December 16th, 2017
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Kelly and Satish

Hello! We are Kelly & Satish from Washington DC

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We appreciate how much courage it takes to consider placing your baby for adoption and how important it is to find the right family. It’s one of the most selfless decisions that a mother can make – we respect and honor that. We’re excited to share our story and hope that by getting to know us, you’ll find the peace and confidence to make your choice a little easier. We are so grateful to you for considering us as the parents of your child.

Our Story: We went on our first date almost eight years ago. We clicked instantly over dinner, the conversation was effortless and we both remember laughing the whole time. Many more dates followed, we got to know each other really well and continued to like what we saw! We introduced each other to friends and families and created our own traditions – Satish had season tickets to the Washington Redskins and we didn’t miss a game, we planned annual Valentine’s day trips overseas, attended concerts, went on family trips with Milen during his school breaks and established our favorite restaurants and places to hang out. We even took some time to climb Kilimanjaro in the midst of all of that! We really created a new life together and were engaged in April, 2013. We got married a year later and had our son Michael (we call him Mikey) a year after that.

A Little About Our Family: We are a happily married couple with a ten-year-old son from Satish’s first marriage, Milen, and our son together, Mikey, who is nearly two-years-old. We also have a dog, Harvey, that loves kids and is very playful and protective! We are both very family oriented – we come from big and close families. Our kids are constantly surrounded by love and support from all sides. We want to complete our family with another child through adoption.

Both of us have wanted to adopt since we were young. Individually, we’ve always been sure that we can love a child as our own without having a biological relationship. We’d like to expand our family through adoption so that we can give a child the best life possible that is filled with opportunities and experiences and love.

Probably as a result of Kelly’s sometimes crazy childhood and Satish’s traditional upbringing, we both work hard to give our kids a healthy a balance of stability and adventure.

Meet Kelly

I had a bit of a non-traditional upbringing. I was born in upstate New York and my family moved to Guam when I was five. My parents divorced while we were in Guam and my sister and I moved to southern Illinois with my Dad when I was 10, then back to New York with my Mom when I was 12. My father, a forester, got a job in Haiti, so my sister and I spent summers and school breaks there for the rest of my teenage years.

I went to undergrad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) and moved to Washington, DC after graduation. I love everything about the city and feel very lucky to be able to raise a family in such a vibrant, diverse and cultured place!

I have three siblings – my older sister lives nearby and has three amazing children that I’ve had very close relationships with since they were born. I also have a little brother and sister who are both in school right now. My mom passed away a few years ago which was incredibly tough, but it also proved what a blessing a strong, close family is. My family has always surrounded me with love and support and they have welcomed Satish and our kids in that warmth. My little sister is also adopted and has been the best possible addition to our family. She is living proof that adoptions are gifts to the children and the families that are lucky enough to be united through the process. We’ve talked a lot with my dad and stepmom about their adoption experience and have their full support and encouragement as we go through ours.

I absolutely love being a mom, it makes me smile all the time and feels so natural. My favorite thing is to read to Mikey, the way he lights up when he sees his favorite book is just amazing. I can’t wait to expand our family and be a mom to another child!

Kelly’s Career: Kelly works for an non-profit on a global child nutrition project. It’s always been important for her to work for projects that help children achieve their potential. She plans on taking a few months of maternity leave, and Satish will take some time off as well to welcome the new addition.

Meet Satish

Growing up in Southern India, I had a really traditional, happy childhood. I’m the youngest of three, with two older sisters. We lived on the same block as a lot of my family so I grew up playing with my cousins every day. I had a lot of fun as a kid and to be honest, was a bit mischievous! I think I gave my parents more than a few gray hairs, but they needn’t have worried. I buckled down in high school and got into the best college in the state for engineering. I went to graduate school in Texas when I was 21 and have lived in the United States ever since. I moved to the DC area, worked for a few years, became a US citizen and then started my own company. It’s been a wild ride!

My oldest sister lives in India near my parents and she has two daughters in their 20s. My middle sister has two kids, a boy and a girl, and she lives in London. My parents are healthy and we get to see them on Skype almost every weekend to keep up with them and let them see and talk to the kids. I have a big extended family too with lots and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins – some of whom still live on my parents’ block in India. We’re a big, loud, loving and fun family that is spread across the globe but still manages to be close.

One of my favorite parts of being a dad is giving my kids new experiences, whether that means going to a museum, taking them horseback riding, going to a playground, teaching them to ride a bike or throw a football, introducing them to new foods or new places doesn’t matter, they’re all opportunities to make great memories. I love being a father and can’t wait to add another child to our family!

Satish’s Career: Satish owns a thriving Federal contracting firm with projects across the country. His office is close to home and he has the luxury of being able leave work early three days a week to pick the kids up from school to spend extra quality time with them.

Our Family

Milen is ten-years-old and a really smart, sweet boy. He loves sports and video games and he has a natural musical talent that we’re encouraging with drums and guitar lessons – he’s also in a band with his friends! His favorite thing is sushi though! His room is decorated with posters of sushi and he even makes it at home with Satish. He and Mikey have an incredibly strong bond, he is and always has been Mikey’s favorite person – it’s so rewarding to see the strong brotherly bond between them.

Mikey is already a character even though he’s not even two-years-old! He loves trains, cars, books and animals. He runs everywhere and is starting to talk up a storm. He’s a lot of fun, smiles all the time and is a really happy little guy. We’re so lucky to have both of these boys and they cannot wait to have a baby to spoil and play with!

Family Fun: Since we have lots of extended family on both sides, we spend a lot of time with them. Kelly’s family on her mom’s side is huge, and they have a family reunion each year (about 80+ people usually attend) that we don’t miss. On her dad’s side, there are usually several family events each year with all of her aunts and uncles (two live nearby). Kelly’s dad and stepmom visit several times a year and love being grandparents to all of their grandkids. They are really excited about the possibility of adding another grandchild to the mix! We visit Satish’s parents and sister’s family each summer in India for a couple of weeks – the whole family loves to travel so we take mini-family vacations to fun sites together in India and other countries. Satish’s family also visits us in the United States quite a bit and he has cousins that live in New Jersey that we visit a couple of times a year too. Satish’s parents are devoted grandparents that live for visits with the kids! They are so excited about our plans to adopt and can’t wait to welcome their new grandchild!

Our Home, Travels and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a small community in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Our three story house has lots of room for another child! It’s on a private cul-de-sac with about 25 other houses; the neighborhood is a very friendly, diverse and safe place, everyone knows each other! A lot of kids live in the neighborhood too; one fence surrounds the entire neighborhood with one exit/entry point so the kids play in the street and go from house to house freely, just like it was when we were growing up. Milen’s two best friends live on the block and they play and hang out all the time. It’s a really nice and fun community! There is also a public park across the street with a brand new playground, soccer and baseball fields and basketball courts.

Our Travels: Traveling the world is a huge part of our lives. We’ve traveled extensively and want to make sure that our children have the same opportunities. We think that life is about having new experiences and seeing and learning new things. We take three big trips each year and do a bunch of smaller ones too. The kids are professional travelers! In just the past year, we’ve been to India to visit family and celebrate Mikey’s first birthday, Cancun for a beach vacation, on a European cruise to Spain, France and Italy and a couple of family vacations in cabins in Shenandoah valley. We travel to New York for annual family reunions, have a week-long family vacation each year with Kelly’s immediate family and have visits from Satish’s family at our home each year too.

In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are really excited about completing our family and hope that we’ve given you a full picture of what our life and family is like. If you choose us, we promise that we will give your child a secure, interesting and fun life filled with love and opportunities. Should you choose us, we will be forever grateful to you.