October 18th, 2017
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Hello, I’m Carmen!

I am so excited about my decision to adopt a child. I thought I would be married by now and have kids, but unfortunately, I haven’t yet found the right man for me. After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided that I want to be a young Mom and therefore I am starting a new chapter in life’s journey. In today’s world there are options in becoming a parent, but adoption was my first choice when it came time to make this life changing decision. I can’t wait to bring a little one home and watch them grow, teach them, guide them, and lead by example what it is to do right in this world. I currently live in Arizona. I am looking forward to sharing this great weather and state with your little one. Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile and I hope that if you choose me to be your child’s mother that you find comfort in knowing that I am committed to being the best mother you and your child could possibly ask for!

More About Me: My hobbies include road biking, jogging and tennis. I have bike paths close to my home, so I am able to bike on a daily basis. I like to stay in shape, so I also like to run when it’s not too hot. I enjoy tennis although, I need to practice more so I can improve my game. I am also a football fan. My favorite teams are the Indianapolis Colts and the Iowa Hawkeyes. I enjoy cooking and have been getting better all the time with some delicious meals. So far, I am somewhat famous for my chocolate chip cookies. I learned how to make them from my Mom and I have since taught my nephews back in Iowa how to make them. For the last two years my nephew, Jaeden, has gotten 1st place at the fair for his chocolate chip cookies! Yay Jaeden!

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love Thanksgiving because we always have a lot of family and friends around and of course lots of good food. Christmas is fun too. Seeing the faces of my niece and nephews as they open up their presents, sharing stories, food, and laughs on holidays is what it’s all about.



Words From My Loved Ones

A Few Words From My Good Friend, Melissa: I met Carmen before I met my husband and before I had kids. We both feel like we are sisters. Carmen is like family and my kids treat her like an Aunt. She has helped me when I need help with my two kids several times, picking my son up from school, coming over to watch them when my husband and I are late getting home and even watching them while my husband and I have a weekend away. My kids adore Carmen. They love when she comes over and don’t leave her side while she is there. Carmen was meant to be a mom. She is so good with kids and kids are comfortable with her around. She is going to be the house that every kid wants to hangout at, the house with the yummy homemade cookies and always a lot of fun. I am so excited for Carmen and looking forward to being a big part of her child’s life.

A Few Words From My Mom and Dad: Carmen has known since she was 6 years old that she wanted to be a nurse. She is now a labor and delivery nurse. Carmen has so much love she gives to others, including people she helps on her job, her circle of friends and her family. She is truly a giving person.  Carmen came to us and said that she hasn’t met anyone to share her life with and didn’t want to be alone for the rest of her life so she has decided to adopt a child. We couldn’t be more excited for her because she has a lot to offer to a child. She is a very loving, caring, kind and thoughtful person that thinks about other people’s feelings before herself. That truly is what life is all about.

She will be a fantastic mother and provider. Her strong belief in God is evident in the way she treats others and we believe that she has touched many lives in her career and in those that know her intimately. We know that she will raise her child with love, kindness and opportunities as well as providing the best life that anyone could possibly ask for in this world.



Life At Home

My Career: I absolutely love being a Labor and Delivery nurse! Not many people can say that they have a career that allows them to go to work and bring new life into this world…but I do and I love it! For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. My parents say they can remember me playing with a play stethoscope and even at a very young age they said I would always say I wanted to be a nurse.  My Mom and Dad are going to watch my child on the nights I work and are looking forward to it. My Mom and Dad are fully retired so it is a perfect time in their lives to help out with their grandchild.

My Home and Community: I am excited to say that I live in sunny Arizona. We get to enjoy about 7-8 months of just about perfect weather. My house is always an active place since I love to entertain. It is a normal thing to have people over on the weekends. We visit, play games with the kids, snack and grill out some delicious food. This is why I love the summer so much because I love to be around family and friends.  The community that I live in is a safe and quiet community. I live on a quiet street with a playground less than a block away. My parents live less than two miles from me! I also live pretty close to work, which will allow me to spend a lot more time with a little one.



My Family

I was raised in Iowa and moved to Arizona when I was 22 years old. I am very proud that I was raised in a small town in Iowa because I believe that my character formation, my morals and strong work ethic comes from growing up there. Of course, the majority of who I am comes from my parents. They have been married for 46 years and have always been the most amazing role models to us. They have taught all of us how to love, to have good morals, to treat others the way you want to be treated and taught us to be loyal to our faith. Faith has always been and will continue to be a big part of my life and I plan on sharing and teaching this to my children.

My Mom Joan, is not only a wonderful mother, but also one of my best friends. My Mom and I enjoy going to lunch together, girly movies or shopping. I know that I am going to be a good mother because I have learned so much from my own Mom. She has a heart of gold and is loved by everyone who meets her. I can’t wait to make her a Grandma again!
My Dad Fred, has always been the rock in our family. My dad is really good with people and could talk for hours with a complete stranger. He has always showed each of us by example how to live a life based on good Christian morals, quality behavior, and good manners.

I am very grateful to my parents and owe them a great deal of gratitude for everything they have sacrificed for me over the years. Truly blessed to have such wonderful parents and an amazing childhood!

I have one sister and two brothers. I am very close with all of them. My sister, Sara, still lives in Iowa with her husband, Rod, and my two nephews, Treyton and Jaeden. I go back to Iowa every summer to see them. My older brother, Kyle, is married to his wife, Erin, and have my niece, Francessca, and nephew, Harper. They live in Arizona and I get to see them a lot. I have been going on camping trips with them and hope to keep that tradition going with my own child. My younger brother Brad lives near me and I can honestly say we are best friends. He will be able to be a wonderful male role model in your child’s life as well as a wonderful uncle and will offer great support.

My family is going to be my biggest support system. Before I started the adoption process, I sat down with my parents and asked them for their help if I were to move forward. They did not hesitate one bit! They know I have always wanted to be a Mom and they wanted to do anything they could to make that happen. I don’t have any worries being a single mom because I have the most supportive family and friends anyone can have!


In Closing

My Promises: I will provide your child with the best possible childhood and life anyone could ask for. I want to be a fun, loving, caring mother but at the same time I want to show and teach guidance, morals, and values.  I know the importance of a good education, so I will provide the best schools for your child from grade school to college. I will be there to share the joys of a day of school, help with homework and/or just simple to answer those “why” questions that every child starts to ask.

Your child will also have the most amazing extended family to grow up with. I have a beautiful niece and three cute nephews that will be awesome cousins to your child. My parents are going to be a big part of your child’s life and they love being around their grandkids. They have fun playing with them and teaching them just like they have with their own kids. I also have many friends that I am very close with of whom many of them have young kids themselves. There will be many gatherings and many ways for all of us to show love and have fun with your child!

Last but not least… I am looking forward to sharing my love with your child. I have always loved being around children, hence my job working in Labor and Delivery, and I can’t wait to raise a child of my own. I love seeing the excitement in my niece and nephews eyes when they see me and I keep thinking to myself that someday that excitement and look will be coming from my own child and I just can’t wait for that day!

Now that you have read my profile I want you to know how much I appreciate you and everything that you are going through. I know this has got to be one of the hardest decisions you make in your life and I want to thank you for considering me as a parent for your child. Please let me know if you have any more questions about me or my family that can help ease your mind. Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about you.