July 16th, 2019
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Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an Adoption Professional

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Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an Adoption Professional

The exciting journey of adoption starts with choosing the center or agency from which you will adopt. This decision will ultimately affect all aspects of your adoption process, and thus should not be taken lightly. Here are some serious questions to ask, and some points to consider before committing to any adoption professional:


What are the Financial Aspects of the Process?

First and foremost, it is essential to know the financial details of each company that you are considering. What fees are you expected to pay, and how much will those fees total? Are there any undeterminable expenses? Some agencies charge one lump sum, while others charge by the hour. Other adoption agencies will not collect fees until you match with a birth mother, in which case it is important to understand how they define “matching”—is it when you first have contact with a birth mother (such as a phone call), or is it when the adoption is finalized? It is crucial to be familiar with where your money is going. Understand how much money is being put towards legal fees, operating expenditures, or birth mother support. Ask if they can provide any resources to aid the financial aspects of adoption. For more information on funding your adoption, read Tips for Funding Your Need to Adopt.

How Much Contact Will There Be Between You and the Adoption Professional?

Asking about the details of the relationship between you and the adoption professional is an important factor in finalizing your decision. Will the agency contact you with weekly updates regardless of new action, or will they only be in touch when there is something new to report? A lot of this is the personal preference of the adoptive families. Before you ask the professional, determine what you want the relationship to look like, and go from there. If you need to ask questions along the way, will they respond promptly? Regardless of the consistency of contact from the adoption professional, it is important to look at the type of communication the agency offers. Whether they contact you via phone or email, or both, it is necessary that they do so in a professional and timely manner.

Baby with Mother

What Will the Adoption Professional Do to Ensure Your Interests Are Protected?

Determine the priorities of the adoption professional. In the adoption process, professionals must support both birth parents and adoptive parents and uphold a balance of care between the two parties. It is important that you feel comfortable with how the organization you choose manages this balance of care. For instance, asking your professional about how they plan to handle different possible outcomes in the adoption process, should indicate of how they intend to protect your interests and should make you feel more comfortable moving forward. So, if a birth mother decides to keep the baby, what would be the next steps for you? Be sure that your adoption professional has reasonable expectations and has procedures in place to protect you for various scenarios.

Choosing an adoption professional may seem intimidating; however, once you have chosen the one that best fits your needs, the adoption process becomes significantly more navigable. Take into consideration what others are saying about the adoption professional team by researching their online reviews, and if you have specific questions about AdoptHelp’s adoption process, feel free to contact us: we happily answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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