October 23rd, 2017
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Weylon and Shannon

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. The beach
  • 2. Pretty nail polish
  • 3. Southern cooking
  • 4. My family/friends
  • 5. Nature walks with Izzy
  • 1. Family
  • 2. The gym
  • 3. Challenging golf course
  • 4. Home cooked meals
  • 5. LSU football

Hello, we are Weylon and Shannon from San Diego! We are very thankful and honored that you are considering us to be adoptive parents. We hope that by reading our story you will get a sense of who we are and how much love and support we have to share.

Our Story:

Love was in the air! Literally! We met 10,000 feet in the sky on a flight to San Francisco. We started chatting about our favorite restaurants in the city and the conversation flowed from there. We exchanged numbers and met up back in San Diego and the rest is history. After a year of dating, Weylon recruited the airline and Shannon’s best friend for a surprise in air proposal. With the flight attendants help he snuck on the plane and popped the question in front of all the passengers and crew! It was such a thoughtful and romantic proposal. A few years later we said “I Do” in New Orleans in the presence of friends and family. It was a fairy tale wedding, New Orleans style with a parade through the French Quarter and all. We honeymooned in Bali where we explored the culture, white water rafted, played with monkeys and learned how to cook Indonesian dishes. It was an amazing adventure! We are best friends, life partners and each other’s biggest fans. We always wanted to grow our family by having a child and adopting a child. However, after dealing with struggles with infertility, we know now more than ever that adoption is our path. We cannot wait to bring a child in to our lives and grow our little family.


Our Community:

We live in a 4 bedroom home in the suburbs of San Diego. Our home has a large secure backyard with fruit trees and room for a play set. It is a great space for entertaining friends and family. We love setting up backyard games for the kids to play. We also have a garden that Weylon built where we grow a variety of veggies and peppers. In our community there are great schools, music and sports programs and parks. With great weather nearly year round, we take advantage of what San Diego has to offer; the beach, mountains, the Zoo, Sea World and Disneyland are all close by.


Our Adventures:

We have been fortunate enough to have traveled to some really beautifully and culturally rich places. Some of our travels include Italy, New York, Chicago, Mexico, New Orleans and our favorite place of all, Bali Indonesia. We look forward to traveling with a family of our own someday and our first stop will be the beautiful beaches of Hawaii!


Our Friends and Family:

Shannon’s family lives mostly in Southern California with a few in Minnesota. Shannon has one brother who has 4 children. Most of her extended family live nearby and get together for holidays, celebrations and kids sporting events. Weylon’s family lives mostly in Louisiana and he is one of 5 boys. All of Weylons brothers have children. Between the two of us, there are 15 nieces and nephews. Our child will have lots of cousins to play and grow with! We also have a great group of friends that are like family to us. Many of them have small children and are so excited about adding another child to the group. Backyard BBQ’s are common at our house and the kids love to come over and play.



Meet Izzy!

Izzy is a true Beagle; sweet, great with kids and has a passion for following her nose. She loves being outside and chasing the ball, running around and laying in the shade. She also loves cuddles, naps and of course, doggy biscuits. She is very popular with our friend’s kids, they ask about her every time we see them. They call her the funny dog with the floppy ears! She is a lot of fun and a great dog.


About Shannon, By Shannon

I was born and raised in sunny San Diego. Since most of my family is in San Diego, I was lucky enough to grow up with my older brother and many cousins, aunts and uncles. My parents raised my brother and I to be strong, independent and optimistic people. My parents were supportive and encouraged my brother and I to chase our dreams and live a life we can be proud of. I learned a lot from my parents and hope to pass this along to my child someday. We spent many summers at the beach having bonfires and bbqing with family. Our annual camping trips to the many local campgrounds are some of my best memories. I am very close to my brother and my parents. I also have a strong group of girlfriends I have grown up with, that are like family to me. Some I have known since Kindergarten.

I graduated from San Diego State University and worked hard building a career in management with a federal agency. I love my job and the stability and security it brings. In college, I worked part time and volunteered at the animal shelter walking dogs and helping them find homes. It was a great experience. I have also worked and volunteered with non-profit agencies and I believe in helping others when able.

In my free time I love to spend time with family and friends, being outdoors, swimming in the ocean, and cozying up on the couch with coffee and a good book. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new places. I recently went on a girls trip to Hawaii and swam with wild dolphins. It was an amazing experience.

5 things you should know about Shannon, By Weylon:

  1. She is the most giving person I have ever met and will do anything for anybody and expect nothing in return.
  2. She is going to make an amazing mother. She has a way of being comforting in the most difficult situations and her patience with children is something that never ceases to amaze me.
  3. She loves her family, spoiling her nephews is one of her favorite things to do and they love every second they’re around her.
  4. She shared my love for fresh grown vegetables and trying to discover new ways to cook and enjoy produce from our garden.
  5. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. She treats her friends as family and strangers as friends.



About Weylon, By Weylon:

I grew up in Southwest Louisiana with four brothers. My childhood was filled with memories of playing sports, fishing, camping, and being with family. Wanting to see what was out in the world, I joined the Marines at an early age. After completing my degree from the University of Maryland I found my drive and love for construction and began working as a Project Manager. After moving up in the company, I focused on facilities management. This gave me the freedom to work from home and allows me to have a very flexible schedule ideal for family life.  I have a real passion for wood working and growing my own crops. I want to pass these skills on to my future child. I believe that it is important to be taught the value and understanding that goes in to building or growing something with your own two hands. The enjoyment that comes with the accomplishment of having a project at the end of efforts is unlike any other.

Then there is just pure fun! I enjoy taking the RV up to the mountains, National Parks, or down to the beach. The other love of my life, besides my beautiful wife, is Louisiana State University sports. When our future child gets old enough, trips to Baton Rouge to watch the Tigers play and enjoy time with some of the nicest people in the South will be a common occurrence. Besides the enjoyment of watching the game live, it’s a time dedicated to just the family, strengthening the bonds between us and making life long memories.

5 things you should know about Weylon, By Shannon:

  1. He is so great with kids! Our friend’s kids are always so excited to see him because he will play hide and seek with them, make them laugh and is just a general goof ball and they all think it is great! They love their uncle Weylon.
  2. He treats his god daughter like a princess. He flys her out to San Diego every year from Louisiana and they have a blast exploring the city. He has always made her feel special and supported and she is growing up to be a remarkable young lady.
  3. He is a fantastic cook. Gumbo, jambalaya and various healthy dishes with ingredients fresh from the garden.
  4. He is very handy around the house and a great woodworker. He has recently built a beautiful planter box and Izzy’s dog house.
  5. He is a great husband, friend, and has a heart of gold. He also has awesome dance moves.



Family Traditions:

  • Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries: it is important to us to celebrate milestones and create memories
  • Fall Holidays: Football season, Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. Decorating for the holidays, Cajun turkey for thanksgiving and passing out candy to trick or treaters in our neighborhood.
  • Summer camping in our RV, exploring nearby national parks and beaches. Enjoying family time and nature.
  • Making a variety of pickles in the summer with cucumbers picked from our garden.
  • Annual crawfish boil, gotta bring Weylon’s Louisiana roots to the west coast!




As parents we want to build a loving home where our child can…

  1. Learn compassion and forgiveness and treat everyone, especially themselves with respect and kindness.
  2. Be confident in who they are.
  3. Know how to have fun, play and be curious about the world around them.
  4. Pursue a good education and learn essential life skills.
  5. Encourage them to dream big and purse their goals, know that it is okay to fail; it just means you are trying!
  6. Above all, know that we believe in them and they are loved.