August 18th, 2017
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List of Favorites

  • Favorite Hobby

    Jayne: Cooking and Baking

  • Favorite Food

    Jayne: Pasta

  • Favorite Holiday

    Jayne: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Jayne: Thelma and Louise

  • Favroite Animal

    Jayne: Dog

  • Favorite Vacation

    Jayne: Ireland

  • Favorite Actor

    Jayne: Matt Damon

  • Favorite TV Show

    Jayne: Orphan Black

  • Favorite Band

    Jayne: Morissey

I have always known that I wanted to have a family through adoption. Adoption has always been my first choice for creating a family. I have known that my future child was waiting for me and I am ready to find them. Having a home filled with the laughter of foster children brought a joy to my heart beyond expectation. It was an honor to be a foster mother and now I am looking forward to adopting a child. The children I fostered in the past gave me the gift of love, inspired me to be a better person and reminded me how to play like a three year old.



Encouraged to pursue my dreams, ten years ago I moved to Arizona from Southern California on my own to obtain a graduate degree in social work and I have built wonderful friendships and an amazing life. I enjoy seeing theater, going to great restaurants, sporting events and the amazing parks. I live in midtown Phoenix in a culturally diverse neighborhood that is close to the museums, children’s museum, zoo and science center. There are several parks close by including one with a lake where you can feed the ducks. I own my home and am very involved with my neighborhood. This is a fabulous place to raise a child.


Giving back to community is a core belief. For example, one afternoon I volunteered to feed the homeless when the temperature was over 100 degrees. Inside the kitchen the temperature was the same. Lugging water jugs, wiping down tables and serving cups of ice to the patrons was hot and sweaty work. Being thanked for serving dinner has a humbling effect. Each time I volunteer whether it is serving the homeless, working with families in a shelter or at an event I always receive more than I give. I also help lead the volunteer program at my work.


I have a very successful career in insurance and love that each day is a different challenge. My career allows me to work a flexible schedule and to work from home. My company is very supportive of families and I will be able to take off anytime I need to for my child. My parents are both retired and have a room at my house for extended stays, so they help and be part of everyday experiences.



My parents have been married for 45 years and live in Southern California in the home where I was raised. They have always been there for me. I hope to be the kind of mother I had – she ate our dirt pies, sat thru endless routines, helped us with our homework and did it all with a smile. My dad coached my softball teams growing up. I hope to encourage sports so my child will also learn teamwork, build their confidence and have fun while being active. I talk to my parents daily and see them regularly. I am lucky because they are not only my parents they are also my friends. They are wonderful grandparents. They love taking their granddaughter to the park, painting pictures, blowing bubbles in the backyard and reading stories. They can’t wait to be grandparents again!


My younger sister Megan lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and daughter. My sister is a loving, caring and nurturing mother. She will be a supportive resource for me as a mother. We talk weekly, sharing advice, swapping recipes and talking about our favorite tv shows. Olivia is my three-year- old niece. The day she entered our lives was the most exciting day of my life – so far. Getting to watch her grow up has been a privilege. I have made her birthday cakes and was proud when she demanded my picture be placed on her closet door. My sister is pregnant with their second child and I was thrilled to learn I will be an aunt again.


My dog Mabel joined me three years ago. I went to a shelter and she was just the one. She is full of life and so darn lovable. I don’t think anyone can catch her because she is so amazingly fast but I have had a few friends’ kids try. Mabel loves children and is very gentle. I had one friend’s daughter who was stacking toys on top of her as she just laid there content to be there as a playmate. Mabel also likes to get down and dirty in the backyard. She is a constant source of smiles.


Duh Dun Duh Dun Shark Week attacks after completing race

I have large network of support in Phoenix. My friends from my book club challenge me to read things I would never pick up normally and are great fun to travel with, run races with and do puzzles with. But my best friend is Frances. She and I are always out to have a good time no matter what comes up. One Saturday night we were dressed to go out when I locked us out of my house. With nowhere to go, we waited for the locksmith for a long time. That’s when we realized either my house was locked up tight or we would make horrible burglars. By the time we got into my house, everyone else had moved on so we switched the night to movies and junk food. Frances and all my other friends are supportive and excited for me to become a mother.


Traveling has been a part of my life since I was child. Having heard about this quirky little town Oatman, on the border of Arizona and California that had wild donkeys, I thought I needed to see this town. On my first vacation I took a detour to Oatman. I had the chance to feed the donkeys, have a picture taken with them and got to see a mining town time forgot. Whenever I take trips I always look for that little gem that not everyone has seen, it is always a wonderful experience. I will continue to share my love of traveling and explore new places with my future child.


Tomatoe, Tomato Lets pick out a few at the farmers markets
In my daily life I love to cook and bake. I took cooking classes to learn new recipes and use family and friends as guinea pigs however, they never seem to mind. I also love taking photos. While I love landscapes I make sure to capture all the important milestones in our lives. Every year each family member receives a book chronicling the year in pho


Thank you for considering me to help me create my future family. I hope that you can tell I cannot wait to become a mother and provide the loving environment you want for your child. You have a difficult decision to make and I would like to make it as easy as possible for you. I welcome any questions you may have as you decide on the future you want for your child.


If you would like to speak with me or have any questions for me, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll free.


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Wishing you both the best,