August 23rd, 2019
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Amanda and Jacob

Hello from Sunny Los Angeles, California! We are Amanda & Jacob.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know us. We both have a deep appreciation for the strength you’ve shown in getting here. We hope the next few pages show you a nice window into our lives. Adoption allows us to continue our journey of becoming parents. Our home is full of laughter, dancing (Amanda is a born tap dancer), singing (A for effort from Jacob), and a second-hand nature to share this love with family, friends, and our future children. You can ask us anything. If you want to see more pictures of us in Halloween costumes, we have them. If you have questions about Jacob’s addiction to Lego sets, we have those answers.  What we’re saying is… enjoy yourself as you get to know us!! We fell in love six years ago because Amanda planked on a taco stand counter… seriously. In the very likely instance you aren’t sure what planking is, it’s a strange fad where a person lays flat as a board… or plank… on top of other objects for a picture. Jacob had just met Amanda through a mutual friend, and after grabbing dinner and drinks Jacob walked up on Amanda in said plank form on the taco stand counter, out of nowhere. The spark was immediate and has never gone out. We married 3 years later, and had tacos served at our wedding. You’ll generally find Jacob reading a wide variety of books (comics included), playing pickup basketball, watching movies, and constantly reconnecting with his 13-year-old self. Amanda can be found making everyone in the room laugh with her big foot impersonation and cooking the absolute best dishes for groups of friends every Sunday night.

A Few Of Our Favorites:

Childhood activity:

  • Amanda: Lemonade Stand Operator
  • Jacob: Running in circles

Kid’s TV show:

  • Amanda: Saved By The Bell
  • Jacob: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood


  • Amanda: Trying out  new recipes on Jacob
  • Jacob: Eating what Amanda cooks


Musical artist:

  • Both: Prince

Vacation spot:

  • Amanda: Tulum, Mexico
  • Jacob: Family cabin

5 Things We Will Teach Our Child:

  • Honesty
  • Imagination is everything
  • Treat everyone how you’d like to be treated
  • You can do ANYTHING!
  • It’s ok to cry

Meet Amanda

About Amanda, by Jacob: Amanda is a middle child of four kids who grew up on Long Island. She was fortunate to be raised in the magical world of film sets. She has kid pictures with the Muppets from ‘The Muppets Take Manhattan’ to prove this. It makes me insanely jealous to this day. Amanda is, to put it plainly, the most important person in my life. She keeps me grounded, but in a way that is quite entertaining. It’s not uncommon to find Amanda tap dancing into the living room randomly just after I get home from work. She’s active and keeps me on my toes to stay active myself, whether that’s going for hikes, getting on our spin bike, or heading to the beach. First and foremost, though, Amanda is going to be an incredible mother. She checks every box. Generous. Joyful. Caring. Believes in Bigfoot. That last one applies to why she’s an incredible person as well. Amanda has been preparing for motherhood for years. There’s nothing that will get in her way of being a wonderful parent.

How I Bring Home The Bacon: I have been working in the construction industry for just over 16 years in both New York and Los Angeles. I started out in the field as a Project Coordinator, and loved my time spent outside on the job sites while buildings were going up. The past two years I’ve been working as an Executive Assistant to the President and General Manager as well as the Chief Operating Officer of my company’s West Coast operations. I still love getting out in the field visiting our project sites and meeting with our project teams.

Meet Jacob

About Jacob, by Amanda: Jacob grew up the youngest of six siblings in rural Michigan. His rural upbringing nurtured an (overly) imaginative mind. He built worlds around himself to play in as a kid and now gets to do that as an adult. This is why he’s always in touch with his inner 13-year-old. His creative mind and energetic soul are what makes me so excited to see Jacob with a child. A simple trip to the aquarium will become an adventure to find Little Nemo with Jacob. It’s the only way his brain works. Jacob is generous, funny, and his laugh is infectious. He’s also a dreamer and positive influence.

How I Can Afford All Those Legos: I’m mid swing on my dream path to being a writer and director in the film and television industry. Day to day, I make a living developing shows and film ideas. This mainly involves me staring at white boards and meeting with creative people to see if they have any good ideas. I also continue to write and direct short projects on my own time, with an eye to transition into working on my own ideas full-time in the next few years.

Our Loving Families

Our Family and Friends: We come from very large families both in New York and in Michigan. Both of our experiences growing up revolved around large family gatherings, holidays, and vacations. These activities have only been magnified with our wonderful extended family here in Los Angeles. Our LA friend group is very active, we host game nights, get out to parks as much as possible, and plan most of our holidays at each other’s homes for those times we can’t make it back to Michigan or New York. Most of our Los Angeles friend group work in the entertainment industry, which tends to make our activities pretty creative. Any games based around impressions are particularly frustrating for the non-actors in our circle.

5 Family Traditions:

  • Easter in North Carolina
  • Summer trips to Michigan
  • Friendsgiving in Los Angeles
  • Christmas morning hike
  • Memorial dinner in honor of Jacob’s grandfather Mickey

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: Our neighborhood is thriving with culture. Chinese, Mexican, African American, and Middle Eastern households are all around us. It’s a diversity that we weren’t able to be raised in ourselves and something we look forward to our future child being able to experience. Our house is warm, clean, and simple. Most of our time is spent in our large living room, where we like to lounge, listen to records, or watch movies on the weekends. We host dinners in our dining room and also spend a lot of time laughing in our kitchen, where Amanda makes magic happen pretty much every night.

So That’s Us In A Nutshell: If you made it this far THANK YOU! It means there must be something clicking between what you’re hoping for in a couple and who we are. If we had to recap one thing that we believe makes a family strong, it’s a foundation of honesty and laughter. If we can’t find a smile as we hit the road bumps that come along the way, then we’re not trying hard enough.