October 19th, 2017
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Thank you for pursuing adoption and for your courage in the process.  This is an important decision, for both you and your baby.  I hope that choosing a home that offers everything you envision for your child’s future will give you comfort and peace.  I haven’t met you, but I want you to know that my thoughts are with you.

Me As A Mom

My family and friends describe me as energetic, funny, loving, caring and determined.  I’m confident that my daughter, Anya, and her future brother or sister will describe me in the same way.  I’m fortunate to own my business, which gives me flexibility and freedom as a single mother.  I’m professional and savvy when I’m at work, but playful, silly, supportive and fully-focused on being the best mom possible in my personal life.


I’ve been very blessed in many aspects of my life, and am extremely thankful.  The only thing that was missing a few years back was the ability to share my joys with a loving child.   I decided to stop wasting time looking for Mr. Right and to adopt as a single mother.  It was the single best decision of my life.  Anya has brought more joy, love and laughter into our family than I ever could have imagined.


As a mother, my first priority is to ensure my children have a loving home, with the nurture and attention they need to feel cared for and secure.  After that, my goals are to ensure they have fun, an abundance of experiences, a strong education, a well-rounded outlook, and the opportunity to grow up and become whatever they want to be.


I don’t believe in spoiling, but I do believe in living for the day, enjoying it fully and having lots of fun along the way.  For my daughter and future child, this means an abundance of experiences.  When they grow up, I want them to think back on their childhoods with strong, happy memories of all the wonders of the world.


Our Fun Time

We enjoy living in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.  It’s an area full of parks, playgrounds, performances, museums, the zoo, farms, petting zoos, pumpkin patches and more.  We’re also an hour drive from the mountains, beaches and national parks.  Making things better yet, our home is next door to a large school with sports fields, and only two blocks from a pool and tennis courts.


Anya and I love taking advantage of our surroundings.  We frequently visit local playgrounds throughout the week, in addition to her attending music, art and tumble classes.  We try to get to the zoo at least once a month (it’s a big favorite), with lots of other interspersed activities.  We recently went to the aquarium and the circus (wow).


No matter what the season, we find ways to enjoy.  If it’s too cold outside, we visit indoor museums with playgrounds, fish and butterflies, have play dates and chase around our house with indoor soccer, tag and hide-and-go-seek.  Truth be told, we much prefer when it’s warmer, letting us get out to explore nature, outdoor sports and the pool!


Whatever we’re doing, we always focus on learning along the way.  I used to tutor inner-city children and quickly figured out that learning is easier when you make it fun.  So, we take the time to talk about the things we see, and we count and spell a lot along the way.


Meet Anya

Anya has quite the personality.  Everyone finds her adorable when they first see her, but her personality captures their hearts.  She’s super friendly, incredibly talkative (her nickname is Gabby), insightful, adventurous and immensely caring.  She’s an entertainer who loves to sing and dance, the ring leader in groups, a practicing athlete, a nature enthusiast and an avid animal lover.


Feelings are very important to Anya, including making sure that she keeps everyone happy and telling them that she loves them.  A great example was her trick-or-treat experience at age two, with her good friend Charlie.  He was too scared to go up to the doors, so Anya took charge of the situation, went up on her own and politely asked for two pieces of candy, one for her and one for her friend.


Anya sometimes plays shy, but is a super social butterfly.  It doesn’t matter if someone’s older or younger, Anya always finds a way to connect.  She jumps right in asking questions, sharing about herself, enjoying the moment and bringing a smile to her new friend’s face.


She adores babies, both her toy ones and the real ones she knows among our friends.  She loves talking to them softly and helping to take care of them with love and gentleness.  She’s super excited to have a baby come live with us, and to be a big sister.


Meet Our Family

I was fortunate to have involved grandparents when I was a child and now, both of my parents are enjoying the same.  They give lots of time, love and attention to Anya, and look forward to doing the same with a future grandchild.



We sometimes call my mother Mighty Mouse because she is petite and ‘on the go’.  She loves playing and being down-right goofy with Anya.  She also enjoys spoiling her.  We go on lots of adventures together when she visits, but honestly, Anya’s happy doing just about anything when Grandma visits, because anytime spent with her is guaranteed fun.



My father adores Anya and just might be the proudest grandfather ever.  He loves teaching her things, helping to make her little brain grow and expand.  He also loves finding ways to make her laugh, simply cuddling up with her, and certainly always boasting about her.  He knows he’s a super lucky grandpa who enjoys having a spitfire of a granddaughter.


Our Furry Friends

Our cat, Juno and our dog, Coen are also part of our family.  They’re both super loving, patient and accepting of Anya, letting her dress them up, play with them and sometime pull their tails.

Our Holidays & Special Days

Holidays are a special and festive time in our family.  We enjoy celebrating Christmas, Easter, other holidays and birthdays with close family gatherings.  They’re even more special now that Anya is part of our lives.  We make the most of preparing for and anticipating every holiday, including setting out plenty of decorations, making arts and crafts, reading books and discussing the relevance and importance of each.


Christmas is definitely a favorite time of year as we decorate inside and out, spend lots of evenings visiting some of the best light shows in the area, and of course sit on Santa’s lap.  Anya says goodnight to all of her tree ornaments every evening and can’t wait to make cookies for Santa in anticipation of his special visit to our house.


We also enjoy Easter, including decorating eggs and hunting for them.  Halloween is our second largest decoration event of the year, with plenty at our house and lots of walks through neighborhoods to see more…plus carving pumpkins, sporting costumes and trick-or-treating.  Oh, and let us not forget making homemade Valentines and birthday cards for all.


We try to make every day memorable, but certainly the most special days of the year.


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and Anya.  Describing so many important things in a brief letter is difficult.  There is so much to tell about how I will love, cherish and nurture a child.  I hope that this gives an initial sense of the love that I have to give, the commitment that I will make, and the opportunities that I will always strive to offer as a parent.  You have my promise that I will always give my unconditional love and make my child’s best interests my top priority.