November 17th, 2018
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Alex and Alfredo

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Food:

    Alex: Thai & Sushi

    Alfredo: Italian & Mexican

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Alex: Thanksgiving

    Alfredo: Christmas

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Alex: Teachers & Superstore

    Alfredo: Once Upon A Time

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Alex: Costa Rica & Hawaii

    Alfredo: Mexico City & Cabo

  • Favorite Hobbies:

    Alex: Gardening & Crafting

    Alfredo: Design & Photography

  • Favorite Music:

    Alex: Jazz & Rock

    Alfredo: Spanish Jazz & Pop

Hi, Warm-greetings from Alex and Alfredo.

We are excited to be part of your birth plan. We hope that once you get to know us your decision will be easy and you will find us deserving of your child. We respect and admire the courageous decision you have made in finding a loving home like ours. We hope we can demonstrate the values we offer, the love in our home,  and life we can share. We know this decision will bring happiness and security to you, your baby and a family in need.

Our Story

We met on New Year’s Eve seven years ago, through mutual friends. It must have been fate because from the moment we met we knew there was something special.  As we began getting to know more about one another, our connection grew into love.  We enjoyed a long engagement, in which we built memories and friendships. Thanks to each other’s support we started a business together, bought our first home and traveled around the world. After we opened our second business we knew it was time to begin the most exciting part of our lives, growing our family.  We have always wanted to be parents and now is the best time. We are in great health, have acquired a great support network of friends and family and our businesses are running smoothly. We believe in the importance of raising a well-rounded child with respect for diversity, arts and education. We are both of Latin-American descent and embrace diversity, languages, and exploring different cultures. We love to travel, take pleasure in hosting at home and treasure family outings. Combined, we have a large family including 5 nieces and 3 nephews whom we love very much. We have the tools and support necessary to raise a baby. We knew that when the time was right, we would choose adoption.  A little about Alfredo, by Alex 

Alfredo is a loving, caring and humble man. He is my best friend and greatest supporter. He cheers me up when I am down and keeps me moving forward when I am ready to give up.   Alfredo’s best qualities are that he is affectionate, generous and attentive. He is a rare man; his enthusiasm and charm leave a lasting memory. It is no wonder that clients and patients at work revere him as a close friend. Many people can say that Alfredo has made their lives for the better. Alfredo takes great pride in his ability to balance work with personal life. He never makes me feel ignored or neglected. I love the way he surprises me with inspiring messages or loving gifts. He likes to remind me of his love and of how special I am to him. In his free time, he loves to go to Disneyland, a place that since his childhood has been very special, he loves to feel like a kid again.  I joke with him that we were meant to be because he loves to cook and I love to wash the dishes. His food is so delicious that it is hard not to imagine the love that went into preparing it. His dream is to have children whom he can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for. In the meantime, our nieces and nephews definitely enjoy the quality cooking and time we spend with them.  A little about Alex, by Alfredo 

Alex is gentle, generous and selfless. He always puts my needs before his own. From the moment we met, he has always made sure I was happy. When we have visitors over he is the last to eat and the first one to clean. He loves for those around him to feel happy and welcome. When I see him around people, I know he was born to be a family man. I see this very clearly when he is with the children, he lights-up with their laughter. In his free-time he loves to tend to the garden and take DaMa (our dog) hiking in the foothills. When the weather is less-than-sunny, which is rare here in California, he enjoys DIY projects and crafting. I find it amusing that he needs more room for his paints and brushes than he does for his clothes. I can truly say that Alex has lots of joy and laughter in his heart, this is one of the reasons patients love him. His greatest qualities are his compassion, honesty and generosity. Our Home & Community

We live in an amazing neighborhood surrounded by many parks and adjacent to a school.  The community in our neighborhood is a fun, diverse and family-oriented group. When searching for our home we knew we wanted to be in a neighborhood where our future child would be raised. There are many local restaurants, bakeries and playground walking distance from our home. During the weekends our community does everything possible to support small businesses and create farmer markets where we meet with local farmers, local restaurant owners and wellness doctors within the neighborhood.  We spent the last few years making our home and yard as inviting as possible. We love to entertain and be outdoors.

Family & Friends

Alex’s Family:

Growing up I thought it was rough having three sisters but it turns out it is a blessing. They are loving and supportive of me and are always there when I need them. My mom and dad have been married 45 years and spend every moment together, I aspire to have a story like theirs. They have taught me how important it is to be there for one another through thick or thin. I live 30 miles from my parents, whom take every opportunity to see us. I joke with Alfredo that I am jealous of his father-son relationship with MY dad, but secretly it makes me very happy. I am blessed with a loving and unconditionally accepting family.

Alfredo’s Family:

I have a strong relationship with my immediate family. My mother and father are high school sweethearts and have been together for 40 plus years. Growing up in our household was my older sister, myself (middle child) and my younger brother. My parents raised us uniquely yet evenly. My parents were always very humble and compassionate people. My father’s drive for work influenced me to never give up on my dreams and my mother nurturing mannerisms taught to love myself and everyone on this earth. Together my parents had the perfect formula for raising their children. My sister who is also now a mother of 3 we are very close to. We spend constant time with her and we love being around our 3 nieces. Being able to watch them grow and partake in raising them is a true blessing.

Our Friends:

We have an amazing network of friends. We are blessed to be able to live near where we grew up, because this has allowed us to keep our long-time friends and watch them grow, develop and create families of their own. Throughout the years we have established a foundation that has developed a strong bond with our friends whom we now see as family.

Meet Dama

She is our happy-go-lucky terrier puppy. She absolutely loves people and belly scratches. He favorite hobbies are chasing squirrels and smelling flowers in our garden. She has a favorite spot on our property that she sun-bathe in every morning and evening. Her name means “lady” in Spanish, and it fits her well. One of our favorite quirks of hers is how she tip-toes on the grass and plays hot-lava with the stones in the garden. We love her quirky personality.As Parents: 

  • We promise to give them every possible opportunity and praise their accomplishments.
  • We promise to always be supportive and encourage their education.
  • We promise to always make time to listen and be present and make them laugh.
  • We will always encourage whom they want to be and help them explore the different sides of whom they are.
  • Everyone in this family will feel loved.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We have always dreamt of being fathers, and although we cannot have children of our own, your selection would allow us to grow our family. We hope you can feel the love we have for each other and the desire we have to be parents. If selected, know that your child will be placed in a loving home and will be well cared for. We hope that this preview into our lives has given you an insight to the amount of love your child will get. We have prepared our entire lives to be parents and are excited to have this wish made a  reality when chosen by you.