October 21st, 2018
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Cady and Doug

Hi there! We are Cady & Doug from Northern California!

Dear Birthparents: We have talked about being parents together since our first date! Since then, our lives have been blessed as a couple in so many other ways. We have a huge support system of family and friends, a wonderful marriage, our two sweet dogs, Teddie and Charley, and a happy, warm and loving home in a great community. We feel very fortunate that Doug has been blessed with a successful career, giving us abundant resources to invest in our future child, and the option for me to be a stay at home mom one day.  If you choose us, our promise as adoptive parents is that your child will feel SAFE and LOVED. We will teach them to be strong, compassionate, responsible human beings. They will get to travel and know other cultures around the world. And, we will encourage them to take risks and to DREAM BIG!  Thank You for taking the time to read our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents. We sincerely hope that you have peace in whatever decision you make and that you find the right family for your child.

Our Story: Our first date was at Peet’s Coffee right next door to my apartment. I walked in, he stood up, and we immediately hugged. About 10 minutes into our date, Doug asked me how I felt about having children! We became fast friends, connected by laughter, our values, and a strong desire to have a family together. We were married on an unusually windy day, the day before Easter, at a beautiful California winery surrounded by our family and friends.  We get a kick out of cooking and entertaining together; Doug BBQ’s ribs and burgers on the Green Egg (his new favorite toy), and Cady, who comes from an Italian family, enjoys making her famous minestrone soup, a recipe passed down from her great grandmother.  Doug likes to snowboard, and I like to ski, and we do it together at Lake Tahoe and have a blast! We like to read before bed, sometimes to each other. We also enjoy weekend road trips along the gorgeous California coast, up and down Highway 1, riding our bikes, and making up little skits that we think could be on our own comedy show.  We moved into our dream home, a one-story house nestled on 1.25 acres, surrounded by oaks and redwood trees, and frequented by squirrels, bunnies and deer! Our home also has a swimming pool and a huge, flat lawn to play on. Our neighborhood is a tightknit community with lots of families with children of all ages. We can’t wait to become parents!



Meet Cady

About Cady, By Cady: A San Francisco Bay Area native, I grew up in Mountain View, CA with my mom, dad, and my younger brother. My mom and dad knew each other in high school and met again at their 10-year reunion when my mom was a single mother. After they married, my dad chose to adopt me when I was about eight years-old. My dad has shown me that being a parent has nothing to do with biology. He has always been there for me and feels proud to call me his daughter.  I’ve always wanted to be a mother and felt an easy connection with kids. As a fulltime elementary and middle school teacher for 12 years, I have often surrounded myself with kids! I recently decided to retire from teaching full time, however, so that I could be available to be a fulltime mom. So, now I get to teach Yoga (my other joy) and substitute-teach in our neighborhood school district, which is a very flexible schedule.

A Little About Cady, By Doug: I love Cady because her sweet little laugh fills my heart with joy and we laugh a lot together even when life hurts! I love Cady because she makes me happy and she is my best friend; the one I trust with everything. Cady has a big heart and soft spot for children and she prays every day for the chance to give her all to a child.  Cady loves to cook and she enjoys making the big Italian meal for friends and family, the more the merrier! She is also quite the baker- cakes, brownies, and pie. My favorite is her peach pie!  I have always been amazed by her adventurous spirit. She has taught in international schools in Thailand and Turkey and has traveled much of the world before she met me.  Finally, I love Cady because she cherishes and loves my son, Alex, and my daughter, Katharine, as they were her own. I have raised two wonderful children, and I cannot imagine a more capable and loving mother than my wife Cady.



Meet Doug

A Little About Doug, By Cady: When I first met Doug, I thought he was unlike any other person I had ever met. If you ask any of his friends and family, they’d say the same. When Doug commits to something, he will do it, no question. No special occasion is complete without an impromptu speech by Doug at the dinner table! He has a talent for public speaking and can engage an audience quickly. He always makes time to talk about things, no matter the topic, and is a good communicator.  He is an excellent father to his two children, Katharine and Alex, now away at college (from a prior marriage). He has close relationships with both of them, always makes time for them, helps guide them on their path, and provides for all their needs. He is funny, has a quirky sense of humor, and makes me laugh constantly. Doug is the best man I know.  Interesting things about Doug… he has a sweet tooth, and I often find chocolate wrappers in the couch cushions or on the coffee table! He will actually get up at 5am to go to a spin class. He play-wrestles with Teddie, our puppy, “body slamming”, “pinning”, and all (gentle of course), which is incredibly entertaining to watch.

Doug’s Career: I am very lucky to have had an exciting career working for great technology companies like Facebook, Google, and Oracle. I’m currently running marketing for a cyber security company that protects the world’s largest companies and the U.S. government from hackers. This job allows me to work at home 50% of the time, so I will not miss a beat at home!



Love Makes a Family

Cady’s Family: I come from a huge family! Most of my family is located here in the Bay Area, a short car ride away. We frequently visit for Sunday dinners with my grandparents, my cousins, their spouses, and 7 kids. We also like to meet at my grandpa’s favorite restaurant for special occasions. 25 of us will pile around a few tables as we gab about the latest family gossip and laugh over pasta and tiramisu.  The other half of my family is clustered on the East Coast, near Philadelphia. My parents, Rob and Holly, live about 20 minutes away. They often come over for dinner and BBQ’s. My younger brother, Nick, a hilarious natural comedian, is a professional dancer and Emmy-nominated choreographer, and lives in Los Angeles. We are very close siblings and keep in touch regularly. He is big on family, comes home several times a year, and cannot wait to be an uncle!

Doug’s Family: My mom and her husband, Jim, live in Palo Alto, a short drive away (My dad passed away 8 years ago). Shirley and Jim are serious globe-trotters. It’s hard to keep up with them! My older brother, Joe, and his wife also live in Palo Alto. We often have weekend dinners at each other’s home. We all frequently get together to catch the latest ball game, or meet for church or brunch on Sundays. My younger brother, Richard, lives in Santa Cruz, near the beach, with his wife and two teenage daughters. We  like to spend time together on the sand and  engage in our ping-pong  showdown matches.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We LOVE our home and our neighborhood! We have a large one-story house on 1.25 acres of land, surrounded by redwood trees and oak trees, in a small town called Portola Valley, about 20 miles from the beach and 38 miles south of San Francisco. Our award-winning elementary school is a 15-minute walk along a beautiful tree-lined trail from our home. There is a huge park down the street from us with expansive grass, tennis courts, and an epic playground. There are several horse stables where people can keep their horses and take lessons. Pinky the Pig lives across the street from us, so Teddie has to stop and say hello, and Cady will usually brings Pinky an apple. We often run into our neighbors and friends who are out jogging and walking as well, so we have to plan an extra 30 minutes just for the socializing!

Meet Our Pets: Doug rescued Charley when he was six-weeks-old. Charley is a very affectionate dog, part Golden Retriever, Lab, and Australian Cattle Dog. He has the most loving, warm brown eyes and a big, goofy smile. Our little bundle of spunk, AKA “Conkers”, Teddie is our one year-old Labradoodle puppy we brought home just before Thanksgiving 2015.  He was a little turkey then, and he’s still a turkey! Teddie loves running around our vast backyard, chasing squirrels and bunnies- but he is never quick enough to catch any.

In Closing: Thank you again for reading our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents. We would be ecstatic to be chosen, but we understand there are many wonderful people out there who would also make incredible parents. Whatever you choose is the right choice!