October 22nd, 2018
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Alan and Rebecca

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Alan Photography

    Rebecca Christmas Crafting

  • Favorite Food

    Alan BLT with avocado

    R Vietnamese vegetable soup

  • Favorite Holiday

    Alan Halloween

    Rebecca Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Alan The Fantastic Mister Fox

    Rebecca The Fall

  • Favorite Animal

    Alan Bats

    Rebecca Elephants

  • Favorite Vacation

    Alan Greece

    Rebecca Vermont

  • Favorite Actor

    Alan Robert Redford

    Rebecca Michelle Yeoh

  • Favorite TV Show

    Alan Northern Exposure

    Rebecca Sense 8

  • Favorite Band

    Alan Tom Waits

    R Michael Franti & Spearhead

Dear Birthmother,

We are Rebecca and Alan from Eagle Rock, California. We are so excited to become first-time parents! We really appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and to see what it would be like for your child to be part of our life of art, gardening, animals, and travel.

Lots of love, Rebecca & Alan Duke

ABOUT US We met in Vermont while at an artists’ residency and instantly became friends.

Soon after the residency, we both found ourselves moving to LA for graduate school. A romance blossomed and, in 2011, we married in a small ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean surrounded by a few friends and family members.

We volunteer with Kitten Rescue, a nonprofit rescue group that pulls animals from the shelter and finds them new forever homes. So far we have taken in and found homes for over 50 cats and kittens. For Valentine’s Day this year, Rebecca organized a reunion with one of our favorite foster cats, Anna, and it was so special! They are a wonderful part of our lives and we love them all so much! We travel and when we travel we always visit friends and family. A few times a year we see our families in Vermont and Colorado. We also visit extended family and friends in Rhode Island, New York, or internationally. We also like to travel with family to see new places. This past year we all met in Hawai’i to go camping. Our nephews are awesome kids and we are eager for our children to play with them!

We make art and we enjoy going to museums and art openings for inspiration. We also like keeping up with friends at backyard BBQs and taking walks around our neighborhood. Each day we make a point of reconnecting over dinner. Most evenings end with an old episode of Star Trek or a cheesy movie like Pirates of the Caribbean.

REBECCA BY ALAN Rebecca is caring, creative, and hard working. She loves making things, teaching art, rock climbing, and saving animals. She grew up in the Vermont woods and is the oldest of four. Everyone is really excited about us expanding the family through adoption, especially her sister who is also adopting! Rebecca already has two young nephews who love sports and drawing. This spring, she baked Skittles cookies (yuck!) and made clay sculptures with the boys after sledding in the snow. Rebecca makes the world a better place by teaching art to children and young adults in community centers, public schools, a juvenile detention center, and an art university. Children gravitate toward her somehow knowing that she is always ready to listen or play. Mostly, she wants to make a difference in the lives of others and wants her own life to be full of challenges, discoveries, and adventure. She is looking forward to the adventure of becoming a new stay-at-home mom!

ALAN BY REBECCA Alan loves to garden, make art, and help cats. He enjoys his work as a native plant gardener and believes that gardening is always about making a better future. He has a warmness that makes people instantly at ease with him. Children pick up on his patience right away and like to tell him long stories. He has a quirky sense of humor and a great deal of integrity; he is someone you can count on! In his free time, he collects classical music, watches baseball and soccer games, and reads books about nature. He has one sister and she lives with her husband and two boys in Colorado. Alan and she are very close despite the distance and we see them regularly. This year we visited for Ethan’s first birthday and celebrated while he stuck his face in the cake!

THE PLACE WE CALL HOME Eagle Rock in Northeast LA has a diverse population, an eclectic art scene, and excellent schools. We live walking distance from parks, a farmers market, restaurants, and lots of community activities for families. Our house is on a hill surrounded by trees and overlooks our neighborhood. Next door we have the San Gabriel Mountains which are perfect for hiking and the Rose Bowl which has lots of different activities for kids like the aquatic center, Kidspace Children’s Museum, and several playgrounds. On hot days, there is always the Pacific Ocean.

OUR CAT FAMILY We love cats! Daisy, Red, and Zuma are our permanent residents. They generally tolerate, and sometimes enjoy, the comings and goings of the foster kittens in our house. Red likes “window hunting” for birds and squirrels, Daisy loves morning cuddles, and little Zuma runs the house.

THANK YOU Thank you for reading about us. We look forward to meeting you, learning about your life, interests, and dreams for yourself and your child. Considering adoption is courageous, loving, and profound. Whatever you decide for yourself and your baby, we wish you a life of love, adventure, and happiness. With love, Rebecca & Alan Duke