October 24th, 2017
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Gil and Carl

To a Very Special Woman…

Hello! We are Gil and Carl from Los Angeles, California! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as potential parents for your child. Your journey is truly inspiring to us and we hope that it will lead you to our happy family. As a doctor and a professor, we have provided care and education to many people over the years, and we feel grateful to all of them for making us better at healing and teaching. They all prepared us for this special moment when we give our knowledge and love to a child of our own.  The following pages are doorways into our life, our family, and our friends. Please come in and make yourself at home.


Gil & Carl


About Us

Five Places We Love (for Five Different Reasons)

  1. The crowded and noisy restaurant where we had our first date (because of the memories, the food wasn’t great).
  2. The canyons and lakes of Los Angeles, where we go for hikes with our dog Noah (because we love to be in nature, the dog mostly likes sitting in the shade).
  3. The streets and beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel, where Gil’s family hosts us so wonderfully (because we love our family, of course, but also because of the delicious food they make).
  4. Museums, wherever they are (because we both studied art history at some point in our lives, Gil even paints a little as a hobby).
  5. Our home and the homes of our friends, where we talk, laugh, and play with the kids (because we are the happiest when we are surrounded by the people we love).

We met online in the winter of 2013, and by the summer of that year we were already living together! Our connection was immediate and profound, and very soon we became part of each other’s circle of friends.  Recently, we got married in Los Angeles in an intimate but festive wedding. Affirming our love to one another in front of our community was very meaningful and moving. It was also an extraordinary opportunity to bring together the Israeli and American branches of our extended family.

We like to think of our relationship as striking the perfect balance between similarity and difference. For example, we both have the title “doctor,” but Gil is a Doctor of Philosophy and Carl is a Doctor of Medicine. We both have a passion for traveling and encountering different cultures, but Gil most enjoys cities and Carl most enjoys nature. We are both very creative, but Carl works best in the morning, while Gil is most productive at night. This balance makes us extremely compatible, but also allows us to complete each other in important ways.

Being such a good team will make us excellent dads. The idea of having a child together came up early on in our relationship and has stayed with us over the years. After considering different options, we came to the decision that open adoption is the perfect way for us to have a child. The idea that birthparents and adoptive parents come together in a single moment to share their care and hopes for a singular child fills us with awe. We can’t wait to meet you and show you how our love for one another can become the foundation of your child’s home.

10 Things We Are Good At

  • We are both very informed about issues of social justice
  • We are both good at talking about our feelings
  • We both have great taste in art
  • We are both very homey and family oriented
  • We both love the winter holidays (Christmas and Hanukkah) and make good seasonal food
  • We are both ambitious and hard working
  • We are told that we both have a great sense of humor
  • We travel well together
  • We are both very social
  • We are both great with kids



About Carl (by Carl)

Family Background

I was born in 1970 in Connecticut to an Italian-American household. Growing up as the youngest of five siblings made me the baby of the family. My child-like playful side stayed with me ever since and I am still a bit of a prankster. I was always a very good student and was the first in my family to go to college. This fact attests to the extraordinary support and love I received from my parents. They both passed away over a decade ago, but their love for me is still very much alive.


After graduating from Vassar College, I went to the University of Connecticut for med school. I became a doctor in 2003 after completing my residency in Los Angeles and New York. I specialize in family medicine and work for the leading medical network in Los Angeles. This means that your child will have a private doctor at home and some of the best health services in the country. I work during the days, but am completely free in the evenings and over the weekend.

Fun Facts

  • I love dancing and like to think I am a star on the dance floor!
  • I like to exercise and do a lot of yoga. You can often find me on the beach in Santa Monica or Malibu (thank you Southern California).
  • Art is my passion and I have collected a few unique artworks over the years.
  • I love to travel and have been to every continent on earth at least once. Before I met Gil, I even lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a few months. The next destination on our calendar is Thailand.


More about Carl (by Gil)

The top five things that attracted me to Carl were (and still are!):

  1. His good heart and extraordinary generosity
  2. His intelligence (including emotional intelligence)
  3. His extraordinary aesthetic sensibility
  4. His playfulness and great sense of humor
  5. And, yes, his good looks



About Gil (by Gil)

Family Background

I was born in Israel in 1972 to a family that originated in Europe. After my younger sister was born, my parents separated and started new families, but they stayed friends. The two families (including my new siblings) are very close and they have a weekly dinner together every week. I was also fortunate to have two loving grandparents, who lived to be 90 and over, and who passed away only recently. I was a serious child, always reading, writing, painting, or listening to classical music. But I was also very social, which made me one of the popular kids in class (if I may say so myself)! I had extraordinary support from my family, who gave me the best care, cultivation and education anyone could ask for.


