October 23rd, 2017
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Michael and Carrie


We are Mike and Carrie from Los Angeles, CA. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope the next few pages give you a glimpse of who we are as a couple and individuals.

We have been together for seven years and the foundation of our relationship is mutual respect, unconditional love and lots of laughter. We are both blessed to come from warm, loving families who encouraged us to be independent and confident people.

Since we first met we have dreamed of providing a child with the same sense of security and unconditional love. However, after discovering we could not have children on our own, we realized life had other plans for bringing a child into our life. We absolutely believe adoption is the way we are meant to grow our family. We are so excited as we begin this next chapter in our lives.

We know you also have dreams for your child. It would be an honor for us to be apart of making that dream come true.


Our Life Together

Carrie Mike Wedding

We met seven years ago online. Our first date was
at a local coffee shop in
Los Angeles. Carrie thought
the date would last an hour,
but three hours later we were still
talking. We haven’t stopped finding things to talk about since then.

We just enjoy hanging out together. Sometimes that means we take a weekend drive up the California Coast to explore a quirky town. Other times it means a special trip to Europe. One of our favorite memories is exploring the ruins of Pompeii during our Honeymoon.

However, what we enjoy most are the simple pleasures of life: sharing a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning while Carrie knits, giving attention to our cat Leela, catching a baseball game at Dodger Stadium, or visiting the various museums in Los Angeles.

When we’re home, one of us is almost always in the kitchen. We both love to cook and enjoy trying new recipes or different cuisines. However, our approach
to cooking reflects our different personalities. Mike will find a new recipe, follow it the first time and then make adjustments improving upon it each time he makes it. Carrie will read a new recipe, find inspiration in it and will immediately start improvising her own creation. Most of the time what she does works.

Although we treasure our time together, we have always wanted to share these adventures big and small with our child.


Meet Carrie, by Mike

Carrie Paris

Carrie comes from a loving, outgoing, and boisterous family who welcomed me with open arms and hearts instantly treating me as one of their own. Comedians have made in-law jokes a staple of their profession for decades, yet I don’t understand them. The love, warmth, and compassion Carrie’s family shows me makes me love them as much as my own. It’s easy to see how Carrie became the woman I love.

I love Carrie’s intellect, passion for learning, and curiosity, which results in her looking up anything and everything. She more then holds her own in a debate on just about any topic under the sun. She is also an incredibly talented crafter creating works in polymer clay, wire wrap jewelry, crochet and of course her beloved knitting. She was able to knit the giant chuppah canopy for our wedding, a feat that never fails to amaze me.

Carrie has a great sense of humor with a loud and contagious laugh. Being both a geek and nerd myself
I love that she gets all my geeky jokes even when they involve obscure science or math references. Even if we are just sitting around talking about nothing in particular, we always make each other laugh.

Carrie has a wonderful and whimsical sense of fashion. Her outfits match her personality: bright with lots of colors and patterns. Unless it’s extremely hot she always wears a cardigan or scarf with a dashing hat, which she has usually made herself.

I wake up everyday knowing I’m laying next to the woman I love and I’m forever thankful to have her in my life.

CARRIE’S 9-5: Carrie is a writer and producer in reality television. She got her start on The Amazing Race and has gone on to work on a wide variety of shows.

Because we both work freelance we are often able to arrange our schedule so one of us is working while the other is taking care of the house. We hope to maintain this balance for our children.


The Man I Love

Mike Photography2

When I was young I imagined the type of person
I wanted marry. He had to make me laugh, be intelligent, be kind, have no desire to live in a cold weather city and most importantly he had to accept me for exactly who I am. I found all of this and more in Mike.

When we met he was already the uncle to a niece and
two nephews. He’s a loving uncle who is always sure to send a thoughtful birthday or holiday gift. Children and animals just take to him. I’ll never forget my 4 month old nephew just lighting up every time Mike entered a room. I think it’s because children and dogs sense his kind hearted, generous nature.

Mike is incredibly thoughtful. He’s always surprising me with small gifts like a Red Sox coffee mug because that’s my favorite baseball team. If I have a bad week at work, he’ll make me a lemon merengue pie to cheer me up. When we visit our family’s home during the holidays Mike will jump in to help clean up after dinner or bring in the groceries.

One of my favorite qualities in Mike is his calm approach to life. He is incredibly patient. Even when going through stressful times Mike maintains his sense of humor. He makes me laugh every day. He loves a good pun, and he loves a bad pun even more.

