December 14th, 2017
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Sean and Sarah

We are Sarah & Sean!

Dear Birthmother: We are a close and loving family of three, hoping to become a family of four. Words cannot express how grateful we are that you have chosen to give your baby the gift of a wonderful life and that you are considering us to share that life with him or her. We are eager to offer you a glimpse into our family. We would be honored to help fulfill your hope of finding the best home for your precious baby, and we would be thrilled if your loving choice to place your child with us could complete our family.

Getting To Know Us: We met in 2002 through Sarah’s colleague, who happened to be Sean’s neighbor. At that time, Sarah was a psychology graduate student and Sean was an attorney practicing in Washington, DC. During our six years of dating, we hiked through national parks, biked all around the city, and went scuba diving in the Caribbean. These years of travel and adventure helped us form an unshakable bond and get to know one another on the most intimate level.

Playing with our young nephews fueled our interest in parenting, and before we were engaged, we began discussing our hopes of building our family through adoption. In 2008, we married in a beautiful waterfront ceremony.

Our move to Florida was supposed to be temporary, so that Sarah could complete her year-long clinical internship before earning her doctorate. However, we both fell in love with the year-round sunshine and gorgeous weather, so we decided to stay!

Education is a priority in our family, and helping those in need is one of our core values. Both of us have been fortunate to earn advanced degrees in exciting fields, and our professions allow us to use our unique skills to help those in need. We are the proud mommy and daddy to our animal-loving daughter, Natalie, who attends preschool and aspires to become a veterinarian when she grows up.   Here in south Florida, we enjoy year-round sunshine and warm weather, which fits our active lifestyle. As a family, we love swimming, biking, playing in the park, visiting the animals at the zoo, and going to the beach. The highlight of our year is our annual trip to Disney World to where we celebrate Natalie’s birthday.

Adopting Natalie and watching her blossom into a smart, creative, compassionate little girl has been the most amazing journey of our lives. We are beyond excited to welcome another precious child into our family and to give Natalie the sibling she so desires.

As equal partners with deep respect for one another, we share in the responsibilities of contributing to the family income as well as doing household chores and parenting. We firmly believe that caring for ourselves as individuals and enjoying time as a couple helps us maintain a happy marriage and a fulfilling family life. To this end, we have maintained a weekly tradition of Saturday “date nights” ever since Natalie was a baby. This intimate time together has helped us maintain our loving bond as a couple.


Meet Sarah

About Sarah, Written by Sean: My wife Sarah has a horrible sense of direction, but I love my wife and all of her little quirks. God knows she loves me with all of my own quirks, and I suppose that I probably have just as many as her (and probably more).  In any event, her complete lack of a sense of direction is legendary. Once, when I had gone out of town, she called me in the middle of the night to tell me that she had somehow gotten herself completely and utterly lost in her car.  At the time that she had called, I was in Las Vegas in the middle of devouring a hamburger in a restaurant.  Eventually, with my directions, she was able to find her way home.

We’ve hiked in many parks across the country, and while hiking one day in the desert, I stopped to propose to her and to tell her that there was nobody else in the world whom I wanted to get lost with more.

Before we were married, Sarah and I would take long walks in the evening around the neighborhood.  She loves animals, and she is particularly fond of cats.  Every time we would meet a cat, she would give the cat a name and make up a story about its life. Some cats had great lives with tales of adventure, sacrifice, and courage, and others were decidedly not so honorable.  For instance, a cat without a tail was a hero that suffered an injury in the service of others. No matter a cat’s character, my wife always treated them with love and respect.  Even after rescuing our own cat, we still fondly remember all of the cats that we once knew in our old neighborhood.

Our daughter, Natalie, takes after Sarah in her love for animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. Every day, Natalie gets down on her hands and knees, meowing or barking, pretending to be a cat or dog. Every day, Natalie gets Sarah to act out the same scenario – going to the animal shelter to rescue her, taking her to the vet for her check-up, and bringing her home. Somehow, Sarah never tires of reenacting this same story, day after day.

About Sarah’s Career: I am a clinical psychologist with my own private practice. I love the freedom and flexibility that come from being my own boss. This way, I get to schedule my work around my family life, not the other way around! Since becoming a mom, I’ve had a part-time work schedule. I specialize in treating adolescents with mental illnesses. I am passionate about my work, and I find it extremely rewarding to help troubled kids blossom into confident young adults.


Meet Sean

About Sean, Written by Sarah: Sean’s best quality as a husband is his unwavering belief in me. He inspired me to start my own private psychology practice right after I earned my doctorate, which took a lot of courage. He has always believed instinctively that I would be successful, and he ended up being right! I am incredibly grateful to have my own practice now that I am a mother, as I have the freedom and flexibility to take extended maternity leave and arrange my work schedule around Natalie’s needs.

Sean is notorious for going to the ends of the earth to make sure that Natalie and I are safe, comfortable, and happy. When we are traveling, it is not unusual for him to venture out of our hotel in the middle of the night to buy just the right food, medicine, toy, or amenity for us. His motto for marriage and fatherhood is “to serve and protect.”

