January 18th, 2018
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Hello my name is Angela.

I appreciate your courage and admire you for choosing adoption. I hope that as you learn about me, you understand my desire to become a mother and my commitment to provide your child with the best life possible. I have always wanted to have children, and I did pursue that dream on my own. While I will not be a biological mother, I am very grateful and excited to be able to build my family through adoption.

About me. I’m an active, intelligent, kind and caring person. Friends describe me as responsible, generous, fun with a good sense of humor, stable, and a loyal friend. I’m a successful professional who is well-educated, has a positive attitude, and is open-minded. I am confident that I can provide the love and resources that a child needs to grow into a healthy, happy, and successful person. I will do so in a loving, safe and nurturing family environment that is overflowing with opportunity and encouragement.

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My family and friends. I have a wonderful family and friends who are loving and supportive. I am fortunate to have my parents, my sister’s family, and tons of cousins living within fifteen minutes of my home. I love spending time with my nieces, Madeline and Kendall. They keep me laughing. We have a good time together and see each other regularly whether it’s for their sporting events, school plays, or Sunday family dinners. My cousin Michael and his wife Ann have a precious daughter, Fiona, through adoption. We were so excited to welcome her into the family, and it will be heartwarming to have my family and friends embrace your child in the same way.

What I Can offer a Child

 Endless love, hugs and kisses
 A safe and loving home
 An excellent education
 Opportunities to pursue their interests and become whatever they desire
 A stable and financially secure home
 Teach them by example to be kind to others, to be humble, and appreciate his/her talents
 Support them to explore, grow, and pursue their dreams
 Adventures around the world

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My Home. My home is warm and inviting. I live in a neighborhood that is quiet and safe and close to everything. There is a pool, tennis courts, and playground within a few steps of my front door. I’m a short walk to the grocery store, local schools, parks, bike trails and shopping. Two of my neighbors have young infants. My community is well-known for its excellent school system. I’m also close to the nation’s capital which provides a ton of things to do and explore with a child.

—Filled with love — Excellent schools — Playgrounds — Safe — Family friendly — Bike trails — Pool — Tennis courts — Great neighbors —

My hobbies and interests

• I love the outdoors.
• Each spring you can find me planting colorful flowers in my garden.
• On weekends I enjoy spending time with friends and family often to share a meal, meet up for a hike or bike ride, or in the summer to hang out at the pool with the kids.
• I like to play tennis and go for walks.
• I also enjoy art and occasionally take a painting class to further my inner Picasso.
• I like to learn about other cultures, meet new people, and see new places.
• I can’t wait to do these things with your child.

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My Passions

Passion for people. I work in an international organization to improve the lives of children by helping poor countries provide a good quality education to their children and young people. My career has been very rewarding and I enjoy being able to improve people’s lives through education.

For years I traveled as part of my job. Two years ago I changed departments and no longer travel but continue to work on education policy. I made this change with a view to being home and raising a family because being a mother will be my number one priority. My employer provides flexible family policies as well as on site, good quality day care and generous vacation leave.
Passion for travel. I have a passion for travel and enjoy visiting new places. Through work I have been to some places I would have not had a chance to see, like tiny villages in Central and South America, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Africa.

I look forward to sharing the joy of exploring the U.S.A. and other countries with my child. One of my favorite places is where my grandparents came from, Greece! I have fond memories of visiting the island where my mom’s family is from and one day will introduce my child to its rich history, food, culture and my extended family there.

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My Values

Growing up, I went to a public school that included children from wealthy parents, middle class, and a subsidized minority community. I was aware of the differences, but everybody played together. I think the exposure to wealth and poverty at such an early age also helped me to realize that character and values are more important than what you have and what you don’t have.

• My parents and aunts and uncles demonstrated good examples of parenting. I believe it is important to play an active role in my child’s life, by setting a good example and providing them with the opportunities to let who they are shine.
• I will nurture their faith in God and want him/her to be able to draw on their faith for strength, happiness, and fulfillment.
• I would want my child to have self-confidence, empathy for others, and know the difference between right and wrong.
• I will teach them about the world, to respect others, be inquisitive, open-minded, and have a sense of humor.

A few of my favorite things:

• Hanging out with family & friends
• The beach
• Chocolate
• Reading
• Our four legged friends
• Biking

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Being a parent. I have no illusions about being a mom. I know it is challenging no matter how well you have prepared. I’m excited to share my full and happy life, to give unconditional love and to nurture a child.

I won’t always have the answers but I do have supportive family and friends who are there for me. I have patience, love and the will to do my best to raise a happy and healthy child who thrives in life.

My promise to you.

Parenting a child is a commitment I take very seriously. I will provide a safe, loving, supportive, financially and emotionally stable home for your child throughout his/her life. I will always be there with hugs and kisses, will keep your child happy and healthy, dry his or her tears, give encouragement, and an abundance of unconditional love.

I have great respect for your decision to consider adoption for your baby. You have shown courage and strength already, so I wish for you peace and reassurance in moving forward. I would love to hear from you, and I am willing to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for considering me.

Love, Angela


If you would like to speak with me about adopting your child or have any questions for me, please contact your case worker at ADOPTHELP by calling 1-800-637-7999.