July 21st, 2017
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Pablo and David

Dear Birthmother,

Hello and thank you for taking the time to consider us to raise your baby.  We are Pablo and David and we’re very excited to meet you.  We are eager to get to know the mother of our future bundle of joy.  We’re sure you must have many questions and many other families that you’re looking at; this is a really big and difficult decision!  If there’s anything we can do to help ease that burden, please let us know.  We have actually been around this block once before, having adopted our (now) one year old daughter, Luciana.  Adoption is a fantastic and precious opportunity that you are sharing and whoever you choose will be lucky to include your baby in their family.

Thank you for choosing adoption.  We understand that this is not the easiest path and appreciate your decision.  Your gift of love will be priceless to the family you ultimately select and it speaks to your strength and integrity to have chosen this road.  The process may have uncertainties, but hopefully we can work through those together.  Pablo was adopted as a one day old baby as was his sister and perhaps he can help share with you as well as our future child his insights and experiences.  David is from a very large, welcoming family so our future child will also have an extended web of relatives to enjoy.  We like to think it will be the best of both worlds.

Hopefully our profile will give you a sense of who we are and the kind of parents we will be.  No one is perfect, but our goal is to share the love, understanding, and support we have for one another with your baby and nurture them to grow up to be the happiest and healthiest they can be.  Ours will be a house full of laughter, learning, cooperation, compassion, and kindness, with lots of hugs and humor.  We realize that this is a challenging and important decision before you (pick us!) and in all truth wish you the absolute best.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we’ve piqued your interest.

Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true,

Pablo & David


Pablo and David come from different worlds — David is a born-and-raised native of California while Pablo hails from South America, having spent most of his life in Argentina.  When we met, we knew almost immediately that we are meant for each other.  We share the same core values and beliefs plus we are each other’s best friend and strongest supporter, having gone through various life challenges together, each day becoming stronger and stronger.  Over the last six years, we’ve built a life together, learning from one another and helping each other grow.  Now we’re looking to nurture a family of our own…  We got married last year and have lived together for the last three years.

At the beginning of last year, we were blessed enough to adopt our daughter, Luciana Rose.  She’s our greatest treasure and from the moment of her birth, the focus of our world.  But we’re not done yet.  We’re looking for a son to share that role and complete our family.  We have so much love to give and so much fun to share!  Because we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our goal is to explore these insights and heritages with our child, including lots of trips to see family and friends in South America and Europe as well as study abroad through programs like CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) and possibly high school and/or college exchanges.

We enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally and have each lived in several different parts of the world and each speak several languages in addition to English.  We enjoy swimming, riding roller-coasters, watching movies, camping, and spending time with friends and family around the world.  Pablo is a great cook and has an amazing talent with music, singing and acting in musicals in his spare time.  David recently finished his master’s degree and previously was a volunteer working with children from other countries.  Professionally, David has a career in international software development and Pablo works for Facebook.


I’m a huge fan of theater.  I love doing musical theater and I enjoy acting on stage.  I also really like going to the movies and watching films on TV.  Music plays an important role in my life.  Sometimes when I’m doing something and a song that I like starts to play, I stop what I’m doing for a moment and I start dancing.  I love to sing although right now my daughter is my main audience.  I also express my creativity by cooking and I make a variety of special dishes, including home-made pasta as well as Argentine empanadas.  I like to host guests and make them have a good time.

The beach is my favorite place in the world.  I like very much to sit in the sand and contemplate the sea or just simply swim and enjoy the water.  Another thing I really enjoy is traveling because I think seeing new places and people expands your mind and horizons.

Family time is important to me.  I like talking with David about what happened to us during the day or what we are going to do on the weekend or plan for our next trip.

I try to be a happy person most of the time.  I think I am a very good friend of my friends and I am always ready to help anyone who needs it.  Although I like to spend time with my family and friends, there are also times when I like to be alone, to reflect and find my balance again.


I’m a fun-loving nerd with a passion for learning languages and cultures as well as trying to make the world a better place.  When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to be chosen to be an exchange-student to Alsace in eastern France, which changed my life.  In college, I did it again, first in Brussels, Belgium and then again in Nantes in western France.  I loved learning French language and culture so much that I later picked up German and lived and worked in Stuttgart, Germany.  Since Pablo and I have been together, I’ve made a point of learning Spanish so I can talk with Pablo’s family and friends in Argentina and we’re raising Luciana to be bilingual.

