August 20th, 2019
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Some birth parents may have just typed the words “putting baby up for adoption or giving a child up for adoption” into a Web search and are beginning to consider options. Others may have been thinking about giving a baby for adoption for some time now and are ready to select a program and a family. AdoptHelp can help you put an adoption plan together, whether you just found out about the pregnancy or just delivered the baby.

No case is too early or too late for our team. If you are not ready to parent, you can still plan for your baby’s future by selecting a stable, loving family for your child. You can receive pictures and updates of the child you place. The AdoptHelp staff will discuss all of your options and provide adoption help so that you will feel comfortable with whatever choice you make.

Adoptive families must meet certain standards. They must have a completed home study prior to the finalization of the adoption. A home study is an evaluation of the family conducted by a private licensed adoption agency or public adoption agency. This evaluation is very thorough, including:

  • income verification
  • criminal background clearances
  • interviews
  • home inspection
  • references

If you’re a birth parent, you can find different adoption styles here, and can depend on us to work with you to find the right plan and the right family so that you can feel good about the decisions you make. For most birth mothers, we are able to help with costs of living, housing, medical expenses, and any other expenses related to the pregnancy and placement of the baby for adoption.

If you are in need of adoption help, contact us – we live to see the joy on people’s faces when an adoption concludes and all is well. Please feel free to read through our website and a sampling of the many success stories we have had the privilege of being a part of.

We Offer Adoption Help

It’s important to treat each member of the adoption triad (birthparents, adoptive parents, and child) with respect and care. Putting baby up for adoption or giving a child up for adoption is a decision that calls for a lot of heart from everyone involved.

At AdoptHelp, you can find all the adoption help you need including newborn adoptionpregnant adoption, and domestic adoption plan, etc., we offer services that will make this process as easy as possible.

Contact our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.637.7999 or contact us.