October 18th, 2017
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Johanna and Ryan

We are Johanna and Ryan!

Dear Birthmother:

We have profound respect for you and the courageous decision you are making. We are in awe of your selflessness not only for your child, but towards us. We hope to develop a connection with you that strengthens your trust in our love for your child. Your child will be surrounded by love and devotion and you will always be a part of our journey and story. We pray you are getting the love and support you deserve while navigating this time in your life.



About Us:

We both grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and met during our college years at a church function. A musician, Ryan sang a love song about a long-distance ex-girlfriend, and jokingly explained the relationship had been a waste of gas. Afterwards, while Ryan was packing up his guitar to leave, Johanna approached him and said, “If you ever want to fall in love again, I live a couple of blocks away and you could probably ride your bike to my house.” That same night, after ice cream and games with mutual friends, we stayed up until 4 am talking. We were hooked and have spent nearly every day together since. Six months later, Johanna traveled to New York to meet Ryan while he was on tour with his band. On that trip, Ryan surprised Johanna and proposed at the top of the Empire State building at sunset in front of a large crowd. A short two months later we married on New Years Eve, and danced the night away with family and friends.

Shortly after we married we moved to Los Angeles, CA where we currently reside. Johanna works as a Registered Nurse in a Pediatric ICU. Ryan continues to create music, while managing a rental property and running his own business from home. We enjoy an eclectic schedule that allows both of us to function as stay-at-home parents to our 4-year-old daughter, Evelyn.

Johanna has a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which makes it very difficult for her to get pregnant. For most of our marriage she has endured numerous doctors visits, special treatments, injections, supplements, acupuncture, etc., in effort to become pregnant. If we’ve read something might help with PCOS, we’ve tried it. You might say that Evelyn is a miracle! Although we have been blessed with a daughter, our family isn’t yet complete and we long for another child. We hope that your son or daughter will be the next miracle in our family portrait!

Exploring the world as a family is important to us. We make sacrifices to ensure that we are able to take a special trip every other year. Experiencing other cultures and areas of the world has been enlightening for us, and teaches us compassion toward others. We are truly one people, each deserving of love. Some of our travels include South East Asia, Mexico, Belize, Hawaii, Canada, Russia, and Alaska. We look forward to creating more memories in new places as a family.

Meet Johanna:

I grew up in a close-knit suburban neighborhood in Salt Lake City. It was a place where kids could ride bikes, sell lemonade, run through sprinklers and stay out until the streetlights came on. I come from a blended and dynamic family that includes numerous step, half, full, and adopted siblings. My stepmother, Roberta, helped me navigate my awkward preadolescence and often difficult teenage years as a friend and parent. My stepfather, Richard helped to develop my love for the outdoors. He taught me to camp, canoe, ski, rock climb, spelunk (explore caves), hike, and explore. His stories of adventure and subscription to National Geographic inspired me to travel the world for myself.

I graduated from Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, UT with a degree in Art. After working for a few years with a local company, I returned to school and received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Utah. I currently work as a RN in a Pediatric ICU at one of the nation’s top hospitals in Los Angeles. It is a flexible career that allows me to be home 4 days of the week. I am able to arrange my schedule around my child(ren) and take 6 months off from work for baby bonding.

More About Johanna, by Ryan:

Johanna and I have been together nearly every single day since we first met! I love being with her and experiencing her drive and energy. Johanna is the expert at getting our family out the door and doing fun things. Thanks to her, our family goes camping, travels, hikes, visits museums, etc. I have her to thank for nearly every fun thing our family has done! I love watching the way she interacts with Evelyn. She takes great care to educate her, pretend with her, and most importantly let her know how much she is loved. I can’t wait to watch her do the same for Evelyn’s little brother or sister.



Meet Ryan:

I was lucky to have a family and community that was interested in camping, skiing and being outdoors. My childhood home was near the mountains of Salt Lake City where my 4 siblings and I spent almost every day climbing trees, building forts and exploring. I believe that this upbringing gave me a sense of health, adventure and confidence. I hope to raise children that aren’t afraid to get messy and are willing to try hard things.

My whole life I’ve felt a deep connection to music. Since middle school, I have been in a band or producing music for different projects. When Johanna and I married, my music career moved us from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. From here I’ve been lucky to play many concerts, collaborate with top industry names and tour the United States. After our daughter Evelyn was born, I decided to start a business that would allow me to be at home more often. I created a company that films slow motion videos at parties and I continue to produce music from my home studio. It has been an amazing blessing to work from home and see every milestone of my daughter’s life. I love that Johanna and I are able to co-parent on a daily basis and that we are together as a family so often.

More About Ryan, by Johanna:

Ryan is the most well-rounded and dynamic person I know. He has a natural ability to connect with and elevate people. People gravitate to his energy. Intelligent and driven, Ryan has successfully launched his own business that continues to grow everyday. More than just a talented musician, he is a thoughtful, understanding, caring and supportive husband. Children love him, and he is not afraid to be a kid himself. Kids flock to him everywhere we go. Ryan made the transition from being the favorite uncle to being the best dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is so tender with Evelyn, but pushes her to be courageous and independent. He brushes away tears, dusts off scraped knees and helps her try again.




Meet Evelyn, and About Our Home

Our Daughter:

Evelyn is a sweet and spirited little girl. She is not afraid to get dirty or jump in the middle of a frigid lake in Alaska! She loves to be outside or playing with friends and cousins. Evelyn’s current obsessions include Alaska, trains, dragons, talking like a robot and caring for her baby dolls. Evelyn is very affectionate with every baby she meets, and can’t wait for a brother or sister.

Our Home and Community:

We live in an upscale neighborhood in Central L.A. We feel lucky to live within the school district for one of the best elementary schools in L.A. There are many parks, museums and free activities for kids within a short drive or within walking distance from our home. Plus, we are only 30 minutes from the beach! Although we love all that L.A. has to offer, we would like have easier access to the outdoors and plan to move to a more suburban area in the next few years.



Our Family and Closing Thoughts

Meet Our Family and Friends:

Because many of our L.A. friends live far from their families, we have become each others’ families away from home. We often join with them for dinner, play dates, outings, and double dates. Since we can’t travel to see our families every holiday, we spend many holidays with our friends, learning new family traditions and sharing ours. We make sure to visit our families in Utah at least 2 or 3 times a year. It’s always exciting to see the cousins and grandparents, which is many because of our blended families! Our children will never lack for a playmate with family!

Johanna has numerous ties to adoption through immediate and extended family. Her step-dad Richard, is an adoptive parent to 2 step-sisters Donna and Robin. Auntie Mary and her husband Ernie are proud adoptive parents to cousins Anthony, John, Lisa and Michelle. Johanna’s Uncle John and his wife Abby are also loving adoptive parents to cousins Kira and Sam. Because of their examples of love for their children and the love our step-parents have for us, we understand that family is more than a biological connection. Family is love in raw form. Adoption has always been a part of our plan as parents.

Thank you for getting to know us. We are excited to meet you and start our adoptive journey with you!