July 15th, 2019
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A Birth Mother’s Point Of View

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A Birth Mother’s Point Of View

As birthmothers working with AdoptHelp to place our children in the loving arms of another, we are a unique group of women. We come from different places with different backgrounds and different lifestyles.

We are different in many respects yet each share one common dream. We want the miracle we created to be loved and feel a sense of family. To know that there are people who want to open their hearts and homes to a child sets our hearts at ease. For us, for one reason or another, life has given us a miracle with whom we have decided to be the vessel, traveling thru us, and into your arms.

With great love and devotion we allow ourselves to release this miracle and channel it to another. Birthmothers and adoptive parents have one thing in common, bettering the life of baby.

 Birthmothers are vessels that have more strength then most. Adoptive parents are angels, to help assure us that everything is going to be okay. There is no greater calling than being a part of the miracle of adoption where so many come together unified by the love of a child.

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