October 23rd, 2017
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Tonia and Bryan

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Tonia: Reading

    Bryan: Playing Sports

  • Favorite Food

    Tonia: Mexican

    Bryan: Italian

  • Favorite Holiday

    Tonia: Christmas

    Bryan: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie:

    Tonia: Harry Potter

    Bryan: The Patriot

  • Favorite Animal:

    Tonia: Dog - Hunter

    Bryan: Dog - Hunter

  • Vacation Spot

    Tonia: the beach

    Bryan: the beach

  • Favorite Actor:

    Tonia: Meryl Streep

    Bryan: Morgan Freeman

  • Favorite TV Show

    Tonia: Friends

    Bryan: 24

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    Tonia: Sarah Kelly

    Bryan: The Beatles

Dear Birthmother

Family is very important to us. Bryan’s children, our dog, and all of our family including parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers are very excited about our decision and ready to welcome your child into our family. We are ready for the laughter and crying, fun and challenges, and most importantly, love that will come with raising a child.  You are making a brave and selfless decision.

We would be forever grateful and truly blessed to welcome your child into our family. Thank you for taking time to consider us.



About Us
We know God brought us together. And, we are so grateful to have found one another. We met at work. Tonia had moved to Texas from California just a few years before. Bryan had been working from home but took a new position at our company and began working in the office just a short walk from Tonia’€™s desk. While we had each noticed the other, the right opportunity to meet had not presented itself until we found ourselves alone on the elevator together. Bryan worked up the courage to introduce himself and, later, ask for a date.

Tonia’s dog Hunter, played a significant role in the early stages of our relationship. Knowing the importance of exercise for dogs, Tonia ensured he got walked twice daily. And thus, our dating life often involved taking Hunter on long walks together- sharing our stories, interests, and dreams. It was on these walks that we fell in love. As our love grew, we sought out opportunities for Tonia to meet and spend time with Bryan’€™s kids – Meagan, Kaitlyn, and Brandon. This was a special time in all of our lives, as we grew closer to each other every day. The following New Year’€™s Eve, Bryan asked Tonia to marry him. We were married the next June in a beautiful outdoor ceremony under a gazebo surrounded by our friends, family, and a flowering garden.

Today, we both work full time. A typical weekday includes a morning and evening walk with Hunter. Meagan, Kaitlyn, and Brandon are with us on Thursdays and every other weekend. When they are with us, we make sure to have family dinners, either Tonia cooks, Bryan fires up the grill, or we go out to eat. Our dinners are filled with conversation and laughter. We go to church on Saturday evenings, often followed by family movie night. The rest of the weekend is filled with basketball, jumping on the trampoline, reading, board games, video games, TV, movies, bowling, and homework.

Before we married, we knew that we wanted to have a baby. We’ve been strengthening our marriage and blended family for the last 4 years, along with planning financially for a baby. Tonia is looking forward to taking several years off of work when the baby arrives.

Tonia through Bryan’s eyes

I always had great respect for members of our armed forces and that Respect only grew when I met Tonia. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Tonia reflects those values we have come to expect from those that protect us each and every day: Love of Country, hard work, honesty, commitment to excellence and dedication. The Navy aims to be a Global force for good and Tonia is certainly a force for good in my life and those around her. Admittedly, it was Tonia’s beauty that first attracted me to her, but it is her beauty as a person that caused me to fall in love. A single Dad with three young children, I didn’t know if finding someone to love would ever be in the cards for me again. But, thankfully, God brought Tonia into my life. We had arrived at that point in our lives through very different paths, but we shared the same values and dreams for the future. Tonia demonstrated such a great capacity to love as she chose to start a life with the children and me. The children are fortunate to have both a Mom and Stepmom that love them very much. Tonia’€™s role as the children’€™s stepmom is one she embraced from day one and takes very seriously. She loves, provides, and cares for each of the children and shares in the pride we all have for their accomplishments and the beautiful people they are becoming. Being a stepmom, however, does not supplant her dream to have a child of her own to love and guide from infancy to adulthood and all the wonderful life experiences along the way. From the moment we started our life together my dreams and Tonia’€™s dreams became our dreams. We pray and dream for the opportunity to grow our family, and I know whomever God chooses to bless our life with will also be blessed to have Tonia to call Mommy.



