April 27th, 2018
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Adam and Lisa

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Show

    Lisa The Good Wife

    Adam Parenthood

  • Favorite Dessert

    Lisa Strawberry Pie

    Adam Rocky Road Ice Cream

  • Favorite Kids Movie

    Lisa Lady & the Tramp

    Adam Winnie the Pooh

  • Favorite Hobby

    Lisa Bicycling

    Adam Tennis

  • Favorite Color

    Lisa Pink

    Adam Blue

  • Favorite Holiday

    Lisa Christmas

    Adam Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Vacation

    Lisa Europe

    Adam Europe

  • Favorite Kids Book

    Lisa Where the Wild Things Are

    Adam Winnie the Pooh

  • Favorite Snack

    Lisa Popcorn

    Adam Monster Cookie

Hello! We are Adam and Lisa from San Diego, California!

Dear Birth mother,

We know you have a lot to think about and are honored you are taking the time to get to know us.  We admire your strength, courage and compassion as you consider adoption.  We hope this letter will give you a sense of who we are and the values which are important to us.  Today families come together in many different ways, and we are excited to build our family with honesty, support and love.  We’d enjoy finding out more about your hopes and dreams, and look forward to hearing from you anytime.

L&A seek gardens when traveling the world

About Us

We met in 2011 while hiking Torrey Pines, a beautiful southern California coastal natural reserve. When we started dating, we realized we had something special and our friendship quickly developed into love.  We were struck with how much our personalities and lifestyles had in common. We share similar values: family, friendships, outdoor activities, travel and love for God.  We thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon in Germany as we walked the cobblestone streets in the medieval town of Rothenburg, peering into the gingerbread house windows and imagining life as it was hundreds of years ago.  We now have been married over 4 years.  The years have sped by as we have been enjoying time with family and friends, bicycling, swimming, hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the ocean, singing in the church choir, serving free meals to those in need, and traveling all over the world.  While we have been blessed with our life, we know what really brings fulfillment is having a child.  We can’t wait to love and devote our lives to a son or daughter; there is nothing we want more than to raise a family in our home.

About Adam by Lisa – Adam is the greatest blessing in my life.  He is warm, generous, and always helping others.

Adam’s easy going manner and humor keeps our life upbeat and fun.  His love for his adult sons is evident he responds to their requests for advice, and when they reminisce about the fun times they had growing up.  I enjoy hearing their memories of living a few years in England during Adam’s previous Navy life.  They remember driving the English narrow roads next to ancient stone walls covered with ivy and also hiking the Cornwall cliffs near the ocean.

As a Naval Officer, he gained the respect and confidence of men and women over him because he had a way of accomplishing the hob while taking care of those under him.  Adam lives his life with awareness, integrity and rises to the top of every circumstance he encounters.

When I first met Adam, I knew he was someone special.  Every day I see a new aspect of him that makes me love him even more.  I’m looking forward to watching his positive influence blossom our own family experience!

Prague L lilacs

About Lisa by Adam When I first met Lisa, I thought to myself “What have we here?” We had such a wonderful time hiking and talking I invited her to a full moon hike with our hiking group. After a few dates I knew she was my blessing from God. I could not have asked for a better partner and friend. Lisa is self-aware and has a great attitude about life’s challenges. She will not stop trying to accomplish a task until she has exhausted every possibility. I love her outgoing personality and how she connects with people.

Whether for fun or work Lisa loves to travel. She has traveled to Africa on several occasions to help train medical hospital personnel to care for the sick and also to recognize abnormalities in blood and tissue samples. She stays in touch with the people she met there, frequently sharing what is happening in each other’s lives.  She has an amazing analytical mind and also loves people.  She became a “big sister” and enjoyed weekly spending time and mentoring a girl in a refugee family from Burundi.  During her last visit to Africa she sought out the opportunity to hike up a mountain to see gorillas. The videos show her within 30 feet of the great silver-back and his tribe of gorillas, an unbelievable experience some only dream about.

Lisa has many qualities of a great mother. When we babysit our friend’s child, she is on the floor playing cars “with sound effects”.  I love watching her play with children, the smile on her face fills me with joy.  Lisa is going to be a wonderful mother; she is fantastic balancing fun and teaching moments.  She is also nurturing and loving; I see the delight in her eyes every time she has an opportunity to interact with children.  She is amazing with children; I imagine our future child smiling and laughing as Lisa hugs and interacts with him or her.

