October 24th, 2017
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Hank & Tammy

Hello and welcome!  We’re Hank and Tammy.  Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family.

As we fumble for words to start this letter, our hearts are racing and our minds are filled with emotion. You’re looking for a warm, loving home for your child and WE’RE LOOKING TO SHARE OUR LOVE AND LIFE WITH ANOTHER CHILD TO COMPLETE OUR FAMILY.  Could it be we’re searching for one another?  We are already parents and know that words cannot express the love between parent and child. We recognize your decision is not an easy one, and it is impossible for us to imagine all you must be going through, but we have no doubt that the overwhelming concern you have is that your baby has a fantastic family to grow up with. We know how precious your child is to you, and we enter this journey with open hearts. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.


How we became “we” and life currently:

We met in 2007 through a mutual friend, who’d insisted we meet since we both have worked in and loved Asia, each have traveled the world, and we were both single at the same time! We call our friend “Cupid” now, for his introduction resulted in our treasured marriage in 2009. Our honeymoon was a volunteer trip to Cambodia, where we were humbled to cook and serve lunch to elementary school students in a jungle school and celebrate the new school year starting.  The importance of strong family bonds became crystal clear to us when our darling Chase was born in 2012. Watching him grow each day is pure joy! Though unable to have a second child ourselves, our desire to have a second child in our family never diminished and we’re firm believers that there’s more than one way to create a family.

WE’RE SURROUNDED BY FAMILIES WHOSE LIVES HAVE BEEN ENHANCED BY ADOPTION: a friend who has two daughters by adoption, with whom we have frequent playdates; our neighbors who have a daughter through adoption; a friend who herself was adopted at birth and has a child Chase’s age who is in Chase’s preschool class; Tammy’s cousin who is graced with two sons by adoption.

Things we love to do together as a couple:

  • -TRAVEL- we’ve both been all over the world, have experienced both joyful (and painful!) journeys with the airlines, and thrive on excitement when in countries where we don’t speak the language!
  • -TRY WEIRD FOODS- we’ll both taste anything once!  Tammy’s weirdest food was a giant fish ovary in Japan; Hank’s weirdest food was a grasshopper in Thailand.  Ick to both!  (But we tried…)
  • -NAP on rainy or snowy afternoons
  • -GO TO OPEN HOUSES of homes for sale to snag ideas for our own home updates and remodeling projects

4 things we will teach our children:



Tammy through Hank’s eyes: wondrous wife and mother:

Some people collect “things;” Tammy collects friends! She’s the person who never forgets to send warm thank you notes, always remembers friends’ and family members’ birthdays, and genuinely enjoys finding the perfect hostess gift, birthday present, or Christmas surprise. Making you feel as though you’re the only person in a room is among her many talents.

I admire how firm she is in keeping long-celebrated family traditions alive as well as starting our own little family’s yearly must-dos, from decorating Easter eggs regardless of what’s on our calendar to carving or painting pumpkins per each person’s skill level, Tammy will NOT let a season pass by without doing things that celebrate that time of year. I used to despise decorating for Christmas… until Tammy started a new tradition, setting out a smorgasbord of snacks and a small TV for me to be able to graze and watch football and keeping me involved with  the festive decorating!

Another fantastic thing I admire is how organized and structured Tammy is. Perhaps due to her military upbringing or working in Japan where things are super organized, she’s the best! She absolutely believes children thrive on schedules and Chase is living proof that she’s right.  Seeing Tammy and Chase reading on the couch, playing in the family room with Chase’s plethora of toys, and watching her offer hugs and kisses to him throughout the day could melt even the coldest heart. SHE ADORES BEING A MAMA AND IT SHOWS IN HER GLOW!

Tammy enjoys:

  • Tammy loves to COLLECT RECIPES and have family be her guinea pigs in the taste testing.
  • Anything Tammy is doing, thinking, or seeing is subject to become some sort of a song. MUSIC is her passion!
  • FITNESS AND NUTRITION are of the utmost importance to Tammy. She loves going to the gym and doing yoga, especially when yoga is in a special place like a garden or at a theater.
  • Tammy’s mom taught her to SEW and she secretly enjoys fixing holes in socks and replacing buttons!
  • Previously having a self-described “black thumb” when it comes to plants (Tammy killed a cactus once… that’s pretty bad…) she now strives to care for plants and has kept all alive that she’s had since taking a GARDENING course!

