October 24th, 2017
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Gabriel and Pierre-Luc

Things that Make Us Happy

  • 1. Cooking
  • 2. Travelling
  • 3. Reading
  • 4. Planning a Trip
  • 5. Home Improvements
  • 1. Travelling
  • 2. Playing Music
  • 3. Discovering New Food
  • 4. Photography
  • 5. Cooking

Hello from San Francisco!

Hello, we are Pierre-Luc, Gabriel and Sophie from San Francisco, California. We appreciate you allowing us to share a bit of our life with you. Hopefully, it will help you picture the type of parents we are.

We would be honored to speak with you and get to know you. We are strongly committed to open adoption, as it is all about openness and honesty, the perfect qualities to start an enduring relationship with you and your child. We have this amazing relationship with Sophie’s birthparents, and would like to share it with you as well!

  • Pierre-Luc & Gabriel


This is our family

Our common story started nearly 10 years ago. Pierre-Luc was playing trumpet in our school’s jazz band, and during intermission he went to say hi to Gabriel. We spent the next two hours talking like we were old friends, and soon became inseparable!

We spent 3 years together in Québec, Canada (our home country) before a career opportunity brought us to San Francisco, California. This relocation brought us even closer, if you can believe it! The weather and the hundreds of things to do around here are a perfect combo. It also allowed us to perfect our English – French being our main language at home.

We had the joy of becoming fathers through open adoption in September of 2013. When we first took hold of our daughter Sophie a couple minutes after her birth, our lives became one. We cannot wait to extend our love even more by welcoming a sibling for Sophie to our merry band. Sophie is CRAVING a little brother or sister, she is just the sweetest with babies!

A little about Pierre-Luc

Pierre-Luc is an engineering manager and commutes to work with his bike every day. He recently changed job so he could be closer to home and have a better work/life balance. More family time = more happiness!

His love for technology doesn’t prevent him from being a very artistic person. He is an avid photographer, a musician of many talents (piano, trumpet, ukulele), a web designer, and a good cook!


In Gabriel’s words:

Pierre-Luc is the most curious person I have ever met, and this is what made me fall for him. He has a genuine interest in people, always taking the time to learn more about them.

He also loves to teach and has been a wonderful father to Sophie. He regularly sits down at the piano with her, playing a nice piece and taking the time to encourage her while she pounces on the notes!

Pierre-Luc has a quirky sense of humor and has a lot of affection to share. He will always be there to sing a lullaby (or twelve), run around the playground, give a hug, or provide words of encouragement.

A little about Gabriel

Gabriel rides his bike to work every day. He is a software engineer at a small company close to our home. We are lucky to enjoy a lot of flexibility in our work schedule, which makes family life that much easier.

He enjoys reading fiction books because it makes him dream. He also loves to cook all sorts of good things for the whole family, or for a group of friends! If not on the bed reading or in the kitchen cooking, you can find him on the couch planning our next outing.


In Pierre-Luc’s words:

When I met him, Gabriel was getting ready for his first of two trips to West Africa, where he helped build a health clinic. I have always admired his obvious concern for people’s well being.

He prepares all of Sophie’s meals with a lot of care and attention, and will always make sure our children have everything they need to thrive and grow into the wonderful persons we know they will become.

His timid yet strong and organized personality makes Gabriel a father that is a good listener and confidant, and someone our children can rely on for support and stability.

A little about Sophie

Sophie is a very active little girl. She’s always running around and on the lookout for the next thing to do… maybe she’s lacking a bit of concentration and patience, but she is only three after all!

She’s also one of the sweetest toddlers you’ve ever met. She loves taking care of younger kids, helping them pick up stuff, serving them food or just giving them big hugs. She’ll be the perfect big sister, that’s for sure!

We are lucky that she has the same love for travel and the outdoors as we do, because we sure are bringing her all over the world! She also really enjoys the camping trips we plan every year, discovering the plants and critters that live in the woods.


Home Sweet Home

We have been calling our place home for the past 3 years. We bought a nice condo in a very family-friendly area of San Francisco and enjoy immensely our very “local” way of life: we both work close enough to bike to work every day, playgrounds and shops are at walking distance, and Sophie’s preschool is just a few blocks away!

Sophie loves the kiddy slides and swings at the nearby playgrounds, where we often meet other parents of the neighborhood. It’s always a treat to see her big grin as she runs from one spot to another.

Our couch is a great place to snuggle up and read a book or two and our multiple rooms create the best spots to play hide and seek. We can already hear the kids screaming and laughing while we run after them across the living room and down the hallway to the kitchen!

Since we don’t own a car, we do everything on foot, on bicycle or on public transit. The grocery store is a few blocks away and Sophie always takes the kid’s cart. There are also a lot of bike paths which makes our daily commute safer.

Sharing love with friends and family

Our extended family is truly amazing and even though they live in our homeland of Québec (Canada), we keep very close contact with them. Family reunions happen at least twice a year and allow us to receive a healthy dose of love and attention. Sophie is spoiled, but as Pierre-Luc’s mom keeps reminding us, that’s what grandparents are for!

Both of us have a brother so we find it very important for Sophie to have a sibling close in age to share experiences with. Outside of our visits in person, we frequently talk on video chat which allows us to feel much closer, as we see each other every week.

We also have a great relationship with Sophie’s birthparents. While they live halfway across the country, we do yearly visits and have regular contacts via email, text, social media, and video chats. We really, truly wish we could live closer so we could see each other more often.

We have a close group of friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, most of them with infants and toddlers, and it’s a great support group. We often have kid’s birthday parties and other reunions. We also kept some close friends from Canada with whom we travel almost annually, so we couldn’t be luckier with our friendships!

Family portrait in the Rose Garden in Portland

Closing words

We hope that you were able to get to know us a bit better through this letter, and we would also like to get to know you better!

We come into open adoption with an open heart and an open mind, and we welcome you to be a part of our family. Together, we will plan the level of contact that feels right, so that we can all find our place in this unique relationship.

We truly hope that you will choose to join us in this wonderful journey.

Wishing you well,

Pierre-Luc & Gabriel