Bryan through Tonia’€™s eyes

When, I saw Bryan at work, I thought, he was good looking and was intrigued because he had a great job and he wasn’t married – how could this be? I was thrilled when he asked me out. I quickly learned that Bryan is honest, compassionate, smart, and often funny. And, very important, he is a man of strong faith. He was raised going to church, continued attending as an adult, and continues to make reading the bible and worship a part of his life. All of these qualities make Bryan a great husband and dad. It hurt Bryan deeply when his marriage ended, as this significantly changed his and the children’€™s lives, and reduced his time to be a Dad. Bryan puts so much effort into his relationship with his children. He talks to Meagan, Kaitlyn, and Brandon every day. When they are here, we make sure to spend time with all of them. Bryan also makes sure he has individual time with all of his kids. When the kids were younger, Bryan put each child to bed, spending time reading, saying prayers, and talking. The goodnight routine continues to evolve from reading to the children, the children reading to him, or just spending some time talking. No matter how the time is spent, the kids know that both of us will hug them and tell them “I love you, goodnight.” When the children aren’t with us, but have school activities and sports, Bryan and I attend as much as we can. Bryan’s interest, dedication, patience, and unlimited love for his children are a large part of who he is.

As a husband, Bryan always asks me about my day, asks for my thoughts and ideas, he tells me he loves me, and often holds my hand, hugs me, and kisses me to show it. We talk and plan our finances, activities, vacations, and our future. We value the same things, family and relationships over things, so our talks are usually easy and often filled with laughter.

Home is Where the Heart is

We live in a five-bedroom home in the cul-de-sac of a new and growing neighborhood. Our home is casually decorated so its kid friendly. There are lots of families with children of all ages, lots of newborns, too. It’s a short walk to a tree-shaded park with swings, slides, a jungle gym, pool, and a pavilion with picnic tables. Our house backs up to a state forest with walking trails. It’s wonderful to sit on our back porch and simply enjoy the view of trees, birds, squirrels, and sometimes deer. We have a large back yard with plenty of room to play!

Our town has many community activities: an outdoor pavilion for concerts and ballet, festivals on the river walk, Fourth of July fireworks, an ice skating rink and a light festival from Thanksgiving to Christmas. There are many parks – some with lakes, pools, and dog parks. Our town also has a mall, several movie theaters, a bowling alley and plenty of other fun, family friendly activities. Located near Houston, Texas, it is only a short drive to visit Houston’s museums, aquarium, art galleries or to watch a football, basketball, baseball, or soccer game. We can get to the beaches and other attractions of Galveston Island in about an hour.

How we pay the bills:

Bryan and I work for a highly recognized, international Human Resources Outsourcing company. Bryan started with the company after college and is now a senior project manager focused on deploying tools and solutions for our clients. He works from home full time. Tonia started with the company after she left the US Navy. Tonia is a senior project manager who manages the Health and Welfare Benefits relationship and administration for a Fortune 15 company. She typically goes to the office, which is in our town, but is able to work from home as needed. Our jobs allow us to provide stability, a large home, fun activities, and frequent family visits. What we love best about our jobs is that we have the flexibility to take time for our children’s activities and be present in their lives. Work allows us to live, but faith and family come first.

r-Our family


The Kids

Meagan is 15 and will be a sophomore next year. She is very outgoing, loves to laugh, and enjoys hanging out with her friends. Meagan loves diving and has been competing for the last 6 years. She has traveled across the US for dive meets. She practices six days a week, year round. Her best event is platform diving; she€™s fearless. Meagan is a singer in her school’s worship band. And, was voted to represent her class on the student council.

Kaitlyn is 13 and going into 8th grade. She has such a big heart for others and enjoys reading. The Divergent trilogy is one of her recent favorites. Kaitlyn also enjoys teams sports with her classmates. She played basketball the last two years and was picked as most improved this year. Next year, she plans to play volleyball, basketball, and track & field. Kaitlyn also was voted to represent her class on the student council.

