October 17th, 2017
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John and Kara

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    K Reading

    J Playing sports

  • Favorite Movie

    K Coming to America

    J Jaws

  • Favorite Actor

    K Sandra Bullock

    J Tom Hanks

  • Favorite Food

    K Indian food

    J Sandwiches

  • Favorite Animal

    K Lion

    J Bear

  • Favorite TV Show

    K The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    J The Big Bang Theory

  • Favorite Holiday

    K Halloween

    J Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    K Ireland

    J Hawaii

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    K Whitney Houston

    J The Beatles


Dear Birth mother,
Thanks for taking time to get to know about more about us! We are Kara and John from Southern California. We’ve always dreamed of having a very special and diverse family that we could grow through adoption. It’s one of the things that brought us together as a couple. We have been blessed with our two year-old son, Marcus, and our entire family is waiting for a new member of the family. We are so excited to venture on this new journey to expand our family with your help.

First off, the thoughtfulness and love you are showing during this process is heroic and we are in awe of your bravery. During such an emotional time, we support your consideration and hope to reassure you that we will give your child everything we can as parents. If you take away one thing from our profile, we hope that to reassure you that we will give your child everything we can as parents. We will make sure your child’s life will be full of love, adventure, fun, and belonging.

Our Origin Story

To quote one of Kara’s fave movies Sweet Home Alabama, “no one thinks you’ll find your soulmate at 10,” but we did. We had the rare opportunity to grow up together as childhood friends who eventually fell in love and became parents to our son Marcus. Along our journey as a couple, we have learned to be selfless, love fiercely, be silly, and treasure each moment with our loved ones. These lessons are the core of how we have raise our son – never taking a moment for granted and helping him experience all the world has to offer. Before becoming parents, we could never guessed how much our lives would change for the better and we look forward to the new chapter in our family’s story with welcoming a new child through adoption.


Things To Know About Us

  1. Our Family Is International – Kara is African American and Filipino while John is Mexican and Filipino but we both grew up in the same sunny Southern California city. With a close-knit and diverse family, we have relatives all over the world from Chicago to the Philippines to Australia!
  2. Singing is Life – We love to sing and karaoke is a staple at all family events. Mornings are full of music in and we’ve learned that the only effective alarm clock is a great song!
  3. We Love Trivia – Board games and trivia are always welcome and are a big part of our family fun nights.
  4. Learning Should Be Fun – While school is definitely important to us, we believe that learning should be fun. We all learn through different ways – that’s what makes us unique!
  5. Theme Parks Are Our Fave – We live 20 minutes away from Disneyland, Universal Studios, the LA Zoo and more. We usually visit during special occasions, but this year we bought passes to Universal Studios to experience Kara’s favorite Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  6. We Were Student Athletes – We’ve both had great experiences learning about discipline, teamwork and self-discovery through sports but always believed in balance. Kara swam competitively in high school, had a blackbelt at 10, and played roller derby up until she had Marcus. John was a former swimmer, basketball, football, and baseball player and coached little league for each sport.
  7. We Saved Lives – We both worked as lifeguards at the city pool and eventually worked as swim team coach while in college.
  8. We Love Our Soldiers – We have active military family and value the sacrifices our armed forces make so we donate supplies as a family and Kara works with her schools to make care packages for Operation Gratitude and AMVets.
  9. Traveling is a Family Affair – We’ve been blessed with a family that loves to travel so we’ve been able to take some epic adventures and have many more planned!
  10. Our Selfie Game is Strong – Getting Marcus to sit still for pictures (or John) is rare, so selfies are out fun, cheesy tradition.



About Kara by John

Kara is a passionate, loving, wife and mother who is a fun seeker at her core. I am in constant awe of my wife as she reaches her professional goals, and is a “super mom” to our son, Marcus. As an educator, she earned a Master’s Degree in teaching English, Business, and Technology and then recently finished a second Master’s Degree in School Librarianship – who does that? She genuinely loves her students and will provides those in need with book bags, school supplies, or even lunch whenever she can. She has even gone above and beyond to decorate her libraries in popular themes such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. At home, she always has time to read with Marcus and teach him his ABC’s and how to count to 100. Her job allows her school hours so she gets home relatively early and is home for holidays and summers. With her attention to detail, she always makes sure that our son’s outfits are on point. She even started a part-time baby company to sell geeky and movie-themed baby clothes to make sure to “share the fashionable geekiness.” During family car rides, she starts the car karaoke with the latest top 40 hits from her iPod. She brings flavor to our family. It has been a joy to have a front row seat to see Kara master the art of being a working mother. I can’t wait to see her do it again.

My Power Comes From

  • Friday night street fairs with my favorite guys.
  • A good adventure book on a rainy day.
  • Being able to cook a new recipe I learned watching Chopped.
  • School! As a Teacher & Librarian I earned 2 Master’s degrees in Education & Technology!
  • Being Marcus’

Karas Favorites

  • Superhero – Storm from the X-Men
  • Movie – Coming to America
  • TV Show – Chopped!
  • Board Game – Monopoly
  • First Concert – Blink 182
  • Dessert – My Mom’s Pumpkin Pie
  • Sport – Roller Derby
  • Holiday – Halloween
  • Dream Job – Head Mistress at Hogwarts School for Wizards
  • Famous Family – The Banks Family from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


About John by Kara
I always call John my knight-in-shining jean shorts. He’s always been so talented and generous, but is incredibly humble that he doesn’t see how much he helps others out. What attracted to me him the most was that he was that rare chivalrous guy that would open the door for me, never raise his voice to a woman, and still respected a woman’s independence and worth.

