October 19th, 2017
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Gratian & Megan

We, Megan and I, wanted to express how happy we are with the entire staff at AdoptHelp.  After struggling with infertility for so long, we began to lose hope that we would ever have a family.  We had talked about adoption, but struggled with the thought of giving up on a biological child.  After numerous failed IVF’s, disappointment and heartbreak, we took a serious look at adoption.  We went to seminars and spent hours on the Internet researching.  We chose to sign up with a large agency.  Although we adopted a handsome and healthy baby boy we encountered many issues, and it left us feeling as though we may not want to adopt again.

We always wanted two or three children, and once again decided we should try and adopt one more time, however this time trying to find something that fit us better.  We researched and called agencies, facilitators and attorneys.  We called AdoptHelp and were able to speak with Mark directly, he answered all of our questions and we actually felt as though he truly had our, as well as the birth mother’s, best interests at heart.

The next day we called Mark back and signed up to adopt once again. It took us about two months to get our home study and “Dear Birth Mother” letter put together.  Within six weeks we were presented with an opportunity to adopt, but after some deliberation and words of wisdom from Mark, we felt the situation was not right for us.  Mark reassured us not to worry, that the right situation would come along.  He was right, within a month we adopted another handsome and healthy baby boy.

We were amazed how smooth the adoption went. The hospital, about a three hour drive for us, knew we were coming and welcomed us when we arrived.  We had two or three calls from the AdoptHelp staff while on our way confirming that everything had been taken care of and the baby was healthy.  Mark’s representatives were at the hospital the first thing the next morning and all of the legalities were taken care of.  We were amazed by the honesty, professionalism and care he and his entire staff showed.  Our experience with AdoptHelp was as stress free as it could possibly be which allowed us to actually enjoy the experience of adopting.

Our story does not end there, however.  Recently we received a call from the birth mother of our oldest son, telling us she was pregnant and would like us to adopt this baby as well.  Of course, panic set in.  The next morning we awoke early and it seemed like an eternity waiting for the time so we could call Mark.  We called and Mark very calmly congratulated us and came up with an adoption plan.  We started another home study and literally just finished it the day before we got the call that our birth mother was in labor….in another state… a month early.  We called and left a message for Mark, loaded the boys in the car and started driving at around 6 AM.  Within an hour or so we got a call back from Olga and she was working on getting our home study and all the other paper work finished up.  With this baby being early it changed our original adoption plan and we were going to end up having to stay in another state for up to a month.  At this point in time we did not really need any extra worries, when we spoke with Mark he said he had a couple of ideas and he’d give us a call in the morning but in the meantime he said, “Don’t worry about, it just enjoy your baby.”  The next morning he gave us three options. We agreed on the one that was best not only for us but for the birth mother as well.  The Interstate Compact on the Placement Children (ICPC) was completed and we were clear to come home with our new baby girl within 8 days.  Our family is now complete with G.W. (2 1/2 yrs), Dominic (1 yr), and Addison (1 month).

We would like to extend our thanks to the entire AdoptHelp staff, especially Olga and Mark who went above and beyond to make everything work out perfectly, and once again allow us to enjoy the experience of adoption with Addison and her big brothers.

Thank You So Much,

Brittany & Jon

My husband Jon and I were waiting for the “perfect time” to start a family. After being together nearly 8 years and married more than 3, the time seemed right. You can imagine our shock and disappointment when we learned we would not be able to conceive naturally. But instead of being disappointed and sad, we simply leaned on our faith… believing God had a plan to place the perfect child in our arms.

Coincidentally, close friends were matched and awaiting the birth of their son thanks to AdoptHelp, and we took their recommendation and gave them a call. That decision proved to be one that changed our life forever. Just 10 weeks after learning we could not conceive, we were matched with our beautiful birthmother. One week later we flew to meet her in person, and began a friendship that continues today. Our son Grayson Gabriel Mitchell was born 11 weeks after we were matched, and we cannot begin to express in words the joy and gratitude in our hearts, both to AdoptHelp and our birthmother.

We are blessed to have been able to speak with her several times a week by phone during our match period, and flew to her state for delivery day… arriving at the hospital just 15 minutes before our son was born (two days early)! What a story we will have to tell him about the mother who loved him enough to want for him what she was not capable of giving, and to seek that out through AdoptHelp.

When we left her city to fly home with the baby, we brought with us memories both on film and in our hearts that will last a lifetime and help paint for Grayson a story of love that began with his birthmother’s call to AdoptHelp and ended when she placed him in our arms. God Bless the entire AdoptHelp staff.

The gift you give to childless couples is immeasurable and precious. You will remain in our hearts and prayers, along with all the waiting families. To them, we say… your match will come. Trust in the process, in AdoptHelp, and in God. As with us, He will place the perfect child in your arms.