Brandon is 11 and going into 6th grade. He keeps us all laughing and is continually seeking to learn. Brandon is very interested in computers, not just video games, but how they work and programming. He updates the programming on his video games to change the experience. Brandon enjoys sports and is going to play football and basketball for his school next year.

The kids certainly keep us busy with their various activities and interests. But it is such a joy to share in their excitement as they excel and accomplish their goals. All of the kids love to play with and take care of younger children. Meagan and Kaitlyn help with the younger kids at church and family gatherings. They are all very excited to have a younger sister or brother, and often ask us when we’ll have our baby.

Meet some of our Family

Bryan’s parents, Linda and Billy, live in Dallas, and are both retired. They have eight grandchildren and are always excited to add to that number. Many holidays and birthdays are at Grandmother and Granddaddy’€™s house, which means their house is overflowing with their kids, grandkids, other family and friends, and plenty of delicious food. Bryan’€™s oldest brother, John, has 2 girls. Sophia is 11 and likes to make videos on her laptop. Rachel is 7, fearless she’ll ride anything at Six Flags she’€™s allowed on, and loves Monster High. Scott is Bryan’€™s other brother. He’€™s married to Jennifer, and they have 3 boys: Parker (21), Michael (14), and Noah (12). The boys love basketball, music, and video games. Bryan sister, Susan, recently married Tony. Susan is a NICU nurse providing love and support to the babies and their families. We expect Susan and Tony will be adding to the grandchild count very soon! Our child and theirs€™ will grow up together.

Tonia’s dad, Jerry and his wife, Katharine, live in southern California. They are both semi-retired and enjoy camping. They are excited to welcome another grandchild. Tonia’s older brother, Scott, and his wife, Tami, live in Florida. They don’t have children but enjoy the role of Aunt and Uncle. Tonia’s younger brother, Brad, lives in Georgia. He has 15 year-old twins, Ashleigh and Ansleigh, and a son, Connor, who is 6. Ashleigh and Ansleigh love to play softball and are great with children. Although the distance between us all is far, we plan gatherings about once a year.

Tonia’s mom, Bonnie, and her Nannie (grandmother) live in Florida. They live five minutes from Tonia’€™s Aunt Ann and Aunt Liz, and a short drive from the beach. We try to visit them in Florida at least once a year, and they visit us once a year. They are all excited for us to have a child and are already planning extended visits after the arrival.

r-Exploring the woods


Meet Hunter

Hunter is 8 years old. Tonia rescued him when he was 5 months old. Hunter is a very important part of our family. He’s always happy and excited to welcome us home from work or school. He loves his morning and evening walks and will whine at us to say “€˜its time to go!”€™. Hunter loves people and is great with children. We often hear “Hi Hunter”€ from children throughout our neighborhood, followed by “€œcan I pet Hunter?” He’€™s a large dog, but a big baby. Our kids and kids in the neighborhood pet him, hug him, pull his tail, lay on him & he loves it and is always extremely gentle with the little ones. Hunter is a couch potato most of the time. We often find him sitting on the sofa like a person, which makes us all laugh. We know Hunter will welcome our new baby and be a faithful companion and watchdog.

Our Promise to You

We are so excited about the opportunity, with your help, to grow our family. Raising a child is a humbling responsibility and blessing. In our eyes every child is special and unique. Each child has its own personality, peculiarities, strengths, weaknesses, hopes and desires. Our goal, as parents, is to provide our child a loving and safe home and family in which to live and grow-up. We want our child to always know they are loved and cherished by both God and us. The values we hold dear and promise to teach our child include:

  • To love and have faith in God
  • To value relationships over things
  • To love and appreciate our great country
  • To embrace the opportunity to learn and apply what they learn everyday
  • To enjoy life
  • To laugh
  • To love!



One last Thank You

We have entered into this special journey of adoption knowing that when and by whom we will be chosen is in God’€™s hands. We are so grateful that you have taken this time to consider and learn about our family. Regardless of whether you choose us, we want to thank you for the decision you are making. We know it takes great courage to take this step and understand it is so important that you feel at peace with whom you choose as parents for your baby. We hope that as you read about us that you have found that connection and peace. If so, we are very excited to meet you and look forward to continuing this journey together!