A few of Tammy’s favorites:

  • Favorite way to relax at home:  POPCORN AND A MOVIE NIGHT
  • Favorite food:  FETTUCINE ALFREDO
  • Favorite childhood activity:  GYMNASTICS


Hank through Tammy’s eyes:  devoted husband and father:

My hard-working, PhD’d engineer (the polar opposite of my musician self!) can make the impossible possible, and he’s earned my admiration time and time again. Hank takes pride in being a provider and loves nothing more than ensuring our little family a comfortable, secure lifestyle. Despite some business travel his job entails, he makes sure to check in throughout the days he’s away, and calls or does FaceTime each night to catch up with Chase and me.  Plus, he always returns with little surprises for us from wherever he’s been!

HANK IS A LOVING HUSBAND AND DOTING FATHER who always helps clean up after dinner, is a master of anything on the grill (and he grills all year long, rain, snow, or hail!) and always has Daddy/Chase time after dinner, be it working in the garden picking vegetables or flowers for me, talking a walk to the park mere blocks from our home, or playing soccer or baseball in our yard.

Hank has an impressive talent for creating with his hands. He remodeled an attic space before Chase’s birth so we would have more storage space and overhauled the closet in Chase’s room, a space now to be envied! Per my request, after too much Pinterest, he built a dining table the perfect height for ten three and four year olds for Chase’s third birthday party. It was such a hit, one of the guest’s mama asked to borrow it for her child’s birthday party the following month!

Hank enjoys:

  • -Hank loves to REMODEL and has remodeled an entire hundred year old home!
  • -LANDSCAPING is one of Hank’s favorite stress relievers.
  • -WORKING OUT is NOT optional in Hank’s day… it’s a must.
  • -GRILLING is a favorite way for Hank to cook. He grills ALL year long, even during snowstorms! Our poor grill never gets a rest.
  • -TRAVEL is one of Hank’s passions, except when flights are delayed!!!
  • -Hank enjoys READING historical fiction, watching animated films, and rearranging the garage in his unscheduled time.

A few of Hank’s favorites:

  • Favorite way to relax at home:  POPCORN AND A MOVIE NIGHT
  • Favorite childhood activity:  FISHING
  • Favorite food:  GRILLED CHICKEN


Our careers:

TAMMY IS THRILLED TO BE A STAY-AT-HOME MAMA — the best job she’s ever had! Before becoming a mama, Tammy was a professional singer for a Japanese company, specializing in Japanese music.  Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in opera performance and she sings professionally from time to time in an opera outreach program in local schools and as a soloist at her church job. She currently chairs an annual college vocal competition.

HANK started his own company in 2013 after working many years for two other major companies. He’s a chemical engineer whose specialty is making production plants run more efficiently. The thing he enjoys most about his job is the challenge: every job is different! And he gets to see immediate results his work affects. THE BIGGEST BENEFIT TO OWNING ONE’S OWN COMPANY IS THAT HANK GETS TO WORK FROM HOME AND SET HIS OWN SCHEDULE!  FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.



Our miracle, Chase: a happy, thoughtful, loving boy:

Chase, also known as The Little Boo, is a four-year-old bundle of joyful energy and a ray of sunshine walking on earth! He’s a hater of loud noises (unless made by him), an adorer of cookies, “obsessor” of electronics, and a gentle soul who waits for others to go first, comforts other children if they cry, and can’t resist cooing over any baby in his midst. Chase loves his tumbling class, music class, and library story times.  REPEATEDLY STATING, “I TAKE CARE OF BABIES,” CHASE IS ANXIOUS TO TEACH A LITTLE SIBLING THE JOY OF MUSIC, HOW TO PLAY IN THE SAND…  AND HE PROMISES HE’LL SHARE ALL HIS TOYS!

Chase is at a perfect age for a sibling.  We like the spacing of ages to have another child in our family since Tammy had lots of one-on-one time with Chase and if we are so lucky to add a brother or sister to our family, CHASE WILL BE IN SCHOOL, ALLOWING TAMMY TO GIVE THE NEW BABY ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION.