These are just some of the qualities that will make Mike a wonderful father. He will love teaching our son or daughter how to throw a ball or patiently help with their math homework. He’ll be the kind of father to share in our child’s interests and encourage them to embrace their strengths and talents. I know because he has listened to me talk more about knitting than he probably wants to hear.

MIKE’S 9-5: Mike and I moved to Los Angeles to follow our dream of working in the entertainment industry. We are passionate about film. Mike is a cameraperson and has worked with such people as Joss Whedon, Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon- Levitt. We joke he’s shot both Batman and Robin.


Our Dream City

We now live in a quiet residential area of Los Angeles called Sherman Oaks and we are only 10 miles from the beach. Mike grew up in Miami, FL and Carrie outside of Boston,
MA. We both love living in
a city where we have warm weather all year long.

We currently own a condo and our backyard is a large city park with playgrounds and fields. Every weekend the park is filled with families enjoying the outdoors. We look forward to taking our own child for walks in the park. We love living in a large, diverse city like Los Angeles. There is always a new restaurant to try, a museum to visit, a musical to see or hiking trail to explore.

Carrie’s Family:

I come from a fun loving family. We are the first and last people on the dance floor. When we get together karaoke nights are not unusual.

My parents are now retired and
lead a very active lifestyle in North Carolina. My Dad loves to teach
the grandkids how to hit a golf ball
or take them on a drive in his 1957 Thunderbird. My Mom is one of the most caring people I know always ready to listen to any of her kids or grandkids.

I have an older brother Chris and younger sister Annemarie. Between them I have 10 nephews and nieces. Although my brother, sister and I are spread across the country, we are a tight knit group.

What I love most about my family is that we embrace new people into our lives. When my Dad gives thanks, he always says, “I’m thankful for our family who are our friends, and our friends who are family.” My parents, brother and sister can’t wait to welcome a new baby into the family.

Mike’s family:

I’M THE MIDDLE CHILD OF A CLOSE KNIT FAMILY WITH TWO BROTHERS. My Dad is a retired accountant who like me is into photography and University of Miami football. He enjoys spending his time visiting his grandkids, going to classic car shows, and visiting civil war battle sites. My Mom is a retired elementary school teacher. Remember the teacher who turned most lessons into games and made school so much fun you almost forgot you were learning? That was my Mom! She spends her time cherishing any moment she has with her grandkids and making bead jewelry. Her work is good enough to sell in any high end jewelry shop. She even made jewelry for Carrie and her bridesmaids for our wedding.

I have two brothers, Larry (older) and Steven (younger). Both are married with a son and daughter each. Larry now lives in London on Abbey Road down the street from the recording studio and crosswalk of Beatles fame. Steven lives in Atlanta and to the best of my knowledge no where near anyplace related to the Beatles. Despite the distance between us we are still extremely close and thanks to all the wonderful technology available keep in touch all the time.

Our Traditions

Mike and I are Jewish. We look forward to teaching our child how to make latkes and play the dreidl during Hannukah and celebrate the Hebrews escape from Egypt during Passover.

Meet Leela!

We rescued Leela from a local shelter when she was three years old and she is named after a character in the cartoon Futurama. She is a friendly, playful cat who loves cuddling. She likes to leave her cat toys on our bed as gifts. We both grew up with dogs and hope to rescue one when we move to a house.

Carrie Family Fun

Our Hopes & Dreams


It’s hard to say in a few words everything we hope to give your child. But, we will do our best. Our hope is to pass down what we see as the best part of ourselves: confidence and independence.

We want to raise your child
in a home full of laughter and unconditional love. We feel this is what gives a child a sense of security and the confidence to be their best selves.

We want pass down the values we were raised with: compassion for others, love of education, a curiosity about the world, appreciation for the diversity in the world we live and the strength to think for themselves.

We plan to encourage your child’s interests whatever they may be. We want your child to be proud of what makes him or her different from the people around them. We want to raise your child not to fear failure, but to embrace challenges. We will always support and guide your child through both the hard times and the good times.

A Special Message For You:

We cannot imagine the decision before you and the courage it takes to make this choice. We recognize that a confident child knows their own history and are proud of it. Because of this, we believe in having an open adoption. We hope to develop an open communication with you to decide what that looks like. This may include pictures, emails, letters or visits. Regardless of the level of contact, your child will grow up knowing who you are and the special role you have in their life.


Contact Us!

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at ADOPTHELP by calling toll-free: 1-800-637-7999.