For several years I volunteered as a leader for CISV – Children’s International Summer Village – an international peace program for kids.  Basically, I’d take four kids from the US, get to know them over the span of six to twelve months (sorta like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, which I also did), and then bring them to a foreign country where we’d live for a month with 44 other kids from 11 other countries.  It’s a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved and I haven’t met a CISVer that hasn’t been profoundly transformed by the experience – at our wedding with had folks from three different programs join us: Denmark, Japan, and India.

Although I have a high-tech job, on the weekends I’m almost always unplugged.  Please, give me the great outdoors any day!  I love hiking in the forests and hills near our home as well as going SCUBA diving in Monterey Bay or pretty much anywhere in the world.  Like Pablo, I love going to amusement parks, particularly Disneyland.  Most of my time, however, is spent with Luciana – walking in the park, teaching her to swim, playing with the dogs, reading her stories using funny voices and accents, and just the three of us spending time together as a family.


David is the baby of his family – I’m closer in age to my eldest niece than my eldest sister.

David is fascinated by animals of all sorts, especially dogs, great cats, and dolphins – I almost dropped out of college to become an animal handler.

David is allergic to turkey – I love the sentiment of Thanksgiving, but the food, not so much!

David doesn’t have just one favorite color – but if I had to pick, it would be cobalt blue, emerald green, or a rich burgundy.

David’s favorite superhero is Aquaman – yup, really!  Thor is a close second, but seriously, Aquaman can talk with any sea animal and can dive without SCUBA gear — What’s NOT to love?

David is still in touch with many of the kids from when he was a volunteer counselor – I originally joined Facebook just to keep up with the kids overseas and our wedding had all continents represented.

David loves to tell stories about his travels – ask me about my silliest blunder in Egypt or my most embarrassing mistake in Spanish or stealing apples from a castle orchard in Denmark…

David loves to learn and until Luciana was born, he hadn’t taken off more than a single semester off since kindergarten.  Most of that time was spent learning languages, but David also has three bachelors (Computer Science, French, and German) and a masters (Applied Anthropology).

David used to be afraid of heights and of open water (never let a 10 year old watch Jaws!).  To get over these, he learned to rappel and boulder in college and got his SCUBA certification right after graduation.

David loves role-playing games, science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and the like – everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Star War to Harry Potter to the X-Men and beyond!


Pablo used to be on TV in Argentina, where he played a doctor in a night-time soap opera (telenovela).

Pablo’s favorite movie is the Color Purple and his favorite musical is Chorus Line.

Pablo used to be a very shy boy, but theatre helped him more comfortable and extroverted.

When Pablo first came to the United States, he didn’t speak English very well, so for three months he would watch movies in English with the subtitles on to help figure it out.

Pablo was in many shows during college and originally went to university to study law, but in his final year decided to become an actor instead.

Pablo has acted in Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, Rent, Hair, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Pablo was born in Formosa, in northern Argentina and as a child traveled all over with his parents, learning about the different regions of the country. Later, when Pablo went to college, he moved to Buenos Aires where he still has a condo in the Palermo district.

Pablo loves roller coasters and amusement parks, especially the Disney parks.

Pablo’s favorite animal is the dolphin.

Pablo grew up in a place where the rivers had piranha and crocodiles as well as very dangerous currents. As a result, he’s way more comfortable in swimming pools — when we went to Cozumel a very aggressive (and hungry) angel fish the size of a dinner platter gave him a bit of a scare.


Our daughter, Luciana, was born in January of 2016.  She has been the most life-changing event in both our lives.  We were there for her birth and have remained in close contact with her birth-parents ever since.

Our nickname for Luciana is Lulu and watching her grow has been an amazing experience.  Between the two of us, we took six months of paternity leave to be with her and bond with her.  We had a couple of crazy nights, learning about the best cures for diaper rash or colic or the common cold, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Lulu is a smart, determined little girl.  She’s great with other children and totally comfortable around people of all sizes.  She loves her god-parents, who she sees nearly every week.  Lulu is fascinated by any sort of video screen and loves to Skype with our family in South America.  She has no fear of dogs and a massive curiosity to explore.  She started walking quite early and it’s never been a dull moment since…!


