October 18th, 2017
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Tony and Devon

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite TV Show

    D: Jeopardy

    T: Top Chef

  • Favorite Food

    D: Cioppino ( Italian Fish Stew)

    T: Nachos with the works

  • Favorite Dessert

    D: Cannoli

    T: Hot Fudge Sundae

  • Favorite Kid’s Book

    D: Curious George

    T: The GIving Tree

  • Favorite Animal

    D: Monkey

    T: Cheetah

  • Favorite Color

    D: Green

    T: Blue

  • Favorite Band

    D: The Beatles

    T: The Beatles

  • Favorite Vacation

    D: Peru

    T: Italy

  • Favoite Actor

    D: Christopher Walken

    T: Steve Carrell

Dear Birth Mom

We are beyond excited for the opportunity to grow our family and raise a child. We know that this must be a difficult decision but your bravery and selflessness are awe-inspiring. Our home is full of love and we look forward to having a baby with whom to share it. We are ready to embrace the bliss and battles that come with parenthood and to guide your little one to achieving his or her greatest happiness. As you imagine your child’s future, know we promise to provide an environment of constant support, unconditional love and lots of laughter. cover photo Our Story – Our Friends Knew Right Away!

Our good friends James and Shoshana introduced us 10 years ago. In fact, they believed we would be a perfect match for years, but we didn’t have a chance to meet until Devon moved from San Francisco to San Diego for a job opportunity. We finally met at a birthday party and quickly discovered that we had many things in common like a love for travel and adventure, caring for the environment, and strong bonds with our families. We married 8 years ago in Northern California where Devon grew up, in front of all of our friends and family. It was such a beautiful day filled with an abundance of love. Since then we have built our life in San Diego with our three dogs Sawyer, Sadie and Zoey. We each run our own business which allows us flexibility for travel and taking care of our house and dogs. We enjoy taking advantage of the many fun activities you can do in San Diego like hiking, water sports and the famous San Diego Zoo. We are thrilled about raising a family and are eager to bring a child into our loving home. We have talked about adoption for years and now our dreams are coming true!

5 Things You Might be Surprised to Learn about Us

  • Between the two of us we have traveled all continents but Antarctica.
  • Tony made fuel out of Old kitchen grease for his car.
  • Devon lived in Brazil for three months building latrines and teaching English.
  • We both love our careers.
  • Tony is an Eagle Scout.

Meet Tony by Devon

Tony is absolutely an incredible person! He is the most honest and loyal person I know. His presence is calming and he views life with positivity and minimal worry. He makes me laugh constantly and is always there with open arms when I am having a bad day. He can fix anything and loves to engage in home projects such as building a garden or installing our solar system. Tony has a deep compassion for the environment which was one of the things that attracted me to him. He holds himself personally and professional to a high standard of integrity and he is always the first one to help a friend or family member in need. Tony provides me the confidence and support to let me know I can do anything. He is my best friend and will be the most amazing father! Machu Picchu Tony’s Career

Tony works for a successful solar energy company in San Diego as an independent sales representative. He designs solar systems for homeowners and businesses and enjoys doing something positive for the environment while also saving people money. One of the perks of his career is the flexibility with his schedule which allows him to spend more time with the family.

Meet Devon by Tony

Devon is a remarkably compassionate person who is always thinking of others. What really drew me to Devon was her passion for the environment and how she always considers the greater good in all of her decisions. Devon is a very driven person who enjoys learning new things which she can use in her acupuncture practice to help people live healthier lives. She is currently earning her doctoral degree in Chinese medicine. Devon is excellent at making sure we as a family spend quality time together, and plans amazing trips and vacations for us. I didn’t think I would meet someone who loves to travel as much as me until I met Devon! I really admire how Devon is always doing nice things for her friends and family. She never fails to remember special occasions with a card or a call. She will also go out of her way to make someone feel special and loved, such as the time when she volunteered to host a baby shower for a coworker who didn’t have family or close friends to do so for her. I see Devon as a perfect complement to me and it is hard to imagine my life without her. Belize Devon’s Career

Devon works as an acupuncturist helping families stay healthy and happy. She has a diverse practice of treating pain, respiratory conditions, digestive complaints and much more. Her practice is focused on family medicine. Devon treats potential moms and dads to achieve their dream of having a child. She then assists the mothers through their pregnancies and treats their children as they grow. Devon loves her practice, patients and continually strives to be a better practitioner. Devon owns her practice so she has flexibility when it comes to spending time her own child and has the skills to ensure they are well cared for every day.

