June 18th, 2019
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Alicia and R.C.

Hello! We are Alicia & R.C. From San Jose, California!

Dear Birth Mother: We understand that you are at the beginning of a journey and can only admire your bravery during this time. We truly hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. We are unbelievably excited at the prospect of being able to welcome a child into our family through open adoption. Our journey towards adoption has been a long one and now we couldn’t imagine growing our family any other way. The fact that you are taking time to read this profile means the world to us. We hope that we are able to play a part in your journey, in whatever way is comfortable for you. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time, for any reason.

With love, Alicia & R.C.

About Us

Over 12 years ago Alicia began a new job as a manager of a restaurant. On her third day, she met R.C., who was a server at the time. Over time we became friends. After even more time, we decided that it was more than friendship and that it was time for R.C. to find a new job! We have been together even since. Our personalities are very different; given the choice, Alicia would spend the day shopping, visiting an art museum, reading by the pool, or snuggling with our cats, and R.C. would sleep in, go to a baseball game, take our boat out on the lake, and read tech blogs. Despite these differences, or perhaps because of them, we still choose to spend as much of our time together as possible. We have always known that we wanted to be parents and now, more than ever, we feel ready to meet our future child. Our future little one will be constantly surrounded by love and laughter. As a couple, we have so much fun together and so much love for each other; we cannot wait to share that with our child!

What We Love To Do: We love to travel and anticipate showing our future child as many parts of the world as possible. Our family takes a yearly trip to Hawaii, and we consider Kauai kind of a second home. We are also big fans of Disneyland and make at least one trip to the Magic Kingdom every year. We are big SF Giants fans and can’t wait until our future child is old enough to enjoy a baseball game with us. We also enjoy the theater and seeing as many concerts as we possibly can. We enjoy a wide-range of different types of music and look forward to exposing your child to all different types of art. We are also so excited to see what excites your child. We cannot wait to learn more about life through their interests and that is important to us – to make sure that your child is involved in things that they love!

10 Fun Facts About Us As A Couple:

  1. One of our favorite places to go on an afternoon date is Costco.
  2. We are both pretty good in the kitchen – Alicia bakes and RC grills.
  3. We own a boat and love spending time on the Sacramento River Delta.
  4. We met working in restaurants – we think that everyone should experience working in the industry at some point in their life.
  5. Any time we visit a new city, we always hit up a museum of some kind – Alicia prefers art and RC prefers history.
  6. We love Marvel movies! We go to every opening weekend.
  7. We love to travel together and are thinking about applying to be on the Amazing Race.
  8. Our pets are so important to us! We pride ourselves on being crazy pet people!
  9. Alicia is Hawaiian and RC grew up visiting Hawaii regularly – we could see ourselves retiring there.
  10. We are very easygoing – we get along tremendously and are incredibly proud to have been together for 14 years.

Meet Alicia

Alicia is my favorite person in the world. She does something that makes me belly laugh every day. She is passionate about everything she puts her mind to and her work ethic is unprecedented. Alicia loves her family! We will drive over an hour at least once every month just to have dinner with them. She has also become such an important part of my family and probably talks to my mom more than I do. She even goes out of her way to make meals to take to my grandma. She loves our pets and one of my favorite scenes is her sitting on the couch covered in all 4 cats and the dog. Finally, Alicia loves music. A single playlist may have Country, Cuban, Classic Rock, and R&B no genre is safe from her. (She somehow also knows the lyrics to almost every 90’s Hop Hop song). Alicia will make sure your child is loved and nurtured in this home with a strong sense of self & family.

More By Alicia: I grew up in Northern California about an hour north of San Francisco. I grew up in a large Hawaiian family and got to spend lots of time with my extended family. Growing up, I was cared for by Oma while my parents worked, creating an especially close bond between us that is strong as ever today.  I currently work as a team leader for a leading technology company. My schedule is set far in advance which allows for great planning and the ability to spend lots of time with R.C. I love to do yoga, read, and travel. I look forward to snuggling up and watching movies, volunteering at school, and going to concerts with our future child.Meet R.C.

