October 17th, 2017
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Jill and James

Things That Make As Happy!

  • 1. Exploring the outdoors
  • 2. Time with friends/family
  • 3. Cycling
  • 4. Neighborhood strolls
  • 5. Cooking homegrown veggies
  • 1. Exploring the outdoors
  • 2. Playing blues guitar
  • 3. Reading philosophy/theology
  • 4. Making people laugh
  • 5. Going to the beach

Hello! We are Jill and James from San Jose, California!

Dear Friend:

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us & for considering us as you consider adoption for your child.  We hope that through our profile, you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families, and our future child. We are so excited to become parents and welcome a child into our home and family.  We knew that we would adopt even before we got married. Adoption has always been something we have wanted to do. We want you to know how much respect and love we feel for you already. We cannot imagine what a difficult decision this is for you, and we pray that you have the strength and courage you need as you journey through this process. We know that you want what is best for your baby, and we hope that you will find us to be all that you dream for your child.

About Us: We met at church in Newport Beach, California over 11 years ago when we were both attending graduate school. We started dating and quickly knew we would end up together.  After one year of dating, James proposed, and we were married three months later surrounded by family and friends.  We both come from close families, so we have always wanted kids. Family is extremely important to us, and we are so excited to add a child to ours!



Meet James

About James, by James: I grew up with my younger brother and sister in a suburb of Los Angeles. My parents have been married for 44 years! My childhood was filled with sports (basketball, baseball, soccer), family vacations (Lake Tahoe being a repeat spot), going to the beach, and family competitions – I reign as the supreme ping-pong player in the family!  I graduated from college with a philosophy degree, and went on to pursue two graduate degrees in philosophy. I now work as a software engineer for a company trying to predict diseases and genetic problems in order to provide early diagnosis and cures.  I am fortunate to work out of my home in San Jose, and have a very flexible schedule.  I look forward to beach trips, hiking, and outdoor adventures with my future child. I look forward to cultivating their interests, and anticipate teaching them drums so I can finally form the band I’ve been dreaming of!

More About James, By Jill: James will be the perfect dad! He is always up for adventure and makes life fun. He is caring and thoughtful, and always reliable. He has a curious spirit, asks questions, loves learning, and is an amazing teacher. He is smart, loves to read and write, and is a hands on husband who can fix anything. James is my best friend and my rock. I know he will be the same for our children.


Meet Jill

About Jill, by Jill: I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas with my two older brothers. My parents have been married for 40 years and still live in Little Rock. I have so many happy memories of childhood—most of it spent outdoors exploring our backyard creek, going to our family farm, and playing soccer. I went to college in Georgia, then moved to California for graduate school where I met James.  I have worked as a transportation planner for 7 years, and I love the collaborative nature of my job. I work for a government agency that provides rail service in the San Francisco Bay Area. I really enjoy working with city governments and members of the public to define future policies and goals in order to prepare for our communities’ future transportation needs. I am thankful that my job is flexible and look forward to taking much time off once our future child is born!

More About Jill, by James: Jill is the most caring person I know: she is the heart of our family. She is excellent at empathizing with others and can navigate different social settings better than anyone I know. And she is the backbone as well; she is responsible and someone whom I can always depend on. She is visionary who sees something good and works to make what was merely a wish into a reality. She has a nurturing and loving spirit. We’ve babysat friends’ children before and I was amazed at her ability to care for and console small children. She will be a great mother just as much as she has been the greatest wife.


Our Family

Meet Our Loved Ones: We are fortunate to have a great relationship with both our families and they are thrilled to welcome the newest addition to our family.  James’ family lives in southern California. We get to see them frequently since it’s only a 6-hour drive from our house. A typical family gathering includes aunts, grandmothers, cousins, siblings, parents, and dogs all gathered at James’ parents’ house cooking, eating, and laughing.  Jill’s family is all in Arkansas, but we do get to see them often as they love visiting us and exploring California together. Jill’s brothers are both married, and we have two nephews with one more on the way soon! Jill’s parents taught her the importance of hard work, honesty, and family.


Our Home and Thoughts on Parenting

Our Home: We live in a cute neighborhood in San Jose, California. We love that our neighborhood is walkable to grocery stores, parks, schools, and playgrounds. Our home was built in 1920 and we enjoy fixing it up and preserving its historic charm. We have three bedrooms, with a large combined family and dining room. We love that it has a large backyard with lots of room to play, climb trees, and garden. We spend much of our time outside in our yard and love having friends over to BBQ and share our homegrown veggies.

Our Community: We are thrilled to welcome a child of any race or gender into our lives. We are fortunate to live in an area and to be a part of a church where there is a lot of diversity and many multi-racial and adoptive families. We have a wonderful community of family and friends who are very excited to welcome our future child into their lives.

Meet Wilson: Meet Wilson!  Wilson is a Weimaraner who loves people (even more than other dogs), he is gentle with kids, and he loves to play. He has quite the personality and is well known by the neighborhood kids.

Thank You: More than anything we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, security, and joy we can offer. We want your child to always know where he or she came from. We plan to raise our future child with an understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifice you are making for him or her. This child will be loved beyond words by us, our families, and he or she will always know the great love you have for him or her as well. Thank you again for considering us.