I studied architecture and worked as an architect in Israel for a few years. When I went to England to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Cambridge, I fell in love with history and became an expert of ancient religions. After graduating, I came to the US and had fellowships and scholarships in places like the University of Michigan and Harvard University. I was offered a permanent position in a Catholic university in Los Angeles and am now a Professor of Theology. I published several articles and am working on my first book! I am on campus about three days a week, working from home during the rest of the time. This will allow me to be a stay-at-home dad for more than half of the week. The university in which I teach also has a great daycare and we have already signed up.

Fun Facts

  • I love to cook (especially Mediterranean food) and am always looking for opportunities to feed people.
  • I am very interested in politics and follow all the main news outlets often.
  • I still love architecture very much and frequently look up while walking.
  • Coming to the US after four years in England, I had a British accent, but it became more American over the years.


More about Gil (by Carl)

The top five things that attracted me to Gil were (and still are!):

  1. His intellect and passion for learning
  2. His loyalty to his friends and family
  3. His sense of justice
  4. His openness and capacity for love, and his desire to make people happy
  5. And, yes, his handsomeness


Our Family & Friends

Carl’s three brothers live in Connecticut and we see them whenever we travel to the East Coast. His sister lives in California, an hour away from us, and we see her often. She will be a very cool aunt to your child! Gil’s parents and four siblings live in Israel. We see them at least once a year in Tel Aviv, but they also come to Los Angeles for visits. Gil’s mother is a trained sleep counselor for children and will come to live with us during the first few months after the baby is born to help and to share with us her amazing experience in raising kids! Our community of friends is very vibrant and diverse. Most of our close friends have young children, so your child will be surrounded by kids of all ages. This community is very precious to us and is a source of enormous support and love. They can’t wait to welcome your child as the newest member of the group!



About Our Dog, Noah

Gil rescued Noah, a terrier mix, from a shelter four years ago. When he first came home, he was timid and shy, but within a few months he blossomed into a confident, playful and happy dog. When Noah first met Carl, it was love at first sight. Today, Noah will not leave his side. He is goofy, extremely funny (without intending to be), and loves to spend hours sniffing around the grass in our neighborhood. But his greatest passion is FOOD. We have yet to meet anyone who managed to resist his big brown eyes when he is asking for that piece of steak.

If Noah Could Talk He Would Say:

“Steak, steak, chicken, steak, I want to give you a kiss, hug me, I’m hungry, always hungry, let’s play, but first, steak!”

Noah is good with kids, especially those he knows well. He is extremely loyal and protective, and will guard his family with his life.


Our Home and Community

We live in a beautiful historic building in Los Angeles, California. Our four-bedroom apartment has great views and lots of light. The building has a huge yard with plenty of trees and grass. The yard is always full of children, who play there, celebrate their birthdays there with large bouncy castles, and enjoy barbeque parties with their parents. Many of our friends in the building have young children, and those who don’t, often help with babysitting. It’s a lively and supportive community!

Los Angeles is an extraordinary city with a lot to offer. We look forward to taking your child for walks on the beach and hikes in the mountains, as well as to some of the best museums and concert halls in the world. Los Angeles also has a lot of fun places for kids like Magic Mountain, Universal Studios and, of course, Disneyland!




A Few Final Words and Some Promises for the Future…

We already love your child more than anything in the world! Here is what we promise for the happy years to come:

We promise to give your child the best education available.

We promise to care for your child’s physical and emotional well being.

We promise to teach your child how to appreciate the beautiful diversity of humankind.

We promise to show your child all the curious and interesting things in this universe.

We promise to make your child a part of our big and loving family and community of friends.

We promise to introduce your child to the best music, literature, art and philosophy.

We promise to help your child find a personal spiritual path.

We promise to take your child all over the world in fun and exciting trips.

We promise to help your child find a passion in life.

We promise to fight for peace and social justice so that your child will have a better world to live in.

Finally, speaking to you from within these pages has made our future parenthood feel even more real and exciting. We would love to continue this conversation with you soon and share with you more of our excitement to become fathers! Thank you again for considering us.


Gil & Carl