October 20th, 2017
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Tom and Kris

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    T: Hiking

    K: Photography Projects

  • Favotite Food

    T: Kris' Turkey Chili

    K: Eggplant Parm

  • Favorite Holiday

    T: Thanksgiving

    K: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    T: Gladiator

    K: Casablanca

  • Favorite Animal

    T: Golden Retriever

    K: Giraffe

  • Favorite Vacation

    T: Nantucket

    K: The beach

  • Favorite Actor

    T: Paul Newman

    K: Sandra Bullock

  • Favorite TV Show

    T: Modern Family

    K: Fixer Upper

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    T: The Head and the Heart

    K: Vance Joy

Hello and warm greetings from our hearts to yours!


We are Tom, Kris and Tessa from Connecticut. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family! As we sit down to write this letter, our hearts are bursting with excitement at the thought of YOU reading our story in search of the family that you dream of for your child. We can only imagine the mix of emotions you might be feeling right now. We want you to know from the start that it is our LOVE and FAITH that have led us to adoption, and we wonder if that is what has led you here, too. We admire you for considering this selfless and loving decision for your baby – and for that we already think you are an amazing and special person!

While it is impossible to say everything in a few short pages, we hope that you will see that our home is a warm place filled with love, laughter, joy and opportunity! We are easy-going, love to laugh and family is everything to us. It has always been our dream to love and raise more than one child, and we are thrilled to be on this journey toward adoption.

God has blessed us in so many ways and we have so much love in our hearts to give. Please know that if you choose to place your child in our home and hearts that we commit to providing your precious little one with a lifetime of unconditional love, security and opportunity. We are devoted to loving and valuing our children for exactly who they are and to loving them equally and beyond measure.


About Us

We’ve been happily married for nearly 10 years and we are parents to a wonderful daughter who can’t wait to be a big sister! Our marriage is built on love, honesty, trust, friendship and mutual respect. We each still recall our very first conversation and the immediate connection we felt based on our similar upbringings and shared values & life goals. Though we lived in different states at the time, we soon began dating and have been together ever since! In the summer of 2007, we were married by the beach in Rhode Island with our closest family and friends.

For over 15 years, we have been by each other’s side through many great adventures and a few of life’s inevitable challenges. We have grown together and believe that our strong marriage is the foundation for our happy family life. We feel so blessed to have each other as life partners and best friends. We have traveled, lived in different places, made friends across the country and are happily settled into life in our beautiful Connecticut town!


Our Thoughts on Building a Family

Becoming parents for the first time was the most amazing experience for us and we are so ready to do it again. We were naturally led to adoption to build our family because we both have been around it all of our lives. In addition to family members who were adopted at birth, we have several close friends & neighbors who have adopted children, and Kris has a dear friend who is a birth mother. We believe that adoption is one of the most beautiful gifts that parents – both birth and adoptive – can give to a child and we can’t wait to welcome another unique, amazing soul into our family!


What I love about Kris by Tom


Kris is the love of my life – truly the most amazing woman I have ever met! I fell in love with her kind heart, radiant smile, optimistic nature and her great sense of adventure. She loves life and pours her heart and soul into everything she does, most especially us, her family!

My wife is creative, loyal, down-to-earth and funny. She is super grounded and real, even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. Family is everything to her. Kris considers being a full time mom the best job she could have and she calls hugs and kisses her best paycheck! I love watching her with our daughter – she is the most dedicated, loving and patient mom I could imagine. She has such a natural way of connecting with children by respecting their intellect, using positive reinforcement and knowing that humor goes a long way!

Kris has always had a knack for making things fun, memorable and special– from planning special events and making a family photo calendar for everyone each year, to the countless work she puts into making our daughter’s life so amazing. She loves giving gifts and doing things for others. Kris cares deeply about doing what is right and can be counted on in any situation.

I feel so blessed to be married to such an incredible woman and truly believe in my heart that Kris is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST WIFE AND MOM, BAR NONE! Kris was born to be a mom, and there is no doubt that she will be amazing with your child.


What I love about Tom by Kris


Where do I start – Tom is amazing! He is hands down the most kind-hearted and generous person you could imagine. From the moment I met him, I was struck by his sense of compassion and consideration for others – and of course his adorable dimple! He treats everyone with respect, always has a kind word to say and a happy smile on his face. He is one of those people that make the world a better place!

Tom is honest, loyal and hard-working. He is a loving son, an amazing husband and a dedicated, loving, gentle and awesome dad!   He is the very definition of a family man – HE PUTS FAMILY ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Some of the other things that I love about Tom – he’s super smart, optimistic, makes us laugh constantly, is active and fit, and above all else, he loves being a dad. He is the ultimate role model for the children in our lives and he loves teaching, guiding, coaching and loving them!

I know that in any given situation, Tom will always do the right and honorable thing. I know without a doubt that our family can always count on him. He is our rock. I fell in love with Tom all over again when he became a dad, and I can’t wait to see him in action with a new baby!


Meet Tessa –  Big Sister to Be!


Tessa is kind, affectionate, funny, thoughtful and determined. Her smile lights up the room and her giggles make everyone around her want to join in! She is generous and always offers to share anything she has, even special treats! Tessa loves swimming, hide & seek, playgrounds, books, puzzles, dress-up, taking care of her baby dolls and building blanket forts. She is an awesome helper and will be an incredible big sister.

Tessa is eagerly awaiting the day she has a sister or brother with whom to share life’s adventures!

