October 24th, 2017
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Things That Make Me Happy

  • 1. Children's laughter
  • 2. Rain storms
  • 3. Reading aloud
  • 4. Outdoor concerts
  • 5. Beach bonfires

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Hello from Lydia in Berkeley, California!

Dear Birth mother,

I am deeply honored that you are taking time to look at my profile and that you are considering me to be the adoptive mother for your child. As I write this letter I am very much aware that I cannot begin to know what this process is like for you. I can’t know how challenging it might be or how you’re feeling right now. I do know that you must have a very brave and loving heart to consider adoption for your baby. I believe wholeheartedly that children can thrive in an extended family system when they know that they are cherished and when the adults in their lives treat each other with care and respect. I am hopeful that you might feel the same way and I’m excited to hear from you.

My Dream

I have dreamed of becoming a parent for as long as I can remember but in past years I knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready yet. I needed to complete some important long held goals so I could devote myself completely and joyfully to raising a child. I have reached that point in my life. I now know with my entire being that this is the right time and it is my deepest hope to be blessed with parenthood.

 My Career

I am fortunate to work as a psychotherapist at a children’s hospital in my community. I specialize in supporting very young children (birth through 5 years old) and their families.  I was inspired to leave my corporate career to complete graduate school after volunteering with mothers and children at a shelter.  I was amazed by their strength in the face of so many challenges and I wanted to make a greater contribution. I am now a first generation college graduate and lucky to have a job that I love.  I work just twenty minutes from home so I can stop by my house whenever I need to and my workplace offers extended leave after adopting a child. I look forward to spending several months at home settling in with a little one.

My Home and Community

I live in Berkeley, California with my partner, Maria. We live in the upper flat of our Victorian home near University of California Berkeley.  Maria’s mother and stepfather live downstairs and my mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece live just a few blocks away, and when Maria’s son is home from college in the summers he stays with us too!  We love the sense of extended family so close by. Some of my favorite mornings include having coffee while chatting together on our sun filled porch.

Berkeley is a wonderful place to raise children with its great schools, and nearby libraries and theaters. We’re just a few blocks away from the local high school, so we often hear football games and students talking and laughing on their way to or back from school. There are several families with young children living nearby and plenty of parks, including one that is full of toys to be shared year round. The Bay Area is an exciting place to live with its diversity of people, cultures and landscapes. Our home is equally close to the Redwoods, gorgeous Pacific Ocean beaches and the urban centers of San Francisco and Oakland where art and culture are abundant.

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Things I love to do

Being in nature. I inherited my love of gardening and outdoor activities from growing up in Indiana where farming is a way of life. I feel a sense of spiritual renewal when I spend time in nature and I get out into the natural world as much as possible. Maria and I also own a sweet cabin in Northern California where we love to gather with friends and family for summer barbeques, group singing and river swimming.

Traveling. I love learning about the similarities and differences among people of the world first hand through travel. My favorite cities are Kathmandu Nepal and Paris France. Recently a close family friend from Norway invited us to come stay with her whenever we’d like. I look forward to sharing the joy of exploring our world with my child.


One of my favorite hobbies is capturing photographs of loved ones as we enjoy life together. My maternal grandma used to invite all of us grand kids to her home for weekends and she always had a camera in hand. It’s such a treat to look at the pictures she took of us. Now I use her camera bag. I like to think I’ve inherited the job of making sure I capture some of the sweet moments we’re blessed to experience so we can continue to enjoy and remember.


Spending time with my family

Family is incredibly important to me and I am devoted to mine.  I consider that my family includes close others who are chosen family members as well. Not family by birth but loved ones who became family through the strong bonds we built together over time. I am very fortunate to have a special closeness with my mother who cannot wait to be my nanny. She is fun, creative, full of love and great with her grandchildren. I’ve tried to share several pictures of her so you can get a sense of her sweet spirit.

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About Maria by Lydia

Maria is my true life partner.  We met 5 years ago through work and I knew right away that she would be someone special in my life. I am inspired by her extraordinary intelligence, generous nature and strong sense of self.  I so enjoy her excitement about play as well. She has collected a sizable stamp collection, along with glitter and all kinds of art supplies, for our annual Valentine making party- which the adults enjoy as much as the kids in our life. Maria has also raised a wonderful son who I feel very fortunate to know and love. It’s such a pleasure to see the closeness they still have as he grows into adulthood. After five years together I continue to feel grateful to have found such a perfect match who helps me be my best self. Maria is fully supportive of my desire to become a mother and I’m so excited to raise a child with her by my side.

About Lydia by Maria

Lydia is going to be a wonderful mother! I love to see her playing with and caring for the children in our life- the babies, children and teens of friends and relatives- and to hear her talk about the little ones she works with. To everyone in our world she brings tremendous patience, understanding and kindness. People sense her steadiness and trustworthiness right away when they meet her and it is never very long before they are delighted to discover her incredible sense of humor. She is the rock of her family and the love of my life. We met when my son was in high school and she has been an amazing support to me through these years of transition as he has entered college. I look forward to being right by her side as she walks her own path of parenthood.


My Promises to You

  1. Your child will know that they are deeply loved, unconditionally and forever
  2. I will celebrate them for who they truly are and support their passions in life
  3. I will support the development of kindness, curiosity and openness toward themselves and others
  4. I will provide them with opportunities to explore life, and to learn about culture, people and the natural world at every stage of development
  5. I will read their favorite books to them. Over and over again.
  6. I will play and laugh with them
  7. I will protect them from harm with my entire being
  8. I will hold and comfort them when they are hurt
  9. I will strive to make sure they are part of communities in which they feel proud of themselves as an adopted child
  10. And to the extent that you want it, I will support their ongoing contact with you from the beginning.

Closing Statements

Thank you for taking time to get know a bit about my life and my heart’s desire to become a parent. I would be profoundly grateful and honored if you chose me to raise your child. I have the resources and supportive village that it takes to help a child thrive and I am incredibly excited to embark on this journey. Know that my commitment to you is absolute love and devotion for your baby.

I’m wishing you all of the support you need as you make this decision and a sense of inner peace throughout your entire journey. Thank you so much!

If you’re interested in me adopting your child, or have any questions for me, please contact your AdoptHelp case worker at 1-800-637-7999 toll free.