October 21st, 2018
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Amber and Meredith

Hello from Texas! We are Meredith, Amber and Olivia!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share more about us. Without a way to conceive, we knew adoption was the right path for us to grow our family. We have always known adoption was the way we wanted to expand our family as Amber’s mom and all of her uncles are adopted. We know how important love is in a home and are honored at the opportunity to provide that to your baby. We are humbled by your courage and strength in taking this difficult step to choose adoption. What a wonderful selfless act of love! It is important to us that your child will always know who you are and the sacrifices you made out of love and we promise that will always be central to their story. Again, thank you for considering us as parents for your child.

Getting to Know Us: They say keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer… Well, that is what happened with us! We worked for competing companies when we first met, trying to get the same business. Eventually, our companies merged and that competition turned into an instant friendship. Over time, our friendship turned into love. We have been together for many years, and were married when it became legal. We have a six-year-old daughter, Olivia, who is Amber’s biological daughter from a prior marriage. Olivia’s father is still very much in her life and she is surrounded by many loving parents and grandparents! We hope your baby will feel the same way as Olivia does knowing so many people love them! She absolutely keeps us busy and we love it because we are an active family. We love to spend time together as a family, whether that is riding bikes to dinner or playing Candyland on a rainy night. Our goal is to live in the moment. Year-round, you can find us a lot at our family lake house, building bonfires, water skiing, wakeboarding, and just being together with loved ones. At home, we always have our door open to family and friends. We love to grill outside, play games, and watch the kids on the trampoline or playing basketball out back. Our dog, Jackie, is always there to share the love. We love and cherish the time we spend together and are excited to expand our family.

We are a family up for any adventure! We love playing basketball, going to the zoo or museum around the corner, riding bikes to dinner or breakfast, golfing, roasting s’mores, boat rides, night time walks, grilling an amazing steak, etc. We also love to try new things! Spending time outdoors is a huge hobby for us and you will always find us with family, friends, and neighbors. Our favorite vacations have included Disney World and trips to the beach. Most weekends if we do not have a game, you will find the family at the lake or ranch!

Meet Meredith

A Little Bit About Meredith, by Amber: Meredith is everyone’s best friend — she is a phenomenal listener and genuinely takes the time to get to know anyone. Being married to Meredith is an amazing privilege, but it is an even bigger privilege to watch her parent our daughter Olivia. They are two peas in a pod and she is always up for a board game, pretend-manicure/pedicure night, fashion shows and riding bikes. Meredith always brings laughter — if you know Meredith, you know that she loves her socks. It is her signature trait. You won’t ever find a day where she isn’t wearing a themed pair socks! Meredith is the rock in the family that keeps us organized and always encourages Liv and I’s free spirit to shine bright! Above all, she loves passionately. It is a fact that our daughter and I are single-handedly the luckiest two girls in the entire world. Anyone who gets the honor of knowing Meredith will get the great blessing of feeling passionate love and care for a lifetime.

Meredith Likes: Playing Basketball, Target, Asian Food, ESPN, Tina Turner and The Family Lake House.

Meet Amber

About Little Bit About Amber, by Meredith: Amber is truly one of the most loving and passionate people you will meet. Whether that is playing outside with kids, working hard at her career, or cooking dinner for the family, Amber is putting everything she has into the moment. She has an amazing and welcoming personality, always wanting to help others. Amber is the most incredible mother I know and is dedicated to making children around her feel loved and happy. Being raised by her mom (who is an adoptee), Amber has always dreamed of adoption. On any given day, you will find her caring for foster children in our neighborhood or volunteering to cook meals for the local shelter. This past year, Amber learned that the shelter needed to be re-built to accommodate more children and she helped raise thousands of dollars for its renovation. She would give the shirt off her own back to a child in need and it has been an amazing experience to watch her pass these traits onto our daughter. Amber takes such great care of our family through her free-spirit and we are blessed to have such wonderful person.

Amber Likes: Carrot Cake, Pinterest, Cooking, The Zoo, Bonfires and the Green Bay Packers.

Meet Big Sister: Olivia is a remarkable child and there is not a day where she doesn’t amaze us. Her teachers say that she is the most caring student they have. So many times, they have told us how she always plays with the student that feels left out, being the “nurse” to a hurt child, welcomes a new student to her class and always includes them, or writes kind, personal notes to her classmates because “she wants to”. She loves her dog “sister” Jackie just as much as she loves all her cousins and friends. She has grown up with very diverse friends and is accepting of all! She loves to play golf, basketball, T-ball, and most of all she is a fish in the water when it is warm! She is so excited to have a sibling and teach them everything. She tells us she is ready for the baby to have a “forever home” with us!

Our Family & Friends

Our Village: We are all very close and love to spend time together. Both of our parents live close and are very active in their grandchild’s life. We both have incredible brothers that have selected amazing wives. We are very lucky that they have blessed us with nieces we have probably spoiled a little too much. Our siblings are our best friends and the cousins love each other. In addition to our brothers, our friends are very much our family. They are quite a diverse group and children are central to their lives also. Some with sweet unexpected identical twin boys, another has adorable adopted children, one beautiful child  with special-needs, and still others with the most loved foster children. Those without children are the best “aunts” and “uncles” that spoil our children rotten. Each and every family is different, but our friends have two things in common: love a acceptance.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a 100 year historic house that is filled with such love and memories. We spend most of our time in our kitchen and backyard. We all know life can get busy, but no matter what, you will see us sitting around the dinner table together for every meal. We love to cook, so our house always smells good from what is in the oven or on the grill. We have worked hard to make our house a cozy and inviting house – mostly decorating with pictures and Olivia’s art work. There is also is one thing that you will find every time you come over: a house full of music. Since Olivia could walk, we have had dance parties with country or pop music playing.

Our Furry Friend: We have the most amazing and loving dog Jackie. She is well-trained and always ready to play. She is such a teddy bear and a ninny! Jackie loves to be around children, cuddle, and boy does she love her treats! Her favorite time is at the lake on the boat — and even though she has her own life-jacket, you will never find her in the water! She also makes the most lovable office-mate.

Our Promise To You: We dream of a large family full of love and compassion. We have the motto of working hard, and loving even harder. Through love, we plan to instill passion and heart into our children, providing them the chance to not just dream big, but achieve big. Our promise is to always provide for our children, play with them often, and ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. No matter what they face, we will always be there for them and our love is unconditional.

Thank you for taking a look into our family: If you can’t tell, we are truly a fun and loving family that is dedicated to raising amazing and happy children. We both were so blessed to grow up in the most loving and caring families and we want to provide the same for our children. If you do decide to choose us, please know that your child will be kissed and loved every day. They will be given every opportunity to learn and grow. They will always know who they are and where they came from. And no matter what, they will laugh a lot, dance a lot, and smile every day. We promise you that!