March 21st, 2018
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Daniela and Nathan

Hello from sunny Malibu, California! We are Daniela and Nathan

Dear Birthmother, Please allow us to start by saying that you are an incredibly brave and beautiful woman. We are inspired and humbled by your loving, courageous nature. THANK YOU for taking the time to read our story.

We are a happily married couple who loves to stay fit, live a healthy lifestyle, travel and above all…we love our amazing family. We love to read, laugh, be goofy, travel and enjoy every minute spent together.

We are completely and gladly prepared for all of the sleepless nights, food on the floor, happy splashes at bath time and lots of laughter along the way. We visualize daily how wonderful our life will be with a beautiful, bouncy bundle of joy. Our prayers and wishes are for a child full of love and light to join our family soon.

Our Happily Ever After: Our first date was in October of 2003, one day after the World Series. In August of 2006, while on a trip to Mexico, we were having a romantic dinner. The waiter placed a ring box on our table and said, ‘’Sir, you dropped this box…….it fell out of your pocket!’’……and that is how we got engaged!

Our wedding was in September of 2008 and we have been living happily ever after together ever since…. with one exception, our strong desire to add to our family through adoption.

We think about our future son or daughter during every plan we make and in every conversation we have about our future. We were recently foster parents to the sweetest child. Although we loved being foster parents, we have now decided to focus all our efforts on adoption.


Meet Daniela

About Daniela, by Nathan: I was attracted to Daniela the minute I saw her, she is beautiful and funny and always an optimist. As I got to know her better, her strength and hardworking nature made me love her even more. She is incredibly creative and intelligent …she is the love of my life.

My beautiful wife is also an amazing mom. I have seen her give strength to my 2 boys, guiding them with incredible wisdom. After we were married, my youngest son moved in with us full time, while my older son was in college. We found a wonderful family balance mostly due to Daniela’s calming nature and ability to love those around her.

As a foster mom, I have watched her nurturing and caring nature shine: from singing a lullaby before bed to middle of the night feedings; from kisses and snuggles to letting go for babies first steps.

Daniela is excited to put the experience she gained being a foster-mom to use with our future child. She is excited to be the best stay-at-home mom!

About Daniela’s Passions: For many years I owned a successful clothing company, but as life changes so did my focus. As we decided to expand our family, I followed my heart and became a stay home mom. I have found no greater joy than seeing a child evolve and learn. I have loved creating a warm and embracing home. I look forward to helping our future child become a happy, loving, productive and happy person. My heart is popping at the seams with joy and excitement.

I also oversee and manage the rental properties we own as well as manage the beautiful vineyard we have on our property. Giving back is important to me and I am active in the organization Student Run LA.



Meet Nathan

My father once told me that the greatest gift a parent can give to their child is choosing a wonderful spouse.

Nathan is generous to a fault; he is kind and has an open heart. I have watched him throughout the years, caring for his two boys and knew that my father was right, the best gift I could ever give my child is a great parent and that is Nathan.

As a foster dad, Nathan is gentle, patient, and fun. He LOVES to be silly just to get that happy giggle from the baby. Seeing him come home after work and get the baby ready for bed by preparing the bath, giving the baby the “night night” bottle and relishing that moment of peace and joy confirms yet again that he will be an awesome dad to our child.

As a family man, he is the hardest working dad I know, always focused on providing the best life for his family. He is devoted and we are lucky to have him in our lives. I could not ask for a better friend, partner and husband!

About Nathan’s Passions: I manage several large offices of financial advisers for one of the largest brokerage firms in the country. I love people and interacting with everybody. I get a tremendous amount of joy in helping and watching people grow personally and professionally, which is why I love my job so much.

I am the Chairman of the board of Students Run LA which is a wonderful charity focused on at–risk high school students. SRLA trains over 3000 kids to run the LA Marathon every year.

I make my family my number one priority and I’m always home for dinner. Dinner time is a special time for all of us, we all make a point of being together and sharing stories about our day.



Our Family & Friends

Future Big Brothers: Meet Jordan and Kyle, my step children and Nathan‘s children from his previous marriage. They both have fun, creative jobs and are enjoying their life to the fullest. Jordan and Kyle are roommates in a house that they rent about a half an hour away. They are both huge fans of Star Wars! (well…so are we)

Both boys are extremely excited about us wanting to add to our family and ask us once a week if there are any updates. They are so sweet! We know that they will be great role models for our future son or daughter.

Meet Our Loving Family: Nathan has two brothers and one sister. We not only get along famously well, we truly love each other. We are close with all of his siblings, there is a palpable sense of sisterhood among the sisters-in-law. Cooking together during the holidays is always the fun part, four chefs in the kitchen is never a crowded space, but a fun one.

Daniela is an only child, who moved to California at the age of 23. Her cousin who was also born in Bucharest lived with us while studying neuroscience at UCLA. She moved out last year after graduating and getting married. She and her husband still live close to us.

We both have very tight relationships with our parents. There is a combined total of 6 cousins and 10 little cousins and little nieces and nephews. If both of our families would get together at the same time we would form a large, loving village.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We live in beautiful Malibu, California. Pie festivals, avocado festivals, the chilli cook off, music festivals and tennis tournaments! There is always a wide variety of things to do. We are very blessed to be able to enjoy this beautiful slice of Paradise.

Our home is located on a cul de sac so the only sound we hear is the neighbor’s children playing ball or playing in the pool and the crickets at night. We live in an area where parrots, large butterflies and the tiniest nectar eating birds are in abundance.

Our Furry Friends: Milo is the world laziest English mastiff. He is great with kids and loves his family fiercely. Mostly, he sleeps all day…and all night. We actually played tic tac toe on him once while he was asleep!

Bear is a tiny cocker spaniel, who acts very busy and important, she always seems to be in everybody else’s business.

Our promise to you comes from the depth of our hearts, your child will grow up surrounded by lots of family and love. Should you choose us, your child will grow up nurtured and encouraged to pursue their own individual path. Words cannot express how ready and how excited we are to become parents, we pray to be the right family for your child.