August 20th, 2019
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Shawn and Alissa

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    S: Golfing

    A: Refurbishing Old Furniture

  • Favorite Movie

    S: McClintock

    A: Sweet Home Alabama

  • Favorite Actor

    S: John Wayne

    A: Angelina Jolie

  • Favorite Food

    S: Chicken Fried Steak

    A: Seafood

  • Favorite Animal

    S: Dog

    A: Horse

  • Favorite TV Show

    S: Gas Monkey Garage

    A: Fixer Upper

  • Favorite Holiday

    S: Thanksgiving

    A: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    S: Colorado

    A: Cancun

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    S: Jonny Cash

    A: Little Big Town

Howdy, We are Shawn and Alissa and are thrilled that you have taken the time to get to know our family of three! We have dreamt about having more than one child since we got married. Eight years ago we were told we would only be able to have one child naturally. At that point we prayed and researched numerous options on how to complete our family. As you take this journey through our story you need to know that your child will be raised in a home filled with unconditional love, happiness, laughter, hugs, grow to love and respect others. We value education and will make sure our children have all the opportunities and support to be whatever they want to be. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption!! Shawn and Alissa cover About us We met in 2003 while Shawn was stationed in Savannah Georgia. He is in the Army and had just gotten back from a deployment from Iraq. He is originally from Texas and is a big Dallas Cowboys and TCU football fan. Alissa is from Georgia and is big Georgia football fan. So you can imagine how we tease each other about who is the better football team! We were married a year later on October 1, 2004. Shortly after we were married Shawn was deployed to Iraq for another year. In 2006 we were blessed with our son Gage. After the birth of Gage, we decided that Alissa would quit her job and become a stay at home mom. In 2007 we were stationed in Alabama and loved it! We lived in a great neighborhood and close to the beach, which is one of Alissa’s favorite places. In 2009 we were sent to Maryland and have been here ever since. We own a house in the country on seven acres. We have great neighbors, a wonderful church we attend regularly. We have a dog named Riley and live close to an awesome school where Gage is in the fourth grade. We have this little hole in the wall restaurant in our town that makes incredible breakfast! You know you are regulars when they bring our drinks shortly after we sit down; Shawn has coffee, Alissa has hot tea and Gage loves his sweet tea! When it is warm we usually go get ice cream at this amazing place in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Being up here, surrounded by all of this history is a great learning experience for Gage and we venture out and take in as much as we can. We love to play outside, play miniature golf, go to the movies, go hiking, snowboarding, tubing or sledding. As much as we enjoy going and doing, we most enjoy staying home and just spending time together, home is our happy place! Both sides of our families are very close. We make it a point to see each other throughout the year as often as possible. We are extremely lucky to be able to go on vacation each summer with both sides of the family.   Alissa kids About Alissa by Alissa I was born in Savannah GA and raised in a small town outside Savannah. I have one brother, Damon, who is two years older and serves in the Air National Guard. We grew up in a close and loving family on a small farm. Our grandparents, some aunts, uncles and cousins lived on our road. My dad worked for the railroad and my mom stayed at home with us. I had many friends but my favorite thing to do was to ride my horse and work with the animals since I am such an animal lover. Most of the time I would just hang out in the barn with her, our dog and cats. Across the road in my grandparents field were a couple of ponds where we would go fishing, swimming, and canoeing. We always had a garden growing up. Corn day was my favorite: the whole family got together when the corn was ready. We picked, shucked, blanched and bagged the corn. I always got a tummy ache because I ate too much of it! Family time was important to us then and every Fourth of July our entire family would get together for a cookout. I am an outgoing, loyal person who is committed to making sure those I love are happy, supported and safe. I love spending time with our family if its playing outside or staying inside playing games, snuggling on the couch, popping popcorn and watching movies or laughing with the two favorite guys in my life. I can be both silly and serious and often listen to music, dance and sing when I am home, especially when I am baking.   I love traveling to new places and experience what the world has to offer. Some of my favorite things to do are cook, bake, work around the house, refurbish old furniture, garden and exercise. I enjoy spending time with our friends and having them over for dinner. Our families are very important to me and I love spending time and talking to them regularly. I make Gage a healthy lunch every day for school and I volunteer at his school every week. I am delighted to help the teachers and kids, it’s so cute because most of the kids call me “Gages mom”.   