February 18th, 2018
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Brian and Carrie

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Cooking
  • 2. Building towers with Jonah
  • 3. Watching the Ohio State Buckeyes
  • 4. Drawing
  • 5. Traveling to new places
  • 1. Hiking
  • 2. Making (and eating) homemade pizza
  • 3. Taking photos - trying to…
  • 4. Reading
  • 5. Sending care packages

Carrie and Brian


We’re Carrie and Brian!  We hope that the pictures and stories on these pages give you a sense of who we are as a family and the values and traditions which are important to us.

Adopting our son Jonah was the most incredible experience and we are excited to welcome another child into our family.  We have a great relationship with Jonah’s birth mother and have a deep appreciation and respect for the decision you are considering.

We look forward to meeting you, getting you know you and welcoming you into our family.


Our story begins…

We met in college where Brian was studying mechanical engineering and Carrie was studying English literature.  During Freshman year, we both worked at the check in desk in our college dorm and Brian was actually Carrie’s boss for a few months!  We were friends for two and a half years before we started dating and six years later, in 2007, we were married surrounded by our enormous extended family and friends.

Over the years  we have been caught in a huge rainstorm while hiking in the Smokey Mountains, spent a week camping and canoeing in rural Canada and driven the famous Route 1 up the coast of California.  We love to explore new places and look forward to the day our children can ask, “Are we there yet?” from the backseat of the car.

In 2014 we adopted our son Jonah after years of struggling with infertility.  We have an ongoing relationship with Jonah’s birth mother and have spent time with her daughters, mother and sister.  We understand that you may want a different kind of relationship and respect and are willing to do what makes you most comfortable.


A little about Carrie

I grew up in the Midwest and am the oldest of three.  As a child, no matter where we lived, it was always a neighborhood with a lot of kids.  My brothers and I would spend hours outside, making up different versions of hide-and-go-seek or tag.  In high school I was both a band geek and on the rowing team which I guess shows that you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

I have always wanted to work with kids, especially after my own experience in youth groups as a teenager.  For the last seven years, I have worked as a religious leader at a temple near our house and I feel incredibly lucky to work for and be a part of this diverse and progressive community.  I also love that every day is different.  My flexible schedule will allow me to spend extra time at home with our children and be involved with their school and social lives.

Even though I am a Midwesterner at heart, I love living in California because the wonderful weather means that you can be outside almost every day.  Whether it’s walking around the golf course path in our neighborhood or just sitting outside during lunch, it’s pretty each to get used to sunny days, even in Winter.

From Brian: Carrie is someone who cares deeply about helping other people and works hard to be someone who provides advice, support and love to others both in good times and tough times.  She is a compassionate and thoughtful mother, providing just the right balance of nurturing and structure.  I love watching her read her favorite childhood stories to Jonah and teach him how to put on his shoes.  As someone who works with children all day, she is a natural mother and I can’t wait to see her care for another child.


Five of Carrie’s most favorite things:


Making (and eating) homemade pizza


Sending care packages



A little about Brian

Growing up with an art teacher mother and engineer father meant that imagination was always encouraged and I am excited to share this love of creativity with our children.

As a child I always played sports, either soccer, track or wrestling, depending on the time of year.  Being on these teams taught me the value of hard work and  how to maximize the strengths of my teammates, which is a skill I still use today.

I grew up in a large extended family, with 31 first cousins, 6 of whom were adopted.  Family events like Thanksgiving and Christmas were huge celebrations, with tons of food and kids playing in every corner of the room.  I am very close with my sisters and their families and appreciate modern technology like video chatting which helps us stay connected even though we live far apart.

I oversee the making of vitamins and have done so for the last ten years.  I enjoy the fact that in order for the company to be successful, everyone must work together as a team to produce a quality product. I work in a very family friendly company and am lucky to be able to leave work early when needed.

From Carrie: I have always loved seeing Brian building towers, reading and cooking with our nieces and nephews and now I get to see him do these things with Jonah.  It was not a surprise at all that Jonah’s first word was “dada,” as he adores Brian and gets a huge grin on his face when Brian comes home at the end of the day.  Brian’s unlimited patience makes him an excellent father and I look forward to seeing him teach our future child how to turn an otherwise boring mailing tube into a fun slide for blocks!  Brian also encourages me to embrace my spontaneity and to try things that I might otherwise be afraid of (such as kayaking in the ocean!).


Five of Brian’s most favorite things:

Drawing and painting


The Ohio State Buckeyes


Cooking on the grill


We love living in Brentwood, a family friendly neighborhood just north of Santa Monica.  There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance and we like being able to do errands by foot (and now, stroller).  We enjoy walking to the farmer’s market on Sunday to buy fruits and vegetables although I think Jonah mostly  loves the free samples!  The school where the farmer’s market meets has a big playground where all of the neighborhood kids play and we look forward to when Jonah and his brother or sister are able to run and climb like the big kids.

The main street in our neighborhood hosts several fun events each year, including a bicycle race and an art festival with food trucks.  More than anything we enjoy spending times outside and want our children to appreciate nature.  We live within a few miles of the ocean and several state parks and try to spend time outside each weekend.



Meet Big Brother

We have loved getting to know the curious, silly boy that Jonah is becoming.  He loves making music, playing at the playground and helping us push the grocery cart.  It is amazing to see how each day he is communicating and understanding more – we love watching him explore the world!

For his birthday, Carrie’s mom gave him a small doll  and he is so gentle with it, giving it lots of hugs and kisses. We know he will be a wonderful big brother!

A few of Jonah’s most favorite things:

Looking at books


Playing peek-a-boo

Petting dogs

Winnie the Pooh


Our Families

We grew up in the Midwest, but our careers brought us to the west coast.  Even though the trip from California to Ohio is long, it’s something we believe in doing several times a year so we can see our families and spend quality time together.  Our families have loved getting to know Jonah and everyone, especially the grandparents and great-grandparents, are very excited to welcome another child.  In fact, the first time we visited Ohio, five of his cousins drew names out of a hat to decide who got to hold him first, which made all of the parents cry happy tears.

We are lucky to live fifteen minutes way from Carrie’s cousin and her family, who have enjoyed sharing their favorite toys and clothes and helping Jonah learn new skills.  Carrie’s brother and his wife live near San Francisco and they have a son who is just seven weeks older than Jonah!

Three family traditions 

  1. Annual Family Reunion – For over 60 years, Carrie’s extended family has gathered in October to spend the weekend together, ending with a hike and picnic.  This year there were 49 aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins…and a few dogs!
  2. Charleston Beach Vacation – Every other summer, we rent a beach house with Brian’s parents and his sisters’ families. We spend the entire week in bathing suits, making sand castles and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  3. Ohio State Pancakes – Each year, when the Buckeyes play Michigan (their big rival), Carrie makes OSU shaped pancakes. Needless to say, we also all wear scarlet and gray.

Brian Carrie and Jonah


Thank you for taking the time to learn our story.

Growing up, we were always supported and loved for who we were and we promise to do the same for our children.  Our most important job as parents is to help them find their passions and celebrate the things that bring them happiness.

You will be an important part of our family’s story and we look forward to welcoming you into our family with love and support.  We look forward to talking with you and taking the next step on this journey!

If you have any questions for us or are interested in us adopting your child, please call your AdoptHelp case worker at 1-800-637-7999 toll free.


Carrie and Brian