October 19th, 2017
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Liz and Jonny

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Roller Skating
  • 2. Hiking with our dog
  • 3. Eating chips and salsa
  • 4. Dancing
  • 5. Teaching yoga
  • 1. Cooking Indian Food
  • 2. Listening to live music
  • 3. Running
  • 4. Eating tacos
  • 5. Laughing with friends



We’re Jonny and Liz.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves and our lives with you. We are incredibly excited to become parents and be able to raise and nurture a child. We cannot begin to imagine what this choice might be like for you and we appreciate your courage and strength. We hope that learning about us might provide some comfort and assurance that your child will be loved and cared for.

About Us

Liz and I met in Austin TX in 1997. It was a weeknight and I had been to see Dinosaur Jr play. Liz was out with a friend having a look at some of the new hot spots in town. She introduced herself to me while I was sitting on my own. We hit it off straight away and our first “date” was my company holiday party. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

We moved to Los Angeles in 2003 when I was hired at Insomniac Games. Just after our 11th sweetheart anniversary, I brought home 3 cupcakes that read ‘marry’ ‘me’ ‘?’. She said yes!

We had our wedding less than a year after in Austin so Liz’s family could easily attend and my family could have a Texas Holiday! Our first dance was to Air’s “You Make it Easy” and the lyric “You make it easy to watch the world with love…” sums up the connection we feel and how we continue to uplift each other every day.

A year after getting married we decided that we were ready to share our lives with a child. Together we are embracing the adoption journey as our special, wonderful path to family.


Meet Liz

As a young child, I had the privilege to travel all over Europe, seeing the landscape and the architecture and learning to camp. My father liked to say that I never met a stranger, and we have many photos of me with tourists from all over the world, that I befriended along the way. To this day, I enjoy long trips in the car, meeting new people and being outside. I am very proud of my Texas roots and feel grateful to have grown up in a place like Austin where individuality and friendliness are fostered.



Jonny loves Liz’s sense of humor, her fun loving, chatty outgoing personality and her overwhelming desire to help people.

For Fun

I am a tea enthusiast and love exploring nature. I enjoy swimming, cycling, thrifting and visiting museums. I love to roller skate and dance and enjoy the magic of music, I find it an awesome way to get the blood flowing and to shake off stress. I look forward to sharing all these interests and discovering what our child will love!

For Work

I most recently worked as a medical social worker at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. My role was to support families who have children with chronic illness. That experience allowed me so much spiritual and professional growth. I love yoga and I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. I hope to one day provide yoga enriched therapy to help heal people from past trauma. For now, I am ready to be a stay at home mom and devote myself to nurturing a young soul from the very beginning.

Meet Jonny

I grew up surrounded by the lush greenery of West Yorkshire in the North of England. My father ran the family painting and decorating business, though his real passion was farming. We spent our days tending to a smallholding where, along with looking after a few animals, we grew our own vegetables. My mother divided her time between raising three rowdy boys, organizing the books for the decorating business, and working part time in a local home improvement store.



I appreciate that my parents worked hard to provide my brothers and I with the opportunity be well educated and to pursue our dreams. I studied many kinds of art in high school and immersed myself in as many mediums as I could. I was introduced to computer graphics and animation which led me to study computer science and graphics at university.

For Work

I spend my work day as a video game programmer. I find the work exciting and I enjoy working with teams that include designers, artists and other programmers taking ideas and bringing them into existence.

I am really looking forward to loving, supporting, playing and growing with a child. I’m happy that my work allows me to support our decision for Liz to stay at home and provide a nurturing environment like the one I grew up in.

For Fun

In my spare time, I like to keep my mind active at home tinkering with electronics projects. I also enjoy reading fiction and autobiographies. I love dragging Liz to local small venues to see obscure bands. Liz is responsible for getting me back on skates and we both like to ride bikes when we can. I love to cook for family and friends (my favorite being Indian curry).

Our Home

We live in a cozy three-bedroom house in the Mount Washington area of sunny Los Angeles. It’s very quiet and peaceful and offers a woodsy, nature feel, up and away from the city hustle and bustle. It overlooks a park with a fun playground and has an amazing trail with a view of downtown LA. We have lived here for eight years and have come to love the neighborhood. We hope to stay in this area while we remain in LA.

Our Pets

We share our home with our sweet dog, Daizy and our playful cat, Lily. We have plans for Daizy to become a therapy dog, providing affection and comfort to people in hospitals and retirement homes. Daizy loves kids! She has been a friend to our neighbor’s child, Noah, since he was small and his older sister cares for Daizy when we away from home.


Our Adventures

We love cooking new foods and working together on home projects. We enjoy eating out at the vast array of restaurants available in LA. We like to go see live music, films and art exhibits which are also readily available in this big city. We are lucky to have nearby places to hike with the dog, ride bikes and skate. But mostly, we love to socialize with friends and laugh often.

We found that we both love to travel, and have done so often over the last sixteen years. We have made many trips to England to visit with family. Once in the summer time, we managed a short car trip to Lille, France with friends. We also recently made a trip to Ireland over Christmas and experienced one of their coldest winters on record. Jonny’s company celebrated two big anniversaries with cruises to Mexico and the Bahamas, both of which were full of silliness and fun. We have also made several trips to Seattle and have popped over the border to gorgeous Vancouver. Our favorite journey so far was our trip to Thailand!

Our Family

Liz remains close with her sister, Margaret, who lives in Seattle with her partner and their adopted son. As a teen, Liz visited her sister almost every summer and Liz still tries to get to Seattle as much as possible. Liz’s brother, Will, lives in Texas with their step mother. She enjoys spending time with him and his children whenever she can.

Jonny likes to spend time with his five-year-old nephew Seth and one year old niece, Martha, whenever he and Liz travel to England. He has two god-daughters aged 17 and 20 and frequently loses to them at video games. He enjoys interactions with the children of close friends; going to the movies, roller-skating, building Lego, making art and eating ice cream.

Liz and Jonny appreciate all their aunts, uncles and cousins for maintaining that family feeling and the loving support that comes with it, now that their parents have passed. They truly believe that those friends who have been with stayed close and shared their lives have become equally important family of choice. They both really enjoy England in the summertime and want to maintain a connection to their family there.

Our Promise

We promise to create a loving and safe home where your child can grow and flourish. We would be honored to be the adoptive parents of your child and want you to have peace of mind that your child will be loved for a lifetime.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our profile and for considering us as the adoptive parents of your child. We hope that after reading through this, you know a little more about us and what we have to offer!