R.C. is the happiest surprise that I have ever had in my life. I think that R.C. is an amazing human being. He is selfless, caring, and supportive. As the only grandchild in his family, he is constantly helping his aunt, mother, and grandma. He has always supported me in my career and pushed me to do what will make me happy. I think that it is awesome how he gives back to the community, volunteering 2-3 days per week with the youth in the Sea Scouts. Most importantly, I laugh more with R.C. than with anyone else EVER. I truly love spending time with him more than any other thing that I do.  When I think about R.C. being a father, I get immediately emotional. He is so patient and loving, I know that he will be an amazing dad. He is truly a Renaissance man and will teach our child about everything from carpentry to technology and back again. He loves sports and I can see him being coach of our kid’s sports team. His PATIENCE, COMPASSION & HUGE  HEART will make him an amazing partner to parent with and his goofy personality  will ensure that our child has  tons of fun!

More By R.C.: I grew up in San Jose. My family is on the smaller side, but incredibly close. Growing up I belonged to the local Sea Scout troop, where I still volunteer today! I work in the hospitality industry which allows me to have most of my days free. This allows me to spend time doing the things that I enjoy, such as volunteering, enjoying Bay Area sports, and using my handyman skills around the house. I am looking forward to teaching our future child about boating, playing video games, and getting out into nature.Our Loving Families

We come from two pretty different families. R.C.’s family is on the smaller side, but very tight-knit. We spend a lot of time vacationing, having dinners, and attending fun events together. They are all local to San Jose. There are no children on that side of the family, so your child will be the star of the show! Alicia’s family is on the larger side, but equally as close. Her family is of Native Hawaiian descent, so the gatherings with them involve delicious Hawaiian food, ukulele playing, and lots of fun! There are several younger children for your child to grow up with and they are all so excited to have a new member of the family.

Top 5 Family Traditions:1

  1. Eating all the Easter candy!!!
  2. Decorating for fall – starting in September and changing every month through Christmas!
  3. Boating with family and friends on Labor Day!
  4. Cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving for the entire family.
  5. Spending all day with family on Christmas Day – relaxing, opening gifts, and eating!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a quiet area of San Jose, California. It is a great place for taking walks and we have a park nearby. We live right down the street from the Children’s Technology Museum, which we are looking forward to visiting with our future little one. We have one dog and four cats, all of whom are integral parts of our family!  When we are home we love to curl up in front of the fireplace and watch movies. We cook dinner together and love to listen to music while we cook! Our favorite home activity is snuggling with all of our animals! We are so excited to be able to participate in every aspect of being a parent; whether it is midnight feedings, first dates, tending to scraped knees, or cheering our child on at a sporting event, we cannot wait to dive in! We are COMMITTED to continuing to live near our families & staying in the bay area. we own a boat, which we keep at  the Sacramento Delta. We take a weeklong trip to the Delta every year with our friends and family. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a number of outdoor and water activities like boating, water-skiing, and swimming.

Our Pets: WE LOVE OUR PETS! We have been pet owners for our entire relationship and they are a huge part of our family. Our dog, Indiana Jones, is a Pomeranian Chihuahua. She is the princess of our house, always expecting to get her own way. Her cuteness helps in the matter! Alicia has long had a deep love of cats. Our cats provide comic relief, the best cuddles, and plenty of messes for us to clean up. Harley, Jet, and the Kyten keep us on our toes!

Our Promise to You and Your Child: We promise that your child will be the most important person in our lives! We are committed to developing an honest and open relationship in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Your child will always know the awesome way that we became a family. We will raise your child in the spirit of love, honesty, and kindness. It is important to us that our child is compassionate, confident, and open-minded, and we will do whatever we can to support them with their dreams and goals.  Wishing you all the best, Alicia & R.C.  We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your hopes for the future.