July 16th, 2019
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AdoptHelp’s Process

It is a very exciting time in the evolution of private domestic adoption. Indeed, private placement adoptions today are voluntary and progressive. At AdoptHelp, birth parents voluntarily place their child for adoption, usually at birth, out of love for the child. Birth parents choose their adoption plan and personally select the adoptive parents after reviewing adoptive parent profiles. Adoptive parent profiles (sometimes referred to as “Dear Birth Mother Letters”) cover topics such as lifestyle, career, interests, friends, family, hobbies, and other pertinent information. They are visual presentations containing many pictures of the adoptive parent(s) in their everyday life.

In most placements, adoptive parents are at the birth of their child. After the birth, birth parents voluntarily place the baby directly with the adoptive family from the hospital signing adoption consents that typically become irrevocable within days of the placement.

In our program, adoptive families can define their “comfort zone” by implementing filters regarding the birth parents and baby such as gender preference, health, ethnicity, and any other requirements they wish to implement. Your profile will only be presented to birth parents who fit your filters. We are a program that believes that each family should be free to pursue an adoption plan that is personal to them. We do not require clients to be open to situations that make them uncomfortable and encourage clients to be very specific in the filters they wish to implement, whatever they may be. Birth parents also are encouraged to implement filters regarding the families they wish to review. By implementing filters for birth parents and adoptive parents, we ensure that you are only presented to birth parents with whom you will be comfortable and you have the peace of mind to know that you meet the birth parents’ requirements for a family prior to your profile being presented.

Our proprietary methodology of presentation and personal selection increases the likelihood of achieving a successful placement because the birth parents want the adoptive family they chose to become the parents of the baby. Moreover, when a birth parent personally selects an adoptive family and they, in turn, select the birth parents, this process results in a baby that fits with his or her adoptive family and with birth parents with whom you are comfortable.
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What Information Typically is Known About the Birth Parents and Baby?

When birth parents initially contact us they are assigned to a case worker who assists them and educates them about their many different options. In voluntary placements, it is very important to the birth parents to provide as much medical and family information as possible because they want the adoptive parent(s) to be able to use the information to effectively parent the child.

Before selecting an adoptive family, birth parents are encouraged to be sure about their decision to place the baby for adoption. It is important that they demonstrate a commitment to placing the baby for adoption prior to the adoptive parent(s) becoming involved. Birth parents also can request counseling and representation by independent counsel, which are encouraged.

At the outset of working with birth parents, we assist birth mothers in obtaining Medicaid so they are able to obtain prenatal care and have coverage for prenatal and delivery costs. In the majority of cases, we will have obtained important information about the birth parents including proof of pregnancy, prenatal records, family history, medical and mental health history, reasons for placement, pictures, and a budget for specific living expenses, if assistance is needed. Once a commitment to placing the baby for adoption is demonstrated, and screening information is obtained, birth parents will be presented with all AdoptHelp family profiles of clients who are open to the situation and with whom fit the birth parents’ requirements.

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What Happens After A Family Is Selected?

Once birth parents select a family, their case worker will immediately contact the family and provide them with all the information known about the opportunity. Most birth parents are excitedly waiting to hear the good news that the family they chose would like to move forward. Indeed, they often worry that the family they select may not want to adopt the baby. Therefore, it is important to quickly assess the case and make an initial decision about moving forward.

If a family is not comfortable with moving forward for any reason, they can pass and will continue to be presented to other birth parents for consideration until they successfully adopt.

If the birth and adoptive parents want to pursue the adoption plan together, the case worker who has been working with the birth parents will continue to assist with making the arrangements. This often includes, making continued doctor appointments for the birth mother, obtaining updated prenatal records, assisting the birth parents and adoptive parents during the pregnancy, obtaining counseling and/or local counsel for the birth couple, and advising all parties about the adoption plan. As an adoption law firm, we also will prepare the legal adoption blueprint which includes resolving conflict of law issues between the states involved, determining the best state in which to finalize the adoption, creating a plan for an independent or adoption agency placement, complying with all interstate regulations, retaining all necessary professionals such as local attorneys, social workers, notaries and adoption agencies and having the case finalized before a Court in your home state or in the state in which the birth parents reside.

Once the finalization of the adoption takes place, the laws of all fifty states recognize the adoptive family as the parents of the child. A new birth certificate is issued that lists the adoptive parent(s) name(s) as the parent(s) of the minor. It also identifies the child by the name given by the adoptive parent(s). Under the law in all fifty states, adoptive parents and adopted children enjoy the same rights and benefits as biological children and parents.

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Contact our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.637.7999 or contact us.

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  • We so appreciate the integrity and professionalism of AdoptHelp’s services!  Our case worker was especially professional, enthusiastic and patient with us. When we are ready for a second child we will defiantly be using AdoptHelp’s services again!

  • They were always available for consultation and, when problems arose, they helped guide us through them. They proved well-informed, pro-active, and knowledgeable in all aspects of adoption law and worked in a professional and compassionate manner. - Adoptive Parents

  • The wonderful work of the AdoptHelp staff has made me very happy, as well as so many others. You have touched many lives and enriched many souls. Thank you again for the most precious gift - my son! - Adoptive Parents