August 23rd, 2019
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Adam and Alisa

Adam & Alisa 1

How We Met

Adam and Alisa met on the “T” subway in Boston in 1998. He asked her about the book she was holding, which led to talking about living in Maine, hiking, and the coincidence of having both just come from watching a slideshow about Mt. Everest. When they planned their first date right there on the subway platform, they discovered they had more in common, the same hometown, and that two of her sisters had been students of my dad. They found also a common love of the outdoors, winter hikes and skis, camping, as well as concerts and great food. Since then, they have chosen to settle down in Vermont to raise a family.

Adam and Alisa 2

Alisa grew up a long-distance runner, and loves to take long walks with the dog. She enjoys breaking in a new cookbook to see what become the new family favorite. Always a reader, I often on weekends will find Alisa with Naomi in their pajamas curled up on the couch with their books. Alisa cares deeply about and stays current on family health issues. Alisa is a speech-language pathologist, and shows all of her patients, babies-to-elderly, great care and dedication, and is well-loved and respected for her work in our area. Alisa is close with her family, especially her three big sisters, and many nieces. Family time is very important to her, and we are often headed out on outdoor adventures hiking, skiing or biking. Alisa loves being a mom, and is a thoughtful and deeply loving parent. She makes her relationship with our daughter fun, positive and strong. She also enjoys live music, theater, and watching fireworks. She sometimes wishes she could live in the 60s.

Adam loves being active outdoors in the sun or snow, watching comedy and classic movies, foreign films, trying out new recipes, traveling and exploring a new area of the country or Canada, having a successful intervention in his work as a social worker, playing the guitar, listening to live music, and completing home projects. He delights in reading, playing guitar, watching the Marx Brothers movies, and biking, playing lacrosse and tennis or kicking a soccer ball around with our daughter. He is the local expert in pairing slide shows with music to fit the occasion- whether it be a birthday, anniversary or retirement. Adam is artistic and loves doing art projects at home and art therapy at work. He’ll jump into the coldest swimming hole around and splash around in delight on a hot day. Adam delights in having time with his family, especially spending time with his three nieces and watching them grow.

Naomi likes to climb trees, rock climb, ride her bike, read, play with toys (especially American Girl dolls), swim, play outside in all seasons, build snow forts and snow men, play tag, play with her pet rock, draw, write, play with Playmobil, Legos, do light shows and talent shows with friends and sing. She loves all animals. Naomi is excited to have a baby in the family and can’t wait to play with her new sister or brother. We feel that one of the greatest gifts that a child can have is a sibling to love all of her life.


Activities: hiking, biking, skiing, contra dancing, hockey, live music, movies, local theater, trying new restaurants, and local college sports.

Home Town: We live in a small New England town with a college nearby. We enjoy college sports, music, theater, the art museum, and special cultural events. Nearby, there are mountains to climb, lakes to swim in, clear starry skies, and wildlife to hear and watch outside our windows. There are parks and playgrounds within easy driving distance, an excellent local elementary school, local theater and great restaurants to enjoy. Our neighbors look out for each other, have holiday parties and summer cookouts. They have been known to shovel our roof and sand our driveway when we are away and there is snow or ice.

Travel: We love to travel! We have family across the United States and in Europe and enjoy visiting family, or just getting away as a family to explore a new area of the world. We typically split our time when traveling between camping, staying in a hotel, hiking and experiences local culture and food.

Friends and Family: Our friends and family members are excited to welcome a new baby! Alisa comes from a large family of my parents, sisters, nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins. We gather at least twice a year in the summer and winter to share stories, laugh, hike and make good food together. We have a close group of friends in our community from sports, church, work and our neighborhood. We live in a small community where we have gotten to know other families with young children.

Pets: We have a dog and a cat. Both of them were rescued when our daughter was young and have enjoyed interacting with young children.

Dear Birth Mother,
We thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We understand that you are thinking now about your baby and the future, and trust that you will make the best decision you possibly can. We want your child to know that you made this difficult decision, because you wanted your child to have a better life. If you do consider us, we hope you will always know that we would love your child as we love our daughter.


We promise that your child will:

feel well-loved every day
join in the adventure of a story when we read it
feel supported to have big hopes and dreams and to make them happen
laugh and giggle several times each day
sing and dance like the star they are
ask questions and get an answer – every time
skip in the sun, rain and snow
feel free to examine every bug, leaf and puddle on a walk
build snow forts, tree houses and sand castles whenever possible
feel gentle encouragement and unconditional support