Pablo and David have always wanted to have children and we talked about it since the first days of our relationship.  In the past, we’ve helped take care of our infant nephews, nieces, and god-children.  Both of us are “the uncle that’s good with kids” and have strong parental instincts.  Having dogs, taking care of our nephews and nieces, spending time watching our friends’ kids and being their “fairy godfathers” as well as volunteering with other children through CISV has been an outlet, but we would love the opportunity to raise a child of our own and nurture him or her.  Given that Pablo was adopted, adopting children of our own makes perfect sense.  We’re legally married in both the US and Argentina, so it’s perfect to start our family.  We each have a heart full of love to share and are excited with the opportunity to teach, learn from, and grow with our children.  Our time with Luciana has been simply amazing and only strengthened our desire!


We live in a two-story, four bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood in San Jose, California.  We have a large pool, a piano, avocado and orange trees, as well as grassy front lawn shaded by palm trees.  From nearly any window you can see the southern or eastern foothills and within ten to fifteen minutes we can enjoy any one of a number of trails in the hills with our dogs.  The area is quiet and kid-friendly with the local school less than a ten minute walk away.  Just a few hundred feet around the corner, there is a 200 acre park.


Our home is “guarded” by our dog, Brody.  Brody is a big, sweet goof-ball that loves to swim.  While his bark is loud, that wagging tail is the most dangerous part of his body!  Luciana regularly cuddles him and tries to “ride” him (which he tolerates for a couple seconds, until she slides off).  His nickname is Lulu’s Spotted Defender, because ever since we brought her home from the hospital, all Brody ever does is keep an eye on her.  And, when she makes a mess with her food in her high chair, he doubles as a vacuum cleaner.


Pablo’s nephews and nieces are all in Argentina which means trips to Formosa and Buenos Aires to see them.  David has six older siblings so our child will get to enjoy eleven aunts and uncles, ten cousins, and eight “next gens,” most of whom live less than an hour away in the San Francisco Bay Area, to say nothing of David’s cousins and favorite aunt or his four god-children.  That said, there are certain advantages to having multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins living in Hawaii…!

Then there is our family of friends.  At least once a week we have several friends over, most with children of their own.  Summertime includes lots of pool parties and BBQs while winter tends to have smaller gatherings with some of Pablo homemade empanadas or pasta with amazing sauce and comical cross-generational “dance offs” and video game matches.

Meanwhile, thanks to his studies in France, Belgium, and Germany as well as volunteer work in Denmark, Japan, and India, we also tend to get several visits per year from David’s “exchange” family, friends, and colleagues as well as Pablo’s friends from Argentina, Brazil, and elsewhere.


David’s family is quite close with the long-standing tradition to gather together several times a year to see one another.  Christmas Eve dinner is the family’s prime holiday; a “quiet” year might be as few as 12 or 15 people while usually the number is closer to 20 to 25 or more.  Unless we’re visiting Pablo’s family in Formosa, we always go to the Yule time gathering at David’s sister’s house for a potluck feast.  After dinner the whole family enjoys a comical white elephant gift exchange followed by another sister’s homemade ice cream pies for desert.  For St Patrick’s Day, we honor our Irish heritage via a whiskey toast to our strong female ancestors, usually after a day of skiing together at Lake Tahoe – if you ever see many people skiing that weekend in strange green hats, that’s us!  In May, David kicks off the summer with his annual birthday pool party and at the end of July, most of his brothers and some nieces and nephews go camping together with friends near Lake Almanor.  Thanksgiving has another gathering like Christmas, although the location floats from home to home each year and is usually a bit smaller.  In between, there’s usually a couple more celebrations, particularly weddings, graduations, or birthday parties.  Meanwhile, any trips to Argentina will include parrilla (traditional BBQ) and Christmas Eve dinner late in the evening with fireworks and post-midnight present opening.

In our nuclear family, we have some traditions as well.  We love to celebrate birthdays and surprise parties are a way of life.  Pablo loves karaoke and has a great voice.  Halloween is David’s favorite holiday and we try to decorate with gusto.  Naturally, we also enjoy costume parties too.  Every year, we  go to Disneyland or Disneyworld, usually with visiting friends, but also just because we need our dose of magic.  David enjoys reading and telling stories to the children in our lives; they usually ask him to “do the voices!”  Our home is a multilingual environment – we’d like to raise our children to be at least bilingual (English and Spanish) and then offer them the chance to learn French or German if they’d like.