Adam Rothenburg midevil wall

Our Careers

Adam served as an officer in the United States Navy.  He recently retired and is pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration.  He is both excited and looking forward to being a stay at home dad.  Lisa is a Medical Technologist and works in a Hospital Laboratory.  She loves to help patients by using her hands to perform laboratory testing with complex instruments.  Lisa has accumulated a lot of vacation time working in the federal government, and is excited to use it for when we adopt, and later going to the zoo with our child to interact with the dolphins, helping in school classrooms, and creating lasting memories by playing with our child on the jungle gym in the park.

Our Home & Community

We live in beautiful San Diego, California. We are located between the ocean, mountains, and our city has one of the country’s best zoo and safari parks. We are excited for our child to visit these wonderful parks. Our neighborhood is friendly and diverse, and we look forward to laughing as our child jumps and splashes into our arms in our pool.  Our home has an open floor plan with plenty of space for playing with a doll house or laying out tracks for trains. San Diego has year round sun, so we are free to hike, swim, and visit parks and different towns in the mountains.

Meet Bella

Bella is a grey rescue cat from an animal shelter and is now a little over 12 years old. She loves curling up on people’s laps and also around Lisa’s neck. She is adorable and loving. She has a great imagination too, sometimes she just takes off running as if she was dashing through a jungle jumping from furniture to furniture.

Interests & Hobbies

We are fit, active and enjoy being outside, whether it be going for a walk on the beach or hiking in the local mountains.  We enjoy bicycling, boogie boarding, kayaking, swimming, and playing tennis. We imagine our family enjoying biking as our child peddles the trailer bicycle attached to one of our bicycles.  Lisa loves to play piano and sings weekly in the church choir. Our church has a wonderful youth choir program where our child can also enjoy singing with friends.  Between the two of us we cover the a lot of interests and hobbies, we see our child playing the piano and swinging a tennis racket along with us if he or she so chooses.

A&L air balloon ride

Friends & Family

Both our families are excited we have decided to pursue adopting. Our families have been there for us and are now cheering us on in this fantastic adventure. We come from different parts of the country, Adam’s family is located in Texas, and Lisa’s are located in both Iowa and Wisconsin.  Adam has two brothers and four sisters. We see them as often as we can. Our trip to Texas encompasses traveling to Houston and San Antonio. The Alamo and the River-walk in San Antonio never gets old.  Lisa has one older sister, they talk often and have become closer with each day. While our families live across the country we often video chat to stay in touch as much as possible.

We have close friends that share the same values as we do.  On a weekly basis we get together to hike, bicycle, or kayak with them. Our last big adventure was cycling 75 miles along the scenic highway 101 in southern California. While being adventurous is fun, sharing each other’s struggles and blessings is what makes our friendship great. We are surrounded by wonderful people that continue to encourage and support our dream of adopting a child.

A&L fathers day

As Parents

Adam’s promise to our family: Our child will be our number one priority. We will love, nurture, guide, and provide a safe home for our child to grow. We will foster an environment that encourages the pursuit of dreams and provide a structure that allows your child to achieve his/her aspirations. We will help him/her find his/her own individual interests.  We promise to expand her/his world through travel, education, sports, and art. We look forward to reading books, doing homework, swimming, or riding a bike.  Most importantly, we will love our child unconditionally. 

Lisa’s family dream:  Christmas is my favorite season with all the beautiful decorations around the home and community, the beautiful music, and friends and family enjoying time together.  I look forward to our little one bounding into our bedroom Christmas morning, pulling us out of bed all bleary-eyed, and running to the Christmas tree and the stuffed stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel.  We would joyously open our gifts with Christmas music playing in the background while eating our warm cinnamon rolls.  Later we would sit around the table with family and friends for a grand turkey dinner.

We are excited about parenting!  We gladly accept the responsibility of raising a child in our loving home.  We will provide every opportunity and support for our child to grow and accomplish his or her dreams. As you consider adoption, we want you to know that we welcome your child into our caring family. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions for us or would like to speak to us about becoming adoptive parents to your child, please contact your adoption advisor at AdoptHelp.  Call toll-free at 1-800-637-7999.


Adam and Lisa