October 20th, 2017
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Steve and Anne

Favorite Things

  • Hobby

    A Baking

    S Boat Restoration

  • Favorite Movie

    A When Harry Met Sally

    S Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  • Favorite Color

    A Green

    S Blue

  • Favorite Food

    A Pizza/Pasta

    S Brisket

  • Favorite Animal

    A Cow

    S Dog

  • Fave TV Show

    A New Girl

    S M*A*S*H

  • Fave Holiday

    A Christmas

    S Halloween

  • Vacation Spot

    A northern Italy

    S Canada

  • Fave Band/Singer

    A Norah Jones

    S the Smiths

Hello! We are Steve and Anne, together known in guest books across the world as “STAN”! We are a genuinely happy couple, forever in our newlywed years, and yet feel like we’ve known each other for 50 years. We are a loving and lasting team, no matter what comes our way.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile, for taking a peak into our sometimes crazy, sometimes goofy, and very smiley lives. And most importantly, for putting your heart into this process, which truly means so much. We know that choosing what is best for you and your child is a decision you do not take lightly. But we also believe your strength is without bounds, and that choosing adoption takes a truly special person.



OUR STORY . . . thus far

We met seven years ago in a cozy little pizza place along the Missouri river. Who would have thought a paratrooper from New Jersey would hit it off with a farm girl from Iowa?? We saw in each other a strong character, a healthy relationship with family, and a bright future filled with love and plenty of pizza. Our dog, Bailey, agreed – it was meant to be.

First there was love and then came marriage, and then . . . we moved overseas. Being a military family, we get to move to new locations every 2-4 years. We both love to travel, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Together we have happily lived in Kansas, Germany, England, and now Texas, where we love the sweet sunshine!

We are happiest at home – grilling burgers, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes, watching Bailey lounge in the grass. It is in this place that we know we are ready to grow our family together!


Why I love Anne, by Steve

Anne is the love of my life – we had an immediate connection. We view the world through a very similar lens. Her tenacity and intelligence played a large role in my attraction to her. Anne has always had a great connection with our eight nieces and nephews and easily connects with our friends’ children. They are simply drawn to her. I think it has to do with her ability to know what they need whether infant or teenager.

Anne loves to work in the garden (something she inherits from her Mother!) and keeps us surrounded by beautiful flowers and fresh veggies. She also likes to stay fit through running, yoga and various other physical activities. She’s tried to get me to do yoga an few times but I’m afraid I’m a little too clumsy for scorpion pose. She also works very hard but does a fantastic job of maintaining balance between work and life. She takes pride in getting a good start
to the day.

Last, but certainly not least, Anne is beautiful.




Why I love Steve, by Anne

To me, Steve is everything – he is the smart, strong, adventurous man I married, and the kind, supportive, future father that I love so much. He is the Army Officer I admire for his dedication and sacrifice, and the goofy
guy who likes to put on a fireworks show each 4th of July. He’s the guy in church who can’t sing very well, but does anyway! He is the Discovery channel nerd, and the lover of beautiful, fast boats. Steve is charitable, compassionate, and respectful of everyone – truly a great role model and leader

He is the husband who cleans the house to surprise me, and brings flowers home just because. He is the uncle who prays for a good test result, and gives a listening ear when needed. He is the son, brother, and nephew who puts family first. He is the husband who kisses me goodnight, and starts snoring even before he hits the pillow.

Steve is my very best friend.




Keeping the Lights On …

We are both gratefully employed. Anne is a work-at-home consultant, and Steve is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and Battalion Commander. The military is exceptionally supportive of its families and offers extraordinary medical and financial benefits. The Army is a very close-knit community that looks out for its own; this is particularly true for children and families, with strong focus on community, education, financial stability, and strong family values. Our jobs provide the work/life balance we need for a family. Anne’s job is very flexible, and the Army often provides 3-4 day weekends. Our evenings and weekends are our own – which allows lots of time to spend with the kids…it’s a great way to grow up!

Our Family … Extended

We are truly blessed with wonderful families! Anne grew up on a cattle farm in Iowa with two sisters. Her parents are still farming, and the farm is a place we love to return to. Steve grew up in New Jersey close to the water, where his parents, sister, and nephew still live.

We have wonderful examples of long and healthy marriages – both parents have been married for nearly 50 years. Our family includes farmers, executives, teachers, military officers, a doctor, lawyer, engineer, therapist, homemaker, and 8 stellar students, including a foster nephew whom we love dearly!

We also have several lifelong friends who form a tight nucleus, no matter where in the world we are living. They are all successful and
very happy, and most have children ranging from 6 months to 16 years old (playmates AND babysitters!).

We are very thankful for our family and friends!

Meet our Best Buddy … Bailey

BAILEY is our dog
and she is a great companion. She is a Lab- Ridgeback mix, rescued from the pound at about a month old. She is sweet tempered and as smart
a dog as you might ever meet. Bailey loves to go on road trips with us and even has a pet passport! She adores children, loves to give kisses, and always gives us a big smile when we come home.




As Parents, We Promise to …

  • Read tons of bedtime stories.
  • Treat wounds, comb snarly hair, patch jeans, and check for lice.
  • Be good examples.
  • Give big smiles and strong hugs.
  • Pick good schools, and make sure all the homework is done on time.
  • Do silly things.
  • Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and successful trips to the potty.
  • Start a college fund.
  • Go for walks in grass, sand, snow, and mud.
  • Love unconditionally





Thank you for looking at our profile, for caring so much, and for seeking out a loving family for your child. You are in our hearts as you make this difficult decision. If we are the right fit, we would be truly honored to accept the gift of parenting your child, and we promise to give him/her/them a beautiful life – filled with love and laughter!


Steve & Anne