March 22nd, 2018
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Craig and Naomi

Dear Birth Mother,

Thanks for checking us out and getting to know us! We really look forward to becoming parents one day soon.


Here’s our story:

While attending the same church, we met through a couple who invited us both to see a movie and at the last minute, they dropped out. We still saw the movie, but it felt like an awkward date. Turns out the couple had planned to do that all along just to get us together. It worked! From then on, we were always together. We were engaged a few months later, and married a few months after that! That was four years ago.

We have a great home, and a wonderful network of family and friends. We can’t wait to share that love with a child we can call our own.

We knew that having kids on our own wasn’t much of an option, and long ago, we decided to grow our family through the beautiful gift of adoption.

A Bit About Craig:

I grew up in Northern California in the San Francisco area, and had a great childhood. My sister and I grew up in a loving family and my parents are still together and have been married for 51 years!

I’m a Video Editor in the entertainment industry, and can honestly say I love my job. I’ve been working on a studio lot for over 14 years, and enjoy going to work every day. I’ve had the chance to show off my place of work to friends and guests visiting from out of town, which has been great fun.

I coach a work softball team called The Dirtbags. We were the number 1 team in 2015! I like to think it’s because they had a great coach, but it’s really because we had a great team. We have a Friends and Family Night each year where I make hot dogs, and serve chips and sodas for everyone. I look forward to bringing our own little one to a Friends and Family night soon!

I’m a member of a golf club, and get to play a few rounds a year with some buddies.  I’m not the best golfer, but I have a great time, which is really what it’s all about!


A Bit About Naomi:

I grew up in Los Angeles, and most of my family is still here. I’m the oldest of four girls (my poor dad!). We are very close, both in age, and relationships. When we’re all together, it can be gloriously chaotic. We love it!

I got the travel bug in my 20’s and I love experiencing different cultures, foods and meeting people from around the world. Travel makes the world a smaller place. I have a life goal to step foot on all seven continents, and have only South America and Antarctica left! We’ll hopefully check those off our bucket list one of these days. I also want to go to Spain, Morocco, and Amsterdam – you name it, and I want to go there!

I love being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and just exploring.  One of my favorite things is to treat our city as if we were tourists and see new things, explore new neighborhoods, and discover more about the place we call home.

This spirit of adventure and curiosity is one I hope to instill in our child. We’ll explore this great big world together.


Home Sweet Home:

We live in a suburb of Los Angeles in a neighborhood that is full of families with kids of all ages. Naomi is in a neighborhood women’s Bunco Club. She’s met quite a few of our neighbors that way, and has made some good friends through it.

We live a block from the local library, and would go there for story times and other events with our child, as well as introduce them to all kinds of wonderful books. We’re fortunate to live walking distance to a lot of fun shops and restaurants like a shave ice shop for a cool treat, a cheese store, a seafood restaurant, and a spin studio where we get some exercise. We also love being able to walk to the movie theater!

How We Pay The Bills:

CRAIG: I’m a video editor in the TV industry. I have worked on game shows, talk shows, and even a couple of awards shows. I love my job! I enjoy the creative and challenging aspects of it. I was at a friend’s house recently, and their kids were watching TV. I said, “I worked on that show!” The mom said, “My kids LOVE that show!” It’s fun to be able to say that I worked on something that people enjoy. Being an editor also allows me the flexibility to spend time raising a wonderful child.

NAOMI: I’ve been an executive assistant for a biotech company for the almost 20 years. It’s been a great blessing to work with really wonderful people. As much as I love my job, I look forward to my new role of being a mom to a new child. I can’t wait to have time bonding with the little one; doing fun things like singing, reading, and mommy and me play dates.


Hobbies and Interests:

We love being outside and active. Living in Southern California allows us plenty of great scenery with amazing hiking trails. Just this year, we became members of the local museum and the zoo. We both enjoy watching magic, and even had a magician at our wedding. Craig has started taking some classes and he can now do a few tricks, and loves to show them off to the kids. Maybe he’ll have enough for his own act one day!

As for Naomi, she loves to see plays and musicals. She used to be a member of a theater company in Hollywood, and has performed in a few productions. Craig enjoys theater too, but maybe not quite as much as Naomi does. Still, he tolerates being dragged to the occasional show.

We also enjoy hosting get-togethers.  We recently had over 50 people in our backyard for a barbeque and mini-concert, courtesy of our musically-talented friends. We invited the neighbors (so they wouldn’t call the cops!), and extended an open invitation to friends, family, and anyone else who wanted to come over. It was a blast!

Our Loved Ones:

Between the two of us, we have five nephews and four nieces. We’ve had a couple of campouts in the living room with the younger nephews where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the backyard. They also love playing “Band” and putting on shows even if all the songs sound like the ABC song!

We would love to give a little one a lot of love in a safe and welcoming home. We would help them explore interests and fulfill their dreams. We would let them lead the way for some things, while setting healthy boundaries. We would let them express themselves creatively. We would also instill values of faith, grace, love, respect, and healthy exploration.

We believe in a strong education, and would have our child go to college, not only so that more avenues in life would be available to them, but for the value of higher education.

Our promise to you is that this child would be well taken care of, deeply loved, and surrounded by a community and network of support for the rest of his or her life.


What Naomi Loves About Craig:

  • He has a big heart
  • A great sense of humor
  • He is easy going
  • Has plenty of patience
  • He loves adventure

What Craig Loves About Naomi

  • She’s generous
  • She thinks about all the things I forget
  • She’s a great cook
  • She’s adventurous
  • She’s gracious

We promise to teach our children:

  • Their birth story
  • Patience
  • Grace
  • Love for themselves and others
  • To be confident and compassionate leaders

A few of Craig’s favorite things:

  • Our dog
  • Golf
  • Being outdoors
  • Spending time with family
  • Gardening

A few of Naomi’s favorite things

  • Breakfast
  • Chocolate
  • Sunsets
  • The beach
  • Our dog

A Special Message to you

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! Please know that your child will be in a great, loving home, and will be well taken care of with unconditional love. We look forward to taking on the responsibility and joy of parenting.