October 23rd, 2017
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Ashton and Al

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Being on our boat
  • 2. My wife acting silly/having fun
  • 3. A breeze through the window
  • 4. Game night with family
  • 5. Summer thunderstorms
  • 1. Hanging with my kitties
  • 2. Sunshine on my face
  • 3. Neck/head massages from Al
  • 4. A tropical getaway
  • 5. Thinking about being a mom



We are Ashton and Al and we are so excited to meet you! There is no way for us to know what you are feeling on this journey. What we do know is that we are grateful that you may be considering us. In our eyes you are a hero. Words are truly inadequate to describe the admiration, respect and love we have for you. You will always be in our hearts.  Open adoption feels right to us. We believe that a child can never have too much love.

Our Story

We searched all of our lives for our soul mates and found each other right around the corner. Boy, was it worth the wait! We quickly discovered we were meant for each other in so many ways. Values, interests and spirituality are just a few things we have in common. Most of all, we share the same vision of family and of our future.

Our favorite story of how we knew we were meant to be: Ashton’s theme song while searching for her soul mate was “Lime Tree” by Trevor Hall. The chorus goes “It took a while for you to find me. I was hiding in the lime tree.” The first time that Al invited Ashton over to his house for dinner Ashton discovered that he had a lime tree! Who has a lime tree? Al does. Destiny.

Having four adopted siblings in our family, the path of adoption has always been a good fit for us. As a matter of fact, being an adoptive parent is indicated in both of our astrological charts (If you dig that sort of thing). We believe that everything happens just as it is supposed to and the soul who finds his or her way to us is the one meant for our family. Our child, regardless of the source, will be so, so loved and provided a life of abundance, happiness and opportunity.

Ashton Through Al’s Eyes

Before meeting Ashton I prayed to find someone with whom I could have a deep and meaningful relationship. I had no idea what I was in for! My relationship with Ashton is on a level unlike any I have ever known.  Ashton has been an inspiration, a teacher, a partner and a friend far exceeding my wildest dreams. I am truly a better person with her in my life.

More than anything I want to see Ashton realize her lifelong dream of being a mom. She is so loving and nurturing. We are grateful to be in a position for Ashton to put her career as a psychotherapist on hold once we adopt. Although being a therapist is extremely rewarding to her, being a stay-at-home mom will be infinitely more rewarding. She will bring the same passion to parenting that she brings to everything in her life and will make an incredible mother. I am so very fortunate to call Ashton my wife and partner and I look forward to seeing her spirit shine as a new mom.

Five Things I Can’t Wait To Do With Our Child

  1. Cuddle
  2. Bath time
  3. Plant kisses
  4. Plant more kisses
  5. Watch a little being become an individual

Ashton 1

Five Things About Me

  1. Playing with dolls, pretending I was a mommy was my favorite pastime as a little girl. I even still have my cabbage patch dolls.
  2. I work with people’s energy. (I practice energy psychology.)
  3. l was a nanny in Spain. I will teach our child Spanish.
  4. I always have fresh flower arrangements that I created all over the house.
  5. I make my own yogurt.

Al Through Ashton’s eyes

Al is the most gentle and kind man that I have ever known. He is loving, thoughtful and considerate. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the husband that I have always dreamed of. I know that he will be as incredible of a father as he is a husband. He is my best friend.

One of the things that I love most about Al is his love and concern for his family. He is so helpful. He even does the dishes and vacuums! Al will very much be a “hands-on” Dad, engaged in all aspects of our child’s life- from bath time to extracurricular activities. Watching Al with children warms my heart. He has a natural way with them.

Al’s biggest passion is boats. I am new to the boating world, but I am being broken in quickly. Whenever a boat is cruising by our house we say, “boat” so we can go to the window and check it out. I can now name most types of boats on the water.

Five Things I Can’t Wait To Do With Our Child

  1. Be there when he or she has a bad day (at 2 years old or 20)
  2. Family outings (camping, road trips, vacations)
  3. Come home from work and hear “Daddy!”
  4. Watch Ashton be a Mom
  5. Christmas morning

Al 1 (3)

Five Things About Me

  1. I love being in, on or near the water
  2. Family is the most important thing in the world to me
  3. I’m handy around the house
  4. I must watch JAWS every 4th of July
  5. I believe everything happens for a reason

Family 1 (5)

The People we Love

We gather regularly for dinner and game night. Al’s parents, who are retired, live in Pittsburgh and visit frequently. We were both raised in traditional families with stay- at- home moms and working dads. As a result traditional family values were imparted on us, like sitting down together as a family for dinner every night. Through example and guidance our child will be taught the importance of honesty, gratitude and acceptance of self and others.

We are blessed with a close core of family and friends, all of whom are excited about our family expansion and eager to share their love. Relationships are incredibly important to us whether they are with friends or family. Ashton still has her best friends from high school whom she deeply cherishes. We are looking forward to creating new relationships with our child, our child’s friends and the parents of our child’s friends. We envision our house being the home where all of the kids come over to play or hang out!

Mention of our family would not be complete without our three kitties. They are the most loving and entertaining little beings ever. Our house would not be the same without them.

Essential Things We Will Teach Our Child

  1. How to laugh and have fun
  2. How to love deeply
  3. How special the gift of adoption is
  4. How to be a good friend
  5. That it’s ok to ask questions 6. That being successful is about being your best self. Not what you have or what you do.

More Really Cool Things We’ll Teach Our Child

  1. How to dock a boat
  2. How to speak kitty talk with your eyes
  3. How to make banana walnut almond flour pancakes from scratch
  4. How to be adventurous with food
  5. How to plant an organic vegetable garden
  6. How to sing out loud even if you don’t know the words or can’t sing very well

Our Home 2 (2)

Our Home and Lifestyle

We live in a beach town in coastal Virginia. Summers are filled spending time on our boat, lounging at the beach or riding bikes on the boardwalk to breakfast or perhaps to a music festival. There is so much to do in Virginia Beach ranging from the Pungo strawberry festival to the annual Blue Angel’s air show. Virginia Beach is a wonderful place to raise a family and has an excellent school system.

Winters are time for nesting at home by the fire watching movies or the Steelers play football. It is also when Al gets busy with projects around the house. Right now he is refinishing a genuine cradle from the 1800’s, a rare “barn find” that we happened upon.

The holidays are a special time for us as well. We get so excited to continue the traditions that have been passed on to us, as well as create our own. That said we are fortunate that we have a home in Key West and are able to escape the cold each year at New Year’s.

We value family time which could look like a road trip to a local camping spot, a more adventurous trip out of the country, a family meal, game night, or just talking about one’s day.

Spirituality is the foundation of our lives and our guide for living. We strive each day to treat others with kindness and compassion. Forgiveness is key. We will pass these values to our child. We will also give our child the freedom to make his or her own decisions regarding spirituality when the time is right.

Our Final Thoughts

We want to say a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We wish peace for you on your journey. We hope it brings you some comfort knowing that there are many wonderful couples hoping to be adoptive parents. Should we be so fortunate that you choose us, we will be incredibly grateful to you for the rest of our lives.

Our Commitment

We commit to loving our child deeply everyday for the rest of our lives.

We commit to growing and learning along with our child.

We commit to having fun as a family.

We commit to having structure as well as flexibility within the family.

We commit to providing our child with the best opportunities that we possibly can.

We commit to providing a loving foundation for our child to feel safe at home and to equally explore the world.

We commit to being steadfast in this process until our perfect little soul finds his or her way to us.