our Thoughts on Parenting: We are eager to begin our journey as parents, and want to give our future children every opportunity to be happy, healthy and successful. We are committed to having a parent at home to ensure they get as much of our attention as possible. We want to model loving and caring behavior for them. And above all, we will accept them for who they are. We want them to know that our love for them is unconditional. If we should adopt a child from a different background than ours, they will always be aware of their heritage and family history. We will expose them to that culture. We are also passionate about education and will ensure that our children have every opportunity to excel.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our home is a comfortable and spacious four-bedroom townhome set in a beautiful lakeside community. We have a beautiful kitchen that we love spending time in, and plenty of room for kids to play. Our street has a private playground that is always active with kids. Our neighbors are close knit, friendly and always helping out around the block. We would love to share our lives, love and home with your child.

Our Community: We live in an active suburb of Washington DC, close enough to visit monuments and museums and spend the afternoon with the pandas at the National Zoo. There are pools, parks, tennis courts, and community centers within walking distance from our home and miles of beautiful wooded trails. We love visiting the local farmers’ market for our fresh produce, and have year-round activities at the local town center. Our community is very diverse and our schools are rated within the top in the country.

Closing Thoughts: Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us and considering us. No matter what your decision is, we believe it will be the best for you and your child. If you choose us, we hope you find comfort and peace in knowing that your child will be deeply loved, protected and happy and that we would be privileged to have them join our family.