Things We Love To Do Together

Almost everything! We are both passionate about traveling. We often take short weekend trips to a cabin in the woods or longer vacations camping or visiting other countries to learn about diverse cultures and cuisine. We love food and cooking! We have a big kitchen so we can cook together. We often have dinner parties with friends and family to try new recipes and bring everyone together to celebrate life. We enjoying being active by hiking with our dogs or stand up paddle boarding in the local bays. To relax we generally love to snuggle on the couch and watch movies. There is a lot of love and laughter in our household that is ready to be shared with a child.

Home Sweet Home

We have a beautiful home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Diego! Every morning we pile the dogs in the car and head to the local dog park just minutes away to run and play. We are a five minute drive to the San Diego Zoo and balboa park which is full of museums and fun activities for kids! The gorgeous beaches and Coronado bay are just 15 minutes away and exciting places for weekend play time. Our house is clean, cozy and full of love. We have a bedroom waiting for our little one! We love to cook for friends and family and have a spacious kitchen-living room-backyard layout to entertain and for the kids to run around. Our community is safe, quiet and has plenty of activities for all ages. We cannot wait to experience our neighborhood through the eyes of a young child! Wrightwood CA Family

We are blessed with the friends and family that surround us. Devon grew up in San Jose, California surround by a huge extended family who gathered together for holidays, yearly camping trips and family occasions. Her parents, brother and grandma Betty still live there and we visit often! Tony was raised in San Diego, California where his immediate family continues to live. We have a niece, Violet (5), and nephew, Wilder (8), who can’t wait to meet their new cousin. We spend a lot of time with our friends, many of whom we have known since high school and college. We love the inspiration, humor and love they bring to our lives. Many of them have young children that we babysit and with whom we travel.

Thoughts From Our Friends

Our children don’t have family locally and we are not close to our extended family. Tony and Devon are like an Aunt and uncle to our kids. Our kids absolutely love them and going over to their house. ~ Matt

The bottom line is Tony and Devon are incredibly loving people. They have been there for our family in critical times of need emotionally and financially. We treasure their friendship and trust them more than many others with our own children. ~Andrea

As long-time friends and sharing many experiences together, my wife, son, and I can truly vouch for Tony and Devon’s caring, sensitive, and genuinely warm nature. They have freely welcomed us in their beautiful home, supported us in many of life’s adventures, and have always surrounded us with love and attention. We couldn’t imagine more loving, nurturing parents.~ Adam

Our two children love spending time with Devon and tony, who have been in their lives since birth. We   get together often, we vacation together, and the Vernetti’s take our kids on fun outings. We trust Devon and Tony and are certain they will be loving, engaged, positive parents!~Shoshana

I’ve known Tony for 25 years, and Devon for 10. They’re solid, dependable people who will make great parents. The world needs more people like Tony and Devon. They have always treated my kids (7 and 2 years old) with love and care. My kids look forward to seeing Tony, Devon and their dogs, and have a blast whenever we get together.~ James

One Last Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! In reading about us, we hope you have a picture of the life that your wonderful child will have. Your child will know how they came into this world, their adoption story and the bravery of their birth mom. We will promote education, travel and being the best person they can be. We will be there for them always with loving arms, an open mind and a world full of love.   back cover Our Promise to You

To provide an open-hearted and compassionate home for your child, to always act with love, kindness and the best intentions for your little one, to cultivate the creativity and knowledge of your child. To laugh and have fun every day, and always look for the positive side of things in life.

With Gratitude,

Tony & Devon