About Alissa by Shawn After our second date I called my parents and said “I think I found the one”. It is an awesome feeling when you find your soul mate that quick! Alissa is an amazing wife and mother, she is full of love and laughter. I love the way we have a fun feud between Texas and Georgia football! Alissa is always in a playful mood and is always keeping Gage and I laughing. She is very compassionate, supportive and encouraging. She is my best friend. What I find so compelling about Alissa is what her Mom and Dad taught her about remodeling homes. Every time we have moved she has looked for houses that need some work so she can make it our home! I love watching her vision and ideas come to light to better our family. Her #1 priority is our family’s well being. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with her. She is an amazing parent to Gage and can’t wait to give another child as much love and caring as she has given to him. Shawn Gage tractor2 About Shawn by Shawn I was born and raised in the country outside of Fort Worth TX.   I have a younger sister, Kelly, who is a stay at home mom for my three nieces. My dad was born and raised in the Panhandle of Texas and my mom was born and raised in Forth Worth TX. I would spend several weeks out of my summers at my grandparent’s house in Borger TX. While spending the summers there, I worked in the oilfields. At a very early age I was taught not to be afraid of hard work. Between my parents and my grandparents I learned an amazing work ethic. It has really paid off with my 20 years of Military Service. My dad also taught me that I am the provider for the household. That way, my wife would always have the option to work or not. I grew up playing just about every sport that was offered. I loved them all. It wasn’t until my dad said, “that I needed to pick one and give it my 100%”. So, I have stuck with golf. We also would spend a couple of weeks out of each summer going to Colorado where I learned to fly fish when I could walk. My Military career has been awesome! I have lived in eight different states and one other country. I started my military career as a helicopter mechanic/crew chief. After 14 years of helicopters I transitioned into airplanes. It was a great opportunity at the time and it has allowed me to broaden my experience into general aviation. Family is extremely important to me. That is the reason I enjoy working so hard, providing for my family!   About Shawn by Alissa When I first met Shawn I thought he was the most warm, funny and charming man. It didn’t take long until I knew he was the one for me. We are always laughing and being silly. Shawn is my best friend and a wonderful father. He is very dedicated to our family, he provides structure and unconditional love.   He is always learning new things and bettering himself and teaching Gage almost all he knows. Shawn works hard to provide for our family and for me to be a stay at home mom. He is such a great dad and I love watching he and Gage interact. He He is a good cook as well as very skilled with the grill and the smoker. He smokes an amazing brisket and ribs, which he is famous for. He loves to work in the shop and build things, he can fix and build just about anything! He built workbenches in there and even a smaller one for Gage to work on. He is the most thoughtful, loving, patient and man I know and more than anything Shawn loves spending time with Gage and I. Shawn Alissa Gage1 Meet Gage Gage is our happy and very active nine year old son. His nickname is Gageypoo but we also call him love bug or squirt. He is always making us laugh and is on the honor roll at school. He loves building Legos, collecting rocks, jumping on his trampoline or playing with our dog Riley. In the summer he loves to ride his four-wheeler and helping us in the garden. In the winter he loves to build snow forts and sled or snowboard on the hills on our property. He is an amazing soccer player where he plays offence and goalie in the fall and indoor soccer in the winter. In the spring he plays baseball, third base is his favorite position. Whenever it is warm he and Shawn play golf as often as possible. He wants to be a professional golfer when he grows up. He also sometimes helps Alissa in the kitchen and loves taco Tuesday because he makes his yummy guacamole! He eats almost everything and his favorites are sushi and crab legs! He wants a little brother or sister and would make a wonderful big brother and can’t wait to teach his sibling all that he knows. He is very caring and thoughtful; when we are working around the house he will fix us a drink or make us a little tray of food to snack on. Our Values

  • A happy home
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Respecting each other and good manners
  • Never give up on your dreams
  • Always be yourself

Our dog Riley or Rileypants as we sometimes call her, is a mix of Mastiff and German Shepard. We rescued her about six years ago when she was two. She is a gentle giant and loves her squeaky toys and playing chase. She likes to go for rides on the back of our John Deere gator especially to go pick up Gage at the bus stop. She and Gage play hid and seek, he loves to hide and have her sniff him out! Shawn Alissa Gage19