August 23rd, 2019
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Birth Mother Question: Can I receive financial assistance?

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Birth Mother Question: Can I receive financial assistance?

In a majority of states, the answer is yes. Most states allow for an adoptive parent to pay for a birth mother’s basic living expenses for the last trimester of the pregnancy and two to eight weeks after the birth of the baby. Living expenses have to be necessary and reasonable and usually cover rent, utilities, food, transportation and maternity clothes. The law permits this because a birth mother in her last trimester of pregnancy is not likely able to work and therefore is considered to be temporarily “disabled.” During this period of disability, most states permit an adoptive couple to cover basic living expenses so long as they are not contingent on the placement. We find that nearly all adoptive parents very much want to provide this assistance. In our program, assuming state law permits support for living expenses, we will set up a birth mother trust account and handle all disbursements so that you do not ever have to discuss issues of expenses with the adoptive parent(s) you select. In addition to living expenses, nearly every state allows for the adoptive parent(s) to cover the costs any counseling, attorneys’ fees and medical expenses.

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