I am very lucky to have a husband who actually likes to keep the house clean and organized! Until very recently, Natalie thought that Sean’s occupation was “cleaning the house” before she realized that he is actually a lawyer. Sometimes Sean will let Natalie use her little kids’ broom to help him sweep the floor while listening to the song “Hard Knock Life” from the musical “Annie.”

Sean’s Career: I am a lawyer with my own private practice. I specialize in helping people with disabilities receive disability benefits, and I find this work deeply rewarding. The nature of my work allows me to work frequently from home, so I’ve been fortunate to be very involved in Natalie’s life, and I’ll be able to be very present in our new baby’s life as well.


Future Big Sister and our Home

On Christmas Day 2010, we received the best Christmas gift ever: our daughter, Natalie! Her name means “born at Christmas time.” We are beyond grateful to her birth mother, Paige, for helping us become a family. Paige lives just a short flight away, so we were fortunate to be able to build a great relationship with her during her pregnancy. We have sent her pictures and letters every year since Natalie’s birth, and we just recently went to visit her.

Natalie attends preschool five days a week. On the weekends, she plays soccer and takes swimming lessons. She loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. She is extremely excited to become a big sister, and she is very gentle and nurturing to her friends’ younger siblings. She asks us all the time: “is today the day that my baby sister or brother comes home?” We can’t wait to tell her “Yes, today is the day!”

It’s a Jungle Out There: We live in a village known for its breathtaking natural beauty and unique charm. There are so many palm trees in our neighborhood that it actually looks like we’re living in a jungle! Nestled just outside a major city, our safe, family-friendly neighborhood is full of exotic plants flowers. Our single-story house has three large bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a big open play area. High ceilings and large windows create an open feel and a sunny ambiance. Our master bedroom and dining room look out onto our backyard swimming pool. Our front yard, which is enclosed by a child safety fence, contains a mini basketball hoop, a slide, and a playhouse.

Just For Fun We Like To Go…

Biking. We love going on bike rides together, and Natalie is now riding a bike with training wheels.

Swimming. We have a pool in our back yard, and we also love going to the beach together. Year-round swimming is one of the greatest things about Florida life!

Reading. We are both avid readers, and we have read to Natalie every evening since she was a newborn. Natalie has accumulated a collection of hundreds of books that she cannot wait to share with her little sister or brother.

Museums. Natalie loves interactive children’s museums.

Visiting the zoo and aquarium. Sarah loves the big cats, Natalie is partial to monkeys, and Sean’s favorite part is always the cafeteria.

Disney World. We take a family trip to Disney World every December to celebrate Natalie’s birthday. We’ve also taken two magical Disney cruises, and we look forward to taking many more as our family grows!

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Our Loved Ones and Life as Parents

Our Loved Ones: Although we live in Florida, we have family members in every corner of the country. Having family members in different states provides us with an opportunity to travel frequently and allow Natalie (and our future child!) to explore different climates, landscapes, and cultures.

Every year, we spend Easter in the Arizona desert with Sean’s sister and her children, Thanksgiving in the mountains of Nevada with Sean’s parents, and a snowy, cold Christmas in Maryland with Sarah’s parents. Natalie is lucky to be the only granddaughter on both sides of the family, so needless to say she is adored by everyone!

We have three nephews – Natalie’s older cousins – who love to play with her and always look forward to her visits. Together, our families take trips to the beach and Disney Cruises.

Our Cat, Lola: Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. We have a large, lazy, lovable cat named Lola with beautiful green eyes and shiny tortoise-shell fur. She was born in an animal shelter and we rescued her when she was about a year old. Lola has a special knack for begging and loves to remind us where her food is kept by meowing incessantly in front of the pantry. We once counted 60 consecutive meows, which were silenced only after food appeared in her bowl.


Our Lives as Parents: Parenting is the greatest joy of our lives, and it is a responsibility that we take seriously. We are very conscious of being good role models for our daughter and for any future children we are blessed to have. The core values we strive to teach our children include: Treating all people and animals with love and kindness, Helping those in need, Respecting nature, Taking good care of ourselves by making choices that keep us healthy, safe, and happy.

Education is a priority in our family. Learning is a lifelong journey, both in and out of the classroom, so we enrich our lives with trips to museums, exploring nature, traveling, and exposure to the arts. We have read to Natalie every day since she was a baby, so we have amassed a huge collection of children’s books that we can’t wait to share with our new little baby!

As our children blossom into young adults, we will encourage them to pursue higher education in a field that brings them joy, while assuring them of our unwavering love and support in whatever life path they choose. Our goal is to raise our children to become smart, strong, and independent, with the ability to think critically and creatively and the confidence to achieve their goals.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are thrilled to be expanding our family through the miracle of adoption once again. We have deep respect and admiration for the loving choice you are making in placing your child for adoption, and we wish you all the best as you navigate this process.