August 20th, 2019
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Alex and Doug

We have waited a long time for this precious moment, and are ready to start this exciting journey together. After years of struggling with infertility, we have come to the joyful decision to adopt. Thank you for considering us as parents, and giving us your precious trust and love. We are ready to offer all our love, attention, and security to our future child. You and your child are in our thoughts and prayers.


We are College sweethearts. Some twenty years ago, one late evening, we met at a rock concert, and since then, we have never been apart.

We were very young, curious and excited about the world, but we never questioned our love & future. Both born in Belgrade, in Serbia, Europe, where we have graduated and started our life together. We both had a strong desire to travel, and explore different cultures & life styles. OUR LOVE, CREATIVITY, AND LAUGHTER has always connected us and, to this day, makes our life special.

In 2000 an opportunity came up for us to work & live in the United States. From the first moment it felt like we came home. We Already had a few friends in Los Angeles, and we’ve met some new ones along the way.  We are grateful for the life we have and the circle of family, friends and community that surrounds us.


I have always had a PASSION FOR ART. Since I was a little kid, I wanted to draw, paint, model, you name it! I had a tradition of making little figurines from the bread, so at the end of our family dinner everyone would get a little gift (they were free to eat it too, but nobody would; they probably had too much respect for my early art). Since I expressed my creativity early, it was only natural for me to study Visual Arts. My love for sharing my passion for art led to my career as a College Art Professor.  I simply love TEACHING YOUNG MINDS about the wonders and beauty the world has to offer. My work as a College professor offers a lots of time flexibility which will allow me plenty of time to be home with our child and share my love of art with our child.

I stay active by playing basketball, swimming and doing Yoga.  I also love to cook. I love all kinds of food, healthy, real food. I come from a culture where food is the most important element of every gathering (except a good laugh). My Mom was an exquisite cook, so it’s only natural I carry on that tradition. Mediterranean style cuisine is my specialty – nobody leaves our home hungry!

BY DRAGAN (about Aleksandra):

Aleksandra is a gentle, compassionate and very passionate person. I like her vibrant energy. She is very active, and is always ready to help and give her time & energy to anyone in need. Her presence brings JOY and LAUGHTER to those around her.

KIDS ADORE HER. It doesn’t matter if we are visiting our cousins or sitting in the park – kids are drawn to her and always follow her around. They are enchanted with her because she can create so many new things for them. At the beach they make the most remarkable sculptures, at the park a little tree house, and at home – you name it!

NATURE is her big love. We have a garden that she carefully nurtures and enjoys. Colors and flowers are such a big part of our lives, thanks to her infinite energy and creative spirit. I am happy to be a part of the beautiful world she is creating for us and the child meant to complete our family.


I LOVE NATURE! Going out for a walk, biking or swimming, makes me happy. I am always looking for new destinations to surprise Aleksandra. The look on her face when we get to a new place is precious to me. We cannot wait to explore nature as a family with our child.

I also love MUSIC. My love for piano and rare exotic instruments come from years of music education. It is a great asset when we have our family or friends over. Our gatherings usually end up with some of our favorite songs. Aleksandra has a great voice, and she likes to sing, so we work as a duet )). Kids are always thrilled and super excited when we play music and sing. It is total blast for them!

I LIKE BUILDING STUFF. Aleksandra and I designed our house and art studio. I mostly built both of them myself.

I work for the City of Los Angeles. My job offers GREAT SECURITY and the freedom and flexibility we’ll need when a little one comes.

BY ALEKSANDRA (about Dragan):

My husband is the MOST RELIABLE & SOLID PERSON I know.  If someone needs support and compassion, he is the right person to go to. I LOVE his witty sense of humor, his honesty and openness. Everyone who knows him describes him as a HAPPY GUY.

There is another fact about him that cannot be ignored – Dragan is a GREAT COOK! He likes to experiment, adds new ingredients, and makes crazy combinations. CRAZY GOOD! The real beneficiary is me and our friends and family, of course!

Dragan is a very GENEROUS AND COMPASSIONATE SOUL.  He is not only my husband but also my best friend.  We do everything together and cannot wait to be parents and share our love with a child.


Every summer we travel to South Europe to spend time with our families. Luckily, Aleksandra works for a State College so she has a long summer break. Dragan has a very generous vacation time as well. While we are in Europe, we always have a memorable time with family and friends. Very often we travel together to beautiful destinations in Greece, Italy or Spain, considering how close all those destinations are to our home town in Europe.  Every winter Aleksandra’s dad spends a few months with us in Los Angeles. Dragan’s parents also visiting from time to time. When are parents are in town, we like to take long walks in our beautiful neighborhood,  we like to go to the beach and we like to take them bowling.

Our families are all about good food, so whenever we are together, there is a feast! Everybody has a “specialty”; Dragan’s mom is almost like a pastry chef and his dad is all about vegan food. Aleksandra’s mom is a phenomenal cook; everything from soups to deserts. Aleksandra’s brother and father are very talented eaters. All the kids in our family have a blast whenever we have a family gathering.

We have to mention our extended family here in Los Angeles too! It wouldn’t be the same without them. All our friends we met since we moved to California we consider our family. These are people who accepted us as part of their own family. They invited us to our first Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and since then we have been inseparable. Their kids love to come to our house and play with our cat Kiki. She prefers food over petting but will play along because she knows that if she’s patient, she will eventually get food.


For the last fifteen years we have live in the same neighborhood. It is a beautiful, little community in the outskirts of Los Angeles. It is known as an art community, with lots of art studios & the beautiful McGroarty Art Center. There, different art disciplines are taught and performed. Aleksandra has taught art programs for kids there, and has exhibited her art there with other local artists. Our area is also known for luscious public gardens, where we can spend our time walking and enjoying the most amazing trees and flowers.

Our neighborhood is family oriented with an excellent Blue Ribbon School that is located at the end of our street. Every year there is a 4th of July Parade down the street, and a super cute Christmas Parade with Santa Claus who flies in on a helicopter.


LIFE is a remarkable adventure. We never know why something is happening, but some say there is a reason for everything. And we believe that. We believe that your and our paths are meant to cross. And that moment will create something beautiful. We are patiently waiting for that to happen. All of us will know when the moment comes our way. LET YOUR HEART guide you in this important decision.

We PROMISE to you that we will give your child all the love that is in both your heart and ours, and that they will know their birth story. We believe in personal choice, so your child will be raised in a joyful world and will have all the freedom and encouragement to pursue their own dreams.