Leslie & Alicia

My partner and I dreamed of having a family for a long time. I couldn’t seem to get pregnant. We explored what seemed to be every avenue and I had just about lost hope. We had decided that adoption was the way that we wanted to go but were afraid that either the powers that be would keep it from happening or that we would never be chosen by a birth mother.

The wait wasn’t easy. Honestly, it seemed like forever. The team at the AdoptHelp reassured us repeatedly that it would happen when the match was right. When we talked to Erin, (who would become our Birth Mother) we liked her instantly. It seemed that what they told us was true. When it was right, we’d know it. We had counseling from the center. They suggested that we contact Erin during the waiting period just before the baby was to be born. It was then that we had a chance to talk to our birth grandmother, Mary. There were laughs, tears and reassurances shared. Although our families are far apart and different from each other, we felt a special bond develop with Erin and her mother. When we met them in the hospital on the day that Emma was born it was strangely comfortable to be with the family that made ours complete. The funny thing is, that long, long waiting period before our beautiful daughter was in our arms was only about 9 months.

It’s been almost four months since she was born and our eyes still fill with tears of joy when we look into hers. We have never been happier.

Thank You,

Bob & Teri

It is such a pleasure to hear from you. We hope everything is going great at AdoptHelp and as well at your homes. Words can’t explain how happy the three of us are.

Looking back seven years ago when we were selected, it was like winning the 100 million dollar lotto, tax free. Ronnie is a bright, happy little boy with a lot of love in his heart. He is doing extremely well in first grade and we are very proud of him. He did a photo shoot with a friend of ours who opened up a chain of photographic stores around the country.One of Ronnie’s pictures is on display (above with the suitcase.)

For those of you who feel that the process is not happening as fast as what you would like, be patient, it will happen and it’s worth it every minute.

You have made a good choice in AdoptHelp of California. They are the best team to complete your family.


Matt, Diane & Nicholas

Nicholas is such a blessing and parenthood is everything I imagined it would be. He is growing up so fast. He already is crawling and standing up on his own, and has 4 teeth. He has the most amazing smile and cutest laugh, we love him so much.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, without all of you we may have never experienced the greatest joy of our lives; Nicholas.

Thank you,

We love our daughter…

We love our daughter and we are all so happy to have her in our family. When we first were looking for the right ‘agency’ to help us with our adoption, I came across AdoptHelp on the internet and instantly felt good and excited to look more into AdoptHelp. I said to myself, ‘They are the ones.’ Since I am very cautious and wanted to do a good research I continued to look into other adoption agencies, lawyers, facilitators etc. When it came down to it, my initial instinct was correct and we decided on AdoptHelp. I love the professionalism, attention, friendliness, and efficiency of the AdoptHelp Staff.

The great thing about working with AdoptHelp…

The great thing about working with AdoptHelp is that I don’t have to worry about anything. AdoptHelp gets the right people involved, (such as those involved at the hospital) and those individuals are responsible, professional and efficient. All the details were taken care of and all we had to do was get ourselves to our baby and love her!

We had so many failed adoptions that we almost quit. That is, until we met the staff of AdoptHelp…

We had so many failed adoptions that we almost quit. That is, until we met the staff of AdoptHelp. They were wonderful to work with and supportive of our being gender specific. The adoption of our two daughters has fulfilled all of our dreams.

The wonderful work of the AdoptHelp staff has made me very happy…

The wonderful work of the AdoptHelp staff has made me very happy, as well as so many others. You have touched many lives and enriched many souls. Thank you again for the most precious gift – my son!

They were always available for consultation and, when problems arose, they helped guide us…

They were always available for consultation and, when problems arose, they helped guide us through them. They proved well-informed, pro-active, and knowledgeable in all aspects of adoption law and worked in a professional and compassionate manner.

AdoptHelp works as a team and always made time for us…

AdoptHelp works as a team and always made time for us, and never did we feel like just another number in a bureaucratic mess. The bundle of joy we hold in our arms every day makes the whole thing worth it.

After meeting with three organizations…

After meeting with three organizations, we decided without any reservation that AdoptHelp would make our dreams come true. We signed up, labored over our Dear Birth Mother letter, and within six months we became parents to our wonderful son.

Words truly cannot express the gratitude…

Words truly cannot express the gratitude that I have for you and all the work, support, guidance and patience you had with me and/or gave to me during my journey to motherhood. I will be forever grateful for the part you played as my daughter found her way to me and into my heart …. You have an amazing team!

We so appreciate the integrity and professionalism…

We so appreciate the integrity and professionalism of AdoptHelp’s services!  Our case worker was especially professional, enthusiastic and patient with us. When we are ready for a second child we will defiantly be using AdoptHelp’s services again!

Contact our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.637.7999 or contact us.