July 23rd, 2019
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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your New Adopted Baby

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your New Adopted Baby

The holiday season is fast approaching, with the first of many celebrations almost upon us! Thanksgiving is a time of family traditions, enjoying holiday meals, and reminding ourselves of what we’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is also a great time to give thanks for the new addition(s) to your family. You can start new family traditions and teach your children about the joys of giving and being thankful.

Research has shown that teaching your child to be thankful early on in his or her life can contribute to overall happiness, among other benefits. One study suggests that children who learn to be grateful “report better relationships with friends and family, higher GPAs, less materialism, less envy, and less depression.”

Celebrating Thanksgiving

During this holiday, there are many things you can do to foster a sense of appreciation and gratitude in your family. You can share some traditions from your own childhood, or create some new ones! Here are some creative ideas for activities to showcase what you are thankful for:

  • Roundtable Discussion – Going around the dinner table and discussing what each person is thankful for is a simple yet effective way to get everyone thinking about their blessings. In the future, your children may start to eagerly anticipate this tradition and develop a better recollection of the little things that they are grateful for.

  • Thankful Jar – Have your children design and decorate empty jars dedicated to each person attending the Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone can write down reasons why they are thankful for each person, and place it in the jar.

  • Create a Scrapbook – Take photos of Thanksgiving Day festivities, and keep them in a scrapbook. You can also write small notes about statements of gratitude that everyone shared.

  • Leaves of Thanks– Cut out leaf shapes from fall-colored construction paper. Before dinner, ask each person to write down a few reasons why they are thankful. Decorate your Thanksgiving table with these colorful leaves, so everyone can read the many reasons to be thankful this year!

  • Share Traditions From Your Own Childhood – Think of the fond memories that you have of your own childhood Thanksgiving traditions. Whether you watched football games or Charlie Brown specials, made crafts, or helped out in the kitchen, your children may enjoy those same family rituals too!

As a special treat this holiday season, here are a few AdoptHelp birth mothers and adoptive parents that have had a lot to be thankful for:

  • “I never thought this process could’ve went this smooth, considering all the emotions and ups and downs that go along with it, but in the end we are happy with our decision and know it was best for not only the baby, but for the wonderful family we made.” – Maxine (Birth Mother)

  • “Throughout the entire process my [case] worker was so kind, supportive and informative. I honestly wouldn’t have made it through this time without AdoptHelp! Not only did I find my son the perfect family through them, but they made sure all my needs, emotionally and financially, were met.” – Amber J. (Birth Mother)

  • “Words truly cannot express the gratitude that I have for AdoptHelp and all the work, support, guidance and patience you had with me and/or gave to me during my journey to motherhood. I will be forever grateful for the part you played as my daughter found her way to me and into my heart.” – Adoptive Mother

While you and your family gather around the living room this holiday season, take the opportunity to share about what you’re thankful for. Your family is unique, and there is a lot to celebrate.

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