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Can I receive financial assistance?

YES! You may receive financial support. Your adoptive family may pay for your living expenses (i.e., rent, food, utilities, transportation, maternity clothes, and medical bills, etc.) where permissible under state law.

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Can I have counseling?

Yes, you can see a counselor of your choice or we can refer a counselor to you. Your adoptive family will pay for the counselor's fees.

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Does this cost me anything?

No! There is no cost to you for the adoption. Your adoptive family will pay for any costs related to the adoption process.

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I need to move out! Can you help me?

Yes! We can help if you would like to move. You need to find the location (i.e., city, apartment, etc.) and we will assist with the rest.

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Can I choose my adoptive parents?

Yes! You may choose your adoptive parents. You tell us what is important to you in a family (i.e., race, religion, age, other children, etc.) and we will present profiles of families that match what you are looking for.

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What happens before the baby is born?

Once you choose a family and you are sure about them, it is considered a "match." You will most likely speak with your adoptive family on a regular basis until the baby is born. If you would like to meet with your adoptive family and spend time getting to know them, you may do so. You will continue seeing your doctor and taking care of yourself.

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What happens when I go into labor?

If you go into labor and have not selected a family yet, it is okay. You will need to call our office. We will have a family at the hospital as soon as possible. The baby will not be without adoptive parents. If you have selected a family prior to going into labor, you will need to call them as well as our office to let us know. You and your adoptive family should have already made arrangements for the hospital. They will come to the hospital as agreed and we will be in contact with you there.

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What happens after the baby is born?

After the baby is born you will most likely remain in the hospital for 12-24 hours before you are released. The adoptive family will be at the hospital with your baby and if you would like to see your baby and spend time that is o.k. You need to let every one know what you are most comfortable with at the hospital. The hospital social worker will meet with you to sign a birth certificate and hospital release form. We will make sure you have transportation home and your baby will go home from the hospital with the adoptive family. Arrangements with your adoptive family regarding contact after the baby is born (i.e. phone calls, pictures, letters, etc.) should be made.

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Will anybody find out about the adoption?

No! Everything is confidential through AdoptHelp. If you do not want your family or friends to know, that is your choice. You may tell whoever you want, it is not up to us to do so.

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Will my child go to the county or foster care?

No! When you work with the AdoptHelp, your child will go home directly with the adoptive family.

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Where are you located?

AdoptHelp does adoptions all over the country. Our office is in California, but we have a network of attorneys, counselors and social workers that we work with across the country.

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Do I need to meet with someone from your office?

If you would like to meet with a case worker from our office, we can make arrangements. Although, it is not necessary. If you feel more comfortable corresponding through telephone, mail, or email, that is o.k. Just let us know what you prefer.

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Do I need a lawyer?

You most likely will not need a lawyer. Your adoptive family will have hired a lawyer and if you need legal assistance they will pay for you to have a lawyer.

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What hours is your office available?

We are always available. You can reach us at all times of the day or night, either call our 1-800-637-7999 number, or email us. We ask that you call in the middle of the night only during emergencies. Otherwise, anytime to call is fine.

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'They were always there when I needed something or when I just wanted to talk. They respected my wishes and didn't pressure me at all. I know my decision was the right one and I was lucky to find people like I did at AdoptHelp to get me through it all and feel good in the end.'
- Birth Mother

'I called AdoptHelp very early on in my pregnancy. They didn’t belittle me but instead were supportive of my decision. Thank you for treating me like a person.'
- Birth Mother

'I know that my child is in good hands with the right people. I don’t have any regrets. Thanks AdoptHelp.'
- Birth Mother