October 18th, 2017
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Carlos and Penny

Hello There! We are Carlos, Penny and Troy from Southern California!

Thank you for taking the time to allow us to share our story with you. Although we are unable to know all of the things surrounding your reasons for adoption, we can and will commit ourselves to supporting you with care, compassion and respect throughout this journey. Even though we are unable to have another child, we are blessed that adoption is an option for us. In this booklet you will get a glimpse into our lives in words and pictures. We hope to express to you how much our family would be blessed by your child and we consider it our highest honor to be apart of his\her life. If you find that our family is not for you, we will respect your choice and hope you find peace and clarity in all your future decisions.

Our Thoughts On Parenting: In our home we believe that love and security are two of the greatest foundational gifts we can provide our children with. We strive to create opportunities for growth and decision-making. As we ourselves practice kindness with one another we instill this in our children as a true value in interacting with others. Each day we set aside time to connect with one another and discuss our days as a family, this is a time we look forward to and cherish!



Our Story: We believe that our unconditional love and commitment to one another is the driving force that sustains our family. We met over 3 years ago through a dating website. Our first date was at a local restaurant, which now happens to be our favorite. We spent the whole night talking about various topics and found that we shared so many similar interests and values that we just knew something was special between us! It was like talking to a best friend when we had only just met. After our first date we were inseparable, if we weren’t together, we made sure we devoted our evenings talking on the phone until bedtime. Carlos proposed to Penny at a little restaurant in North Hollywood and together we began to plan our future! Nine months later we were married on the beach with all our loved ones and friends present.

Growing our family has always been our desire. Troy is penny’s biological son from a previous relationship and Carlos has been such a great role model for him. The two of them are the best of friends. Carlos has been there to teach Troy many things so far in his life and this has taught us both that loving someone unconditionally doesn’t depend on being biologically related to one another. Our dream is to provide our children with the opportunity to have a life long friendship in each other as siblings.

Meet Penny

By Carlos: I love Penny with all my heart and I look forward to expanding our family with her. Penny has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. Whether it’s donating a vehicle to a coworker in need or buying groceries for a family trying get back on their feet, Penny is always there. She is my best friend and the love of my life. I can always count on her for words of encouragement and her smile always brightens my day. I knew I had fallen in love with Penny on a trip to the Getty Museum, and no Painting or Sculpture was more beautiful than her. I love laughing and being silly with her while quoting Nacho Libre.

Penny is wonderful wife and mother. She makes sure the family has their daily smoothies and that our hands always stay clean. She always volunteers in our son’s class and all his classmates adore her. She’s been team mom in sports for our son and my biggest cheerleader in my adult soccer league. Penny works as a registered dental assistant. She works part time. This gives her the opportunity to spend more time with Troy. She enjoys the office that she works for and tries to always have fun and lighten the mood since most people don’t like dental visits!



Meet Carlos

By Penny: Carlos is an amazing father to Troy and I know he will continue to be as we grow our family in love. The thing I love most about Carlos is his warm heart. He is kind and honest. He is a wonderful provider for our family and always knows how to make me feel loved and important. Carlos works as a sales manager for a car dealership. His hours are flexible which is a great asset to our growing family. He is one of the most patient people I know, he stays calm and collected and is able to assess situations with a level head.  I love the fact that Carlos is always playing with our son Troy, whether they are building legos or out at the soccer field practicing I am always in awe of the relationship they have with each other.



Our Family & Friends

Meet Troy: Troy is a fun loving 7 year old. He enjoys playing soccer and is the top reader is his class. He is always making us laugh with his silly knock knock jokes. Troy loves to dance, especially breakdancing! He enjoys playing with the children in our neighborhood after school. He looks forward to being a big brother and we have no doubt he will be a great role model!

A note from Troy: I would love a baby brother or sister. I can’t wait for him or her to meet my best friend Jacob. Love, Troy

Our Loved Ones: We value our family greatly! We are always celebrating together in anything big or small. Carlos comes from a large close family and we are fortunate that they all live in the same city as we do! We have found a great support system in our family and friends who are all very excited to be in our children’s lives….

Penny’s parents are both deceased. Carlos was never able to meet penny’s mother as she died when Penny was very young. He did get the chance to become close to her father who was able attend our wedding which brought both of us great joy before he passed away shortly after. Penny has had a great role model in her life named Bonnie. She took on the role of mother to Penny and instilled in me many values, and considers me her fourth child. I feel incredibly blessed and loved by her.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in a quiet gated community about 45 minutes from San Diego. Our home is situated against a mountainside in which we enjoy many beautiful sunsets from our backyard. We like to go for walks and ride our bikes in our neighborhood. We have a community park where there is a large field where we practice soccer and picnic.

Our Furry Family: Meet Lola and Winston! We have two very sweet dachshunds. They both wait by Troy’s bedroom door every morning until Troy wakes up to greet him and hope to get their ball thrown by him! We love having them in the family!

In Closing: We truly thank you in taking time to consider us as the adoptive parents to your child. If we are the family that you choose please know that we will love your child unconditionally and promise to nurture and guide them through their adulthood. We both admire your courage throughout the path that you have chosen and you will be in our prayers as you continue on your journey.