July 16th, 2019
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5 Reasons Birth Mothers Choose Open Adoption for Their Child

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5 Reasons Birth Mothers Choose Open Adoption for Their Child

Why do birth mothers choose adoption? Most birth mothers make this difficult decision out of love for their child. Adoption offers peace of mind to birth mothers who want to be assured that their children are placed in a loving home. Open adoption allows the birth mother an opportunity to still play a role in the child’s life and maintain a relationship with her child and the adoptive family should they choose.

Birth Mothers

Here are some reasons why birth mothers choose open adoption:

  1. Not Ready to Be a Parent
    Adoption is often a difficult but wise choice if the birth mother knows she may not be financially, mentally or emotionally prepared to take on the role of a full-time parent. With open adoption, she can receive updates about the baby’s milestones and know that her child is thriving.

  2. A Loving Home with Two Parents
    A birth mother who is single may want nothing more for her child to be raised by two loving parents. A two-parent household may offer a child additional cultural experiences and a larger support system.

  3. Better Life with More Opportunities
    Adoption provides children with a variety of options that they may not have had if the birth mother had decided to try and raise the child on her own. A few of the opportunities include having siblings, extended family, and the opportunity to try new things like playing sports and traveling.

  4. More Control During the Adoption Process
    Open adoption offers the birth mother the opportunity to have more control over the adoption process. She can meet and interact with the prospective adoptive parents to choose the right family for her baby. She also has control over her hospital plan including any time spent with her child before placing with her chosen adoptive parents.

  5. Maintain a Connection with the Child
    In the case of open adoption, the birth mother maintains a connection with her child who will know their entire adoption story. The degrees of openness of this relationship can vary from phone calls to email updates to visiting the child. This relationship is jointly decided by the birth mother, adoptive family, and the child.

With open adoption, a birth mother can play a more active role if both parties agree that it is best for the child. There are no surprises, and the child grows up knowing the unconditional love of both their birth mother and their adoptive parents.

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