Nothing makes my heart smile more than to see him teach our son how to slam dunk a basketball or watch him walk through crowds with him on his shoulders. Our goddaughters treat him like a jungle gym teddy bear and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Family has always been important to him, and as an only child, seeing his family events and becoming a part of their traditions has given me a stronger appreciation for family. He’s everything I dreamed of as a father and role model for our son and I can’t wait to see him grow as a Dad with a new addition to our family.

My Power Comes From:

  • Karaoke
  • Culinary Adventures
  • Experimental Cooking
  • Chauffeuring my Family Around – They’re my most important passengers
  • Going to Sporting Events (Lakers, Dodgers, Rams, Trojans, and Kings – LA ALL THE WAY!)

Johns Favorites

  • Superhero – The Hulk
  • Movie – Jaws
  • TV Show – The Big Bang Theory
  • Board Game – Scene It!
  • First Concert – War
  • Food – Reuben Sandwich
  • Dessert – Ice Cream, Any Type Will Do
  • Dream Job – USC Football Coach
  • Children’s Book – Winnie the Pooh Adventures
  • Famous Family – The Winslows from Family Matters
  • Sport – Football (He was an impressive offensive & defensive lineman)



Marcus is our two-and-a-half year old son, whose middle name Apollo sums up the light, love, and music he brings into our home. Born with a smile on his face, Marcus has been a ray of sunshine to everyone in our family. We love his curious mind, love of learning, and silly sense of humor.

He loves to be make goofy noises, recite his favorite books, and sing songs. He can even count to 20 in 3 different languages – Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), and English! We know he’d love to read to his future sibling and will make the best big brother. Being able to raise our little one has been the greatest gift and we look forward to many more memories.

My Power Comes From:

  • Being Read To
  • My Music Playlist (Bruno Mars & Twenty-One Pilot Songs Are My Fave)
  • Learning & Writing My ABC’s and 123’s
  • Running Around the Playground With My Bestie Charlotte
  • Anything with Potatoes

Marcuss Favorites

  • Superhero – Batman
  • Movie – Finding Nemo
  • TV Show – Jeopardy!
  • Book – Green Eggs & Ham
  • Dessert – Dad’s Ice Cream
  • Sport – Basketball
  • Holiday – 4th of July
  • Dream Job – Conductor for Thomas the Train & Friends
  • Famous Family – The Tigers from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood Cartoon)


Lola – Kara’s live-in mother, Lola ( “grandmother” in Filipino) is Marcus’ bestie and partner in crime. A retired pediatric nurse manager, she has made sure Marcus has never eaten anything canned in his life and has been promoted to “the baby manager.” Marcus loves to play in Lola’s vegetable garden, play the piano with her, and thinks she’s the best storyteller in the world.

Abuelita – Abuelita (“grandmother” in Spanish) is John’s mother and the other member of the baby squad. She watches Marcus each week and is his favorite running partner. We got lucky and have both grandmothers over to help us watch Marcus while at work. As a former stay-at-home mom, she’s the baby-whisperer and loves to run around the house and play toys with him. She gets her 10,000 steps on her FitBit in before 10am!

Nino/Nina – We each chose our best friends, Jerry and Andrea, to be our son’s godparents and through a funny wise of fate, they fell in love and are getting married soon. They are present for each major milestone and can’t wait for a new god baby to spoil.

Family Traditions

  • Yearly Vacations to New Places – Exploring the world is important and we research new places and cultures to experience every year.
  • Family Trick-or-Treating at Disneyland – We pick a family costume each year and enjoy a night full of family fun with friends.
  • Wacky Christmas Themed Dinners – Last year we celebrated a Star Wars Cajun Christmas! We sang Christmas carols and played Holiday trivia under the light of the Darth Vader Tree Star. But the favorite part was Lola’s famous jambalaya-stuffed turkey!
  • Summer Drive-In Nights – We love to catch a great movie with great friends at our local Drive-In movie theater where we can relax and enjoy yummy pizza and watch a double feature with the kids.
  • Sunday BBQ Competitions – John and our son’s Godfather Jerry pick a “mystery ingredient” to BBQ for the week while watching Sunday football and playing basketball or football with the kids.


Our Home Base

5 Things We Love About Our Community

  1. Food from Every Culture – We live in the rich San Gabriel Valley where each city has a different authentic food culture and many yearly festivals. We especially love The Aloha Festival and The Taste of Soul.
  2. Our Church – We attend Fellowship Monrovia, a multicultural, multigenerational, gospel-centered church. We get a chance to help out our community in different ways and have even joined an Adoption/Foster Care Life group to connect with other families.
  3. Small Town Communities – Living in the LA suburbs means we have many historic downtown neighborhoods, including Old Town Monrovia that has a weekly Street Fairs and our favorite Library Park where we can have story time and picnic in the park.
  4. Museums & Zoos Galore – We love to visit museums and discover new things with Marcus. Our favorite is the Kid’s Space Museum where he can learn about the science of bugs and the Natural History Museum where he can dig for fossils.
  5. Great Schools -We had a great education experience and believe that school is important. We have many great local private schools where we are alumni and Kara works at a great school district so we have school covered.

Our Promise

  • To love your child unconditionally, helping celebrate their uniqueness and providing them the support they need to thrive.
  • Your child will travel the world with us and experience the beauty of other cultures and countries.
  • Learning will be a priority with balance being the ultimate goals.
  • Your child’s world will be full of laughter, music, and tons of hugs & kisses.
  • We will raise respectful young men and empowered young women.
  • There will never be a shortage of friends and family to support your child at all major milestones. Cameras will be ready!
  • We will make sure your child knows the love you’ve shown in your decision and celebrate his or her unique story.

If you have any questions for us or are interested in us adopting your child, please contact  your AdoptHelp case worker at 1-800-6377.