April 22nd, 2018
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Gio and Marco

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    G: Hiking

    M: Sailing

  • Favorite Food

    G: Seafood (all)

    M: Risotto w/mushrooms

  • Favotie Movie

    G: Wall-E

    M: Wall-E

  • Favorite Animal

    G: Alpaca

    M: Dolphin

  • Favorite Vacation

    G: Tuscan Beaches

    M: Tuscan Beaches

  • Favorite Actor

    G: Cary Grant

    M: Meryl Streep

  • Favorite TV Show

    G: Downtown Abbey

    M: Stranger Things

  • Favorite Band

    G: Radiohead

    M: Daft Punk


We are Giovanna and Marco. We are Italian. (But don’t worry; our English is excellent!)

Giovanna is a scientist and Marco is a filmmaker. An odd couple, you might think. Perhaps, but we believe our differences make us stronger. We’re a mix of rationality and instinct; judgment and passion. We want to share our love, our passions and our curiosities with a child, and that’s why we’re writing to you.

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. It means the world to us. What you’re considering is an act of love, and love is brave thing. We have always believed that adoption is an amazing thing, and we feel it’s such a perfect way to honor everyone’s deepest wishes for a child’s happiness. We are ready for this challenge. We are ready to give your child all our love, all our support, and every opportunity we possibly can.

About us

For our work and studies, we’ve lived all around the world: Rome, New York, Milano, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Auckland, Kyoto… We joke that with all the houses we have moved into and out of we could open a moving company.

The truth is that we both love what we do.  Giovanna is a biologist who studies plants and she is a professor at Rome University where she runs her own lab.  Marco is a film editor who edits movies, documentaries, and lots of commercials. He’s a partner at one of the top editing companies in the United States.

We now live between New York, Rome, and Los Angeles, but by this spring our base will be in Los Angeles. With the great weather, the ocean, and so much nature we think LA would be a great place to raise a child. But we’ll keep traveling to Italy often to see our families and to the rest of the world to visit our friends.


The most exciting things we have done together

  • Crossing the Mediterranean on a sailboat to explore the Greek Islands
  • Exploring the depths of the jungle in Costa Rica by crossing rivers in a car while Giovanna was safely waiting on a pedestrian bridge
  • Stargazing in a remote canyon in Utah. We still think we were the only humans for miles and miles
  • Climbing a mountain in Tibet during a snowstorm
  • Deciding to adopt

The first time I met Giovanna

I was at a friend’s party and I was on crutches. Having little else to do than sit in a corner, I felt like the most boring person at the party. Then I saw Giovanna in the doorway; I noticed her eyes and the way she observes other people: with excitement and affection. I cursed my broken leg, but something magical happened: she sat next to me. We started talking, and we haven’t stopped since.

The first time I met Marco

The fact that Marco was on crutches when we met was absolutely great: He couldn’t get away, so I could keep talking to him and be close to him. I first I fell in love with his voice. He has this way of pronouncing the letter “R” that makes him different from anybody else. I then discovered all the beautiful sides of Marco: his personality, his commitment to building a nest and a life in common. We met when we were already adults, but it felt as we had known each other forever.


A little about Marco (by Marco)

Growing up I had two great passions: music and sailing.  We had a piano at home and out of curiosity I taught myself to play it. As a teenager, I spent endless hours playing and improvising. When I was only eight I started sailing on the shores of a lake in Switzerland. I forgot to tell you I am half Swiss and half Italian. As a teenager, I became the “ship’s boy” of a sailing school in the Mediterranean. Teaching for the sailing school allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and explore countries, villages, and secluded bays. I learned to love the beauty that every day brings, whatever that is.

After college, I started working in theater as an assistant director; I worked mostly on lyric operas, and that took me all around the world. It was when I entered in an editing room that I found my calling. I love telling stories, helping directors find the gems in their footage, and bringing the actors’ performances to life. My job doesn’t feel like work to me, and I feel blessed to have it. One of the perks of being a film editor is that I alternate very intense work periods with periods when I’m completely free. That makes me feel comfortable about having plenty of time to play with your child, tell stories, and explore the world together.