Little known Chase facts:

  • -HE HUMS SOFTLY, without realizing it, when he eats something he really loves.
  • -ONE OF HIS FIRST WORDS WAS “AVOCADO” —not because avocados are green, his favorite color, but because he loves to eat them!
  • -Candy corns and M&Ms are his PREFERRED CANDY TREATS.
  • -ON HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY, he wouldn’t even touch his smash cake!
  • -HE LIKES TO PLACE HIS OWN ORDER with servers at restaurants, especially to request more bread.


Home sweet home:

We adore our large four bedroom home in our quiet, safe neighborhood that’s free from traffic and includes many families with young children. Our yard is half an acre with lots of space for playing as well as a privacy fence in the back yard where we have veggie and flower gardens, Chase’s play house, outdoor toys, water table, and sandbox in addition to our patio and deck. There’s nothing like roasting marshmallows for s’mores in the fall at our fire pit! We have a park with a playground a mere two blocks from our home, and in our area, there are over fifty parks! Our school district ranks in among the top in the state. Libraries, theatres, museums and children’s museums, zoos, and an aquarium are easily within driving distance and we frequent them often! Splash pads and indoor play areas abound! Can you tell we’re never bored?

This is our village:

Tammy’s parents live only twenty minutes north of us! We see them at least three times each week and they love being a constant part of our life. Dinners, birthdays, holidays, vacations… we’re all in them together! Plus, they’re babysitters extraordinaire when called upon… “Nana” and “Papa” are solidly there for all of us and are excited to welcome a new grandbaby to the family!

Hank’s family, mother “Gramma Doris”, sister, and brother-in-law, live in Florida. His father passed away many years ago. Tammy’s brother, sister-in-law and six-year-old niece live in Colorado. Through photos, phones, and FaceTime, we all keep in close contact and both families have plans to come visit again in the near future

WE DEFINITELY HAVE A “VILLAGE” FOR OURSELVES, and Chase is also warmly embraced by his “honorary” aunties, uncles, and cousins in our wide circle of friends!



Our life as parents:

We can already imagine having a second set of little feet pitter-pattering around the house! It’s heartwarming to envision Chase as the “protector” of a younger sibling, in his big brother role, and we can hardly wait to see them playing together at the park, digging in the sand at the beach, and helping Mama make cookies on a rainy day. Tammy can’t wait to teach Baby Sign Language to a new baby and Hank is excited to put on the Ergo Baby carrier again for some family hikes with added weight for the workout! We count our blessings daily that we are financially secure and Tammy is living her lifelong dream of being a STAY-AT-HOME MAMA!

We promise to:

  • -Make sure each child in our family knows he or she is LOVED and CHERISHED.
  • -Offer UNLIMITED kisses and hugs each day.
  • -Listen to our children’s unique HOPES and DREAMS.
  • -Nurture our children’s PASSIONS and ENCOURAGE them to be all they were born to this world to be.
  • -Ensure access to a solid EDUCATION.
  • -Provide a SAFE, SECURE, LOVI NG home.
  • -Instill strong VALUES, including our belief that family is of fundamental importance, honesty is always the best policy, and that trust has to be earned.
  • -Make JOY a daily ritual.
  • -SUPPORT them through thick and thin and ASSURE them we will be by their sides, no matter what.
  • -Teach them about GOD and know our love for Him and by Him.
  • -Follow their leads in creating new FAMILY traditions.


One last thank you:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!  We’re obviously excited to complete our family and are more grateful than words can ever express that you would consider us as loving parents for your child.  There are also a Nana, a Papa, and a Gramma whose arms can’t wait to cuddle (and spoil!) a tiny new child.  Moreover, thank you for considering adoption.  It takes a great amount of trust and faith to allow others to care for the child you’ve brought into the world.  He or she will know about his or her beginnings; you will be spoken of with the highest respect; we will address your child’s questions about adoption truthfully and as best we can.   SHOULD YOU FEEL WE ARE THE PERFECT FAMILY FOR YOUR BABY, WE PROMISE TO MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO LIVE UP TO YOUR TRUST AND BE WORTHY OF IT.