What You Can Expect By Being In Our Family – by Tessa

-Kisses and hugs at wake-up

-A daily family huddle to wish each other a great day

-LOTS of snuggles and I LOVE YOUs

-Love notes in your lunchbox every day from Mom

-All kinds of silly, loving nicknames

-Mom planning awesome parties and play dates

-Dad creating the best scavenger hunts

-Super fun cousins that love to play with you

-Saying grace before dinner & taking turns saying what we are thankful for

-LOTS of laughing, dancing and being silly

-Family pizza & movie nights in our jammies

-Grandparents that love you a bunch and come over to PLAY a lot!

-Camping out on our third floor with our family friends during snow storms

-Storytime, songs and snuggles to end each day

-A Mom and Dad who love you just the way you are, but always encourage you to do and be your best!

-A big sister (that’s me!) that will love you, play with you and be your best friend for always


Parenting – Our #1 Priority

We adore being parents – it is our absolute greatest joy! We firmly believe that each child comes into this world as a unique individual, specifically designed by God. Our job as parents is to bring out the best in our children and help them find their own passions while always honoring the unique beings they are. We believe that there is no substitute for spending dedicated time with our children so they are able to grow and develop with a deep sense of love, security and confidence. We will always seek to teach our children to be confident in who they are, open-minded, compassionate & loving to others, respectful to the world around them and courageous & determined in pursuing their dreams.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We love our home! – it’s a sunny, four bedroom house with tons of space to relax, learn, play and entertain. We have a large sun-filled playroom with a chalkboard wall, a big kitchen overlooking our family room and a huge finished third floor, which is perfect for play dates, blanket forts and movie nights! Our dining room table usually has a family puzzle in process, our walls proudly display Tessa’s artwork and our large fenced backyard will soon be home to the coolest tree-house around.

Connecticut is a great place to live and our town has been nationally rated as a Top 10 Place to Raise a Family and a Top 10 Coolest Suburb. It’s a big, small town and has top rated schools. We’re centrally located between Boston and New York City – which both make awesome day trips. We can trek to the beach in 30 minutes or mountains in 90 minutes. We love our neighborhood – it’s a lemonade stand kind of place with tree-lined streets, sidewalks, tons of young kids and just a short walk down the street is our town center. You can often find us at a community event or festival, enjoying time with neighbors and friends. We can walk to the library, church, restaurants, shops, an awesome neighborhood park and even a children’s museum! And we belong to a 380 acre outdoor center with lakes, beaches, wooded trails and activities & programs to keep our family active and enjoying the great outdoors all year long.

Whether it’s a family holiday party or a spontaneous neighborhood gathering, we love welcoming family & friends and look forward to always providing a home where our loved ones love to gather!


Our Family & Friends

We feel so fortunate to have such a tremendous circle of love and support – we were both raised in LOVING & CLOSE-KNIT families with amazing parents. We can’t imagine better grandparents for our children.  Many of our close friends we consider family. All of our family and friends are waiting with open arms and loving hearts to welcome a new baby through adoption!

Kris grew up in North Carolina and we are very close to her family there. We see them several times a year and our ‘cousin trips’ are some of our favorite annual traditions. Tom’s folks live nearby and we see them often – they are fun, active and love spending time with Tessa! They have two adult nieces who were adopted at birth, so welcoming a little one into the family through adoption is already near and dear to them, and they are over the moon to do it again with a new grandchild!


Traditions & Travels

-4th of July festivities, s’mores & fireworks with dear friends

-Fall apple picking & making applesauce with Gram

-Newport Folk Fest and beach trip each July with our cousins

-Celebrating every chance we get – we go big fun for birthdays!

-Nantucket trip with family friends in August – lighthouses, beaches, bike rides and ice cream

-Winter weekend fun with friends at Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park

-Several annual events to raise money for causes we care about


We LOVE Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Here are a few of our annual traditions –

-Tree decorating day with Gram & G’Pops (usually Thanksgiving weekend!)

-Hosting a gingerbread house decorating party, with music, food and fun!

-Making traditional Italian pizzelles and candied pecans, recipes from Kris’ mom

-Getting dressed up to attend a theatre production of Rudolph

-Christmas with our cousins, either in NC or at our house – the more the merrier!

-Filling toy boxes to donate to Operation Christmas Child

-Family Holiday Stroll through our town center – music, hot chocolate and Santa

-A family sleepover party with our dear friends to ring in the New Year!



Our Family Bucket List

Here are a few things we can’t wait to do with our children –

-Summer and Winter Olympics

-Cross country summer adventures in an RV

-Explore & camp in our nation’s amazing national parks

-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City

-Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center in NYC at Christmas time

-Visit all 50 states!

-Grow & learn through awesome life experiences, and keeping a journal-photobook of our fun family adventures!


In Closing

Our Promises to Your Child

We will fall deeply and unconditionally in love with you

We will capture every milestone & keep a journal of your life

We will provide you with unlimited love, hugs, kisses & snuggles

We will read to you every day and always help you with your homework

We will encourage you to explore art, music, tech, science, sports and anything else your heart desires

We will seek out the best education for you, from preschool to college

We will celebrate exactly who you are and we will love you always!

We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption! You have our promise that your child will always be loved and valued for exactly who they are, and will always know of their special adoption story and the faith, love and courage that brought us all together.

We truly believe that things happen the way they are meant to in life. If your heart leads you to us, we can’t wait to connect with you and we are open to whatever level of contact makes you most comfortable.

We commit our deepest love to our future child, just as we have with our daughter. God grows families in all sorts of ways, and our children will always know that they have each blessed us equally and beyond measure.