What Marco won’t tell you (by Giovanna)

Marco is one of the smartest and most empathetic people I have ever met. He can tell you how you feel before you know it yourself. He speaks four languages (English, French, German and Italian) and he has friends everywhere in the world.  He’s a hero to our nephews; they always say they want to be like Marco when they grow up. They often jam together: Marco plays the piano, my niece sings, and my nephew plays the drums. Those are among the best times we enjoy together. Marco is happy only if everyone around him is happy too.

Marco’s Favorite Things

  • Cooking for my friends and my family
  • Telling stories and reading books
  • Sailing and exploring
  • Pushing my limits
  • Watching movies cuddled with Giovanna


A little about Giovanna (by Giovanna)

My name is Giovanna, but everybody calls me Gio. You can call me that too, if you want.  My passion has always been the study of living beings. I started studying plants in Italy, and I continued at Yale where I earned my PhD. After Yale I became a tenured professor at Rome University.

My job is a combinationn of research, teaching, and student mentoring. In my lab we use plants both to find new therapies to cure human diseases and to better protect the environment. The greatest satisfaction in my work is to see young students entering my lab full of uncertainties and leave as adults ready to take their future into their own hands. It is such an honor for me to help them following their dreams. What I also love about my job is its flexibility, which is essential so I can spend a lot of time with my husband. And yes, I love sailing too!!


What Giovanna won’t tell you  (by Marco)

Giovanna is extremely bright, kind, and passionate. She’s also very humble; so, she’ll never tell you how incredible she is.  Three things made me fall for her: her infinite curiosity, her sharp intelligence and most of all her fierce independence. We’ve been together for more than twelve years, and Giovanna still surprises me every day.  I know she will be a wonderful mother. Her welcoming smile immediately puts everybody at ease. Even complete strangers quickly realize how compassionate she is. I can’t wait to see her raise your child. She’ll be caring, protecting, and inspiring; she’ll open a world of possibilities to your child.

Giovanna’s Favorite Things

  • Practicing Any sport: yoga, swimming, hiking, cardio… you name it
  • Reading travel books
  • Sailing the sea with Marco and basking on lovely beaches
  • Getting together with my girlfriends
  • Watching movies with Marco on lazy Sunday afternoons

The people we love

It’s impossible for us to draw a line between family and friends. They are equally important to us. All our friends are family, and our family members are friends, mentors, and confidants.  The people we love are the foundation we rely upon.

We love family vacations, and we often we travel as a group with our nephew and niece. We have a tiny house in Tuscany where all the family meets during the summer months. We both love to cook for our friends. We try to keep our house full of friends, laughter, stories and good food.  The people we love can’t wait for a us to adopt. They all are already planning a thousand things to do their part in helping raise your child.

Cooking cartellate

One of our family traditions is the cooking ritual of the “cartellate”, a dessert from Southern Italy. Our tradition is to eat them over the Christmas break. All our family gathers at Giovanna’s sister’s house to cook them.

Everyone has a role from kneading the dough to cooking the sour cherry and grape sauce, and so the secrets of cooking Cartellate are passed from one generation to the next.



Things we’ll teach your child

  • That curiosity and questions are amazing
  • How to play, learn and love
  • That loving traditions and dreaming for future are equally important
  • To fall, stand and never stop chasing dreams
  • Everything else we know and, of course, to speak Italian.

Our final thoughts

It is a gift to us that you took the time to get to know us a little. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate it.  We realize that you must have gathered great courage and selflessness to consider placing your child for adoption. We want to thank you for considering us as parents for your child. In our eyes, you are a hero. We’ll make sure our child will be surrounded by unconditional love and optimism, and we’ll do everything we possibly can to allow your child to live happy, safe, and free and to achieve the fullest potential possible.Should we be so fortunate that you choose us, we will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives.

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800- 